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The world's first eco-friendly, tangible Waste to

Token symbol FRNC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 170-264 FRNC
Tokens suplay 20 M tokens
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 99,000,000 USD
Min. investment 10 USD
Bonus Pre-sale 20%

About 4NEW

4NEW Limited is proud to announce the Initial Coin Offering of the world's first ever Waste to Energy treatment facility entirely integrated on the blockchain network.

Our product is grounded in necessities, solving two global and social problems; Waste surplus and energy shortfall. Our blockchain platform will be built on top of the underlying treatment infrastructure covering the entire supply chain from collection of waste to generation of electricity to sale of energy units to the national grid.

Given the utilitarian nature of the services we provide, it is our belief that 4NEW will successfully integrate the blockchain network within the real world applications of waste to energy conversion with widespread acceptance.

The 4NEW decentralized, distributed ledger is where all actors in any industry will be able to trade FRNC, the 4NEW Coins as the currency towards reimbursement of services rendered. The 4NEW coins are utility tokens with smart contract capabilities built in for timed payments. Given most businesses generate accounts receivables, in normal business activity, the blockchain will be integrated to facilitate this feature for our Business to Business coin adoption strategy. The coins are smart contracts which establish a binding relationship between transacting parties and provide a value for each transaction.

The ledger provides an immutable and audit-able journal of all transactions related to purchase and sale of goods and services. With all parties to each transaction being able to see the same ledger entry, costs of reconciliation and potential issue of disputes and revenue leakage are controlled to a very large extent.

This will standardize two industries of Waste and Energy that are yearning for technological innovation. This will also enable 4NEW Coin to become the global currency between peers and consumers from all sectors, however our initial traction is specifically being realized within the sectors of energy and waste services.

Why you should Buy it?

4NEW is the next bitcoin in the making. What makes bitcoin popular is the utilization of the coin as a currency for various services. 4NEW is achieving the same utilization in its Business to Business adoption strategy.

In 2018, FRNCoin will be accepted for bill payment towards Waste and Energy services, global Money Transfer services, online Pharmaceutical products, Urgent Care services, Telemedicine services, Telecommunications services and last but not the least Insurance premiums bill payment with leading providers. With a finite and fixed supply of coins available for sale the demand will far outstrip the supply of FRNCoin.

4NEW Plan to Provide Stability

While there are many external factors that can impact pricing and stability, nevertheless two primary internal factors that are most responsible for driving price stability within any market is Predictability of Supply and Demand and Liquidity. 4NEW plants will have a very clear and precise output capacity of energy that it can generate.

This will help articulate the finite amount of energy supply that each plant can generate. Furthermore, given the severe energy shortfalls nationally and globally, the finite energy produced will be purchased, given the competitive product pricing.

This predictability facilities the market to assess the exact amount of supply and demand for energy at any given point in time with the ability to foresee six to twelve months into the future. Any increase in output capacity will be announced well in advance allowing the market to price the additional value add in a systematic manner.

Furthermore, the demand for 4NEW energy and services will help drive new entrants into the world of cryptocurrency. This growth in crypto-population will lead to the 4NEW coin always maintaining liquidity as there will be new buyers for it. Our goal is to maintain a stable and growing coin value for the future.

  • 70% Plant Development
  • 10% Treasury
  • 10% Working Capital
  • 5% Marketing
  • 5% Blockchain Development

Start in 17-10-2017
Ended in 15-12-2017

  • Matt O'Donnell - Payments & Blockchain Specialist
  • Richard Todd - Waste specialist
  • J T Rao - Smart Meter Solutions
  • Ashraf Agha - Treasury & Blockchain Specialist
  • Marcus Ubl - Business Advisory
  • Darshana Ubl - Business Advisory
  • Victor Buchanan - Waste to Energy
  • Andrew Springett - Waste to Energy
  • Sandeep Golechha - CEO
  • Peter Teasdale - COO
  • Mudit Grover - CTO
  • Michael Liburd - CMO
  • Darren Stones - CIO
  • Madeleine Teasdale - Business Development
  • Kaustuv Ghosh - Blockchain Specialist

  • October 17, 2017
    Pre-Sale Launch of the 4NEW Coin
  • November 14, 2017
    Closing the Pre-Sale Round
  • November 15, 2017
    4NEW Initial Coin Offering Live
  • December 15, 2017
    4NEW Initial Coin Offering Closing
  • December 17, 2017
    4NEW listed on cryptocurrency exchanges for live trading
  • Q1 2018
    Complete purchase of three 4NEW plant sites with planning permissions & regulatory licenses in place already identified:
  • Q2 2018
    Begin installation of Waste to Energy Plant on all three sites Complete Blockchain platform integration with 4NEW Smart Meter Market trial and testing of 4NEW Smart Meter system with Blockchain
  • Q3 2018
    Marketing efforts to build community awareness of 4NEW services Develop and initiate relationships with key aggregators with access to wholesale quan to wholesale quantity of waste Stress test or beta test blockchain platform prior to going live
  • Q4 2018
    Installation of Waste to Energy Plants complete and facilities operational


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