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Personalized taxi aggregator with the Digital Economy

Token symbol ALTOCAR
Platform Waves
Token price 1 ALTOCAR = 1 USD
Tokens for sale 60,000,000
Hard cap 21,760,000
Equity on offer 68%
Bonus 1st week presale 45%
2nd week presale 40%
3rd week presale 35%
4th week presale 30%
1st week ICO 25%
2nd week ICO 20%
3rd week ICO 15%
4th week ICO 10%

About Altocar

AltoCar is an existing business, that operates in the city of Kazan, Russia for more than 2 years.

The service serves a large number of customers: banks, retailers, construction companies and state-owned companies, as well as private individuals.

AltoCar is a revolution in the field of taxi services and its uniqueness is in personal drivers for users at an affordable price.

Personalization is achieved due to the fact that each user has the ability to add drivers to the 'Favorites' list. In the future, while ordering a service, the user gets the nearest free driver from his/her list.
This model proved its success, and is completely ready for scaling.

Driver becomes personal not for one client, but for many, that is why prices remain low.

With the help of raised funds on the ICO, we plan to implement the service in 13 million-population cities of Russia in 18 months. It is planned to launch a global franchise.

Features for b2c-segment

Quickly call the car with the driver through the mobile application.

  • Plan trips, getting the drivers you are accustomed to.
  • Track the location of the called driver on the map.
  • Add favorite drivers to ‘Favorites’.
  • Share trusted drivers with friends and family.
  • Pay for the trip with a bank card, bonus points.

Features for b2b-segment

All the advantages listed at b2c segment

  • Reduction of transport costs by up to 60%
  • 100% guarantee for a car with a driver
  • Orders through the personal account
  • Monitoring the movement of employees (GPS tracking of each order in real time and in the recording)
  • Control of travel expenses
  • Setting up travel schedules
  • Setting travel limits for employees and departments
  • Travel orders via voice robot
  • Payment of invoice services
  • Receipt of accounting documents
  • At the moment, the service operates in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia).

Statistics of AltoCar as of June 2017

A platform for the service has been created and is operating (backend, mobile applications for drivers and customers)

  • The service has more than 90 000 trips
  • The total distance travelled is estimated at 1.35 million kilometers.
  • 8000 employees of organizations and individuals
  • B2B-segment: 100+ organizations of Kazan: banks, well-known retail companies, construction and oil companies and many others.
  • 5000+ drivers in the service database
  • Total revenue of $ 500,000 (28 million rubles)
  • Annual revenue of $ 280,000 (15.5 million rubles) per year
  • Rate of return: 14%

Competitive advantages

We offer comfort class vehicles, but at a price of 30-40% less than competitors.

  • Drivers are interested in delivering a high quality service, because each of their new customers can become permanent.
  • Drivers, unlike other services, are allowed to collect their customer database.
  • The customer can add drivers to the ‘Favorites’.
  • For b2b-segments: 100% guarantee of the implementation of all orders, multifunctional office to monitor employees and their movements, ensures orders in airports, train and bus stations, with one single fare and no added extra charges (such as a luggage surcharge).

Launch of global blockchain franchise service AltoCar

After the completion of the ICO, it is planned to launch the franchise of the service and its promotion all around the world. The franchise will be sold to any country, to any city in the world. Packing the franchise will take 2 months after the ICO, in parallel, pre-orders for it will be accepted.

The franchise can be purchased only for ALTOCAR tokens. Payment of royalty franchisees will be made only in ALTOCAR tokens. This will erase the borders between countries - it will not be necessary to conduct procedures with banks, currency transactions, etc. Royalty from the Franchise will be paid instantly.

Franchisees will provide services to customers (transportation), pay drivers on a dual model - in ALTOCAR tokens and in a currency.

Also, customers and service drivers will receive bonuses in ALTOCAR tokens after performing certain actions (reaching KPI, viewing advertising on trips, etc.).
Thanks to all the above, the service will receive explosive growth, the turnover of tokens will grow many times. As a result, a huge community of people using ALTOCAR tokens in everyday life will be formed.

  • 21.76 million tokens (68%) - ICO
  • 9.6 million tokens (30%) - The domestic economy and founders
  • 640 thousand tokens (2%) - Bounty

Start in 10-10-2017
Ended in 10-11-2017

AltoCar company is the resident of the 'IT Park' Technology park, Kazan. The company is the member of the IT-cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The company has 4 years experience in the development and promotion of taxi aggregators, the total experience in business is 20 years. The team has the experience of successful sales of businesses in IT and finance.

  • Alexander Bobylev - CEO, Founder
  • Viktor Neeshpapa - СVO, Founder
  • Alexander Lyashenko - Drivers Manager, Founder
  • Igor Kalmykov - CTO, Founder, backend-developer
  • Vladimir Baksheev - Android-developer
  • Vasiliy Pereselkov - General partner
  • Rustem Yunusov - Community manager (EN)
  • Marat Kadyrov - Financial Adviser
  • Rustam Davletbaev - Adviser
  • Dinar Shakirzyanov - Adviser

  • Presale
    The implementation of 300,000 ALTOCAR (ALTC) tokens. The period: July, 10, 2017 till August, 10, 2017.
  • ICO
    Implementing the remaining tokens within the ICO. During the period from September, 4, 2017 till October, 4, 2017.
  • October 2017 - January 2018
    Implementation of the digital economy into the Service. Launching in 2 cities.
  • January 2018 - March 2019
    Launching in 11 million-population cities of Russia.


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