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Arbidex ICO

Have you ever heard about Arbidex? This platform has actually been around for almost a year. Intended for professional traders, Arbidex is a platform supporting cryptocurrency exchanges using MT4 and other software. If you are interested in making ICO investment, this platform is quite recommended as this integrated platform offers arbitrage strategies that ensure minimum risks. Here you can purchase assets with most profitable exchange value. Lower commission is given to professional traders. Besides, traders can enjoy high-end services and technical maintenance for trading operation. The best thing is that Arbidex is able to deal with some market problems including lowering volatility in cryptocurrency market. Here are some strategies used by Arbidex to prevent investment failure.

Maintaining Market Liquidity and Providing Transparency

Low liquidity level can cause a number of problems that lead to the decrease of investors’ interest to enter the market. Seeing this problem, Arbidex try to implement liquidity aggregation as a way to increase the market liquidity. It can be done through some steps. One of the effective ones is to connect liquidity providers and integrate some sites with a single broker. This allows clients to access all trading asses that eventually help them get more liquidity.

The next problem that often happens in digital market is the lack of transparency and clear regulation. The majority of crypto instruments do not come with legal regulations and policies. This can trigger market manipulation, money laundering, and other illegal transaction. This is also due to the absence of institutional investors that cooperate with the platform. To face this problem, Arbidex tries to provide transparency in all transactions. The other solution is to always work based on industry standards and procedures. In this way, clients will be more convenient in doing speculative trade or crypto asset purchase.

Developing Technical Solution

A lot of exchanges are supported by API but they use different standards that are not compatible with professional software and trade terminal. Of course it becomes a serious problem. This results in users being uncomfortable. In dealing with the complexity, Arbidex never stops developing technical solution in order to make all of the exchanges integrated in a system. A difficult access to exchange assets becomes one of the major focuses that Arbidex works with. Arbidex convinces professional traders that they do not need to register in new exchange in order to purchase particular cryptocurrency. In this way clients will find it easier to do something with their assets.

Having all crypto integrated into one terminal is the only way solution to this problem. The integration allows traders to work with one service and buy all needed assets in based-on-demand mode. As a result, the liquidity of these assets will increase (because many traders can quickly access them for their purpose). Moreover, the integration can also prevent companies and blockchain projects to fully depend on the liquidity when they register their token in certain exchanges.

Talking about technical solution, Arbidex is certainly knowledgeable and experienced. With the work of excellent team behind, they are able to create working framework to solve problems in cryptography market using their technical solution. Furthermore, premium services and great products are created and offered to traders. Arbidex team is sure that market developments will bring more value and benefits to all participants.

Dealing with High Level of Market Volatility

The problem related to volatility is actually one of the most common problems found crypto market. This problem also has something to do with the other problems. There are various factors that cause this problem such as limited liquidity, manipulative and nonprofessional individuals. For institutional investors, this kind of market is not interesting. In order to overcome volatility problem, Arbidex has introduced some new products for institutional investors. With the new products, some new regulations can be proposed and transparence can be improved to create high liquidity.

To conclude, Arbidex has had deeper analysis of the market, anticipating some problems that may occur. The problems include low liquidity, high volatility, and complexity in accessing the assets. Based on the problems happened in the field, Arbidex team has found some solutions to deal with. The solutions include increasing market liquidity, reducing volatility level, and developing effective technical solution.

Start in 23-01-2018
Ended in 15-02-2018
Symbol ABX
Price 1 ABX = 1 USD
For sale 17,200,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH

  • Kamilya Arslanova - CEO
  • Denis Pizhevsky - Front-end Developer
  • Anton Abazin - Back-end Developer
  • Vasiliy Sumanov - Token Economy Specialist
  • Roman Zhiltsov - Developer
  • Ivan Nikiforov - Developer
  • Spiros Margaris - Advisor
  • Jason Meyers - Advisor
  • Nemanja Nikitovic - Advisor
  • Martin Eiszner - Advisor
  • Sotiris Melioumis - Advisor
  • Alex Shtern - FinTech Consultant
  • Owen Tao - Advisor / CEO Matrix
  • Steve Deng - Advisor
  • Vasily Sumanov - Advisor

  • Q4 2016
    Simple manual arbitrage
  • MARCH 2017
    Gathered and analized statistics from different stocks
  • SEPTEMBER 2017
    Launch of automatic fiatless arbitrage system
  • NOVEMBER 2017
    MVP LAUNCH! User registration, 6 exchanges, 5 crypto asset pairs, 37 sec per 1 registered user on exchanges
  • NOVEMBER 2017
    User Profile launch: buy-sell crypto, fix profit, automatic cross-asset chains (10 currencies, 6 exchanges)
  • DECEMBER 2017
    New feature: buying tokens in user profile directly
  • JANUARY 2018
    Listing ABX token on the internal exchange
  • FEBRUARY 2018
    App MVP release for iOS and Android
  • FEBRUARY 2018
    Adding 5 new exchanges to the platform, buying servers and equipment for platform functioning
  • FEBRUARY 2018
    Implementation of the token voting function
  • MARCH 2018
    Implementation of the function of using fiat
  • MARCH 2018
    Listing the first ICO tokens on the internal exchange


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