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After having some description about the features of AirPod from the previous article, as well as meeting the entire team and seeing the roadmap, you probably have judged the prospect of the project in the future. If you are interested in investing in the project, you can learn about the opportunity offered by AirPod.

Opportunity to Participate in an ICO

AirPod opens a great opportunity for anyone to participate in an ICO. The company has created a utility token called APOD token. This token will be officially used for any transactions within the AirPods and later would be distributed worldwide not only to airports but in the long run, AirPod will be also available in other public places.

APOD tokens will be used to rend the pod or to join the Sponsorship Programs where the holders of APOD token have the right to take part in profits held by AirPod unit in any places. In the program, APOD token holders can exchange their tokens for profit. The company has a goal to let the users expand the business on their own empowered by Blockchain infrastructure. It means that users can open a new location to set up AirPod, allowing them to increase their business economy.

The APOD Token

The APOD token is a kind of cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It plays an integral role in the AirPods mechanism that uses decentralized technology. Its main function is to track and verify all transactions made by users. It will be a vital means of payment to access the platform services including the renting services. APOD token holders can use the tokens on any locations all over the world where AirPods are installed.

The company will throw TGEs which stand for Token Generation Events to issue the tokens. There are only a limited amount of tokens issued. These tokens will be largely distributed in the crowd sale phases and a small portion of the tokens will be available in Airdrop process. The tokens will be locked during the period of sale for security purpose.

The APOD Token Sale

The presale has already started and you can find further information on its website. Meanwhile, the crowd sale has also started. It started in March 2018 and will last in a month. The soft cap is set to be $2.7 million while the hard cap is $20 million. There is an interesting bonus for early buyers.

Among the total supply of the APOD tokens which are 250.000.000 APODs, 80% of them are allocated for this crowd sale. The rest of the tokens are distributed to the founders, company reserve, AirDrop, and bounty programs. The price of 1 APOD is 0.1 USD.

When the hard cap is reached, the funds raised from the sale will be allocated for some different purpose. 61% of the funds will be utilized for the production and distribution of AirPods. As mentioned earlier in the roadmap, the company planned to install 1000 AirPods. The remaining tokens will be allocated for company operations, marketing, and platform development, and legal.

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