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World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform

Token symbol ATL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 505 ATL
Tokens for sale 103,548,812
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 225,403 ETH
Bonus Pre-sale 1 ETH = 1010 ATL

About Atlant

ATLANT is building the next generation global real-estate platform based on blockchain technology, which provides two main features to address known problems in the field of today’s global real estate:

  • Tokenized Ownership
    Will simplify every type of operation with real estate, including property investments and ownership transfers, either partial or complete. Real estate tokens representing a share in property ownership will allow for a liquid, tradable real estate market with transparency and price discovery.
  • Peer-to-Peer Rentals
    Will make it possible to significantly reduce fees taken from both parties (tenant and lessor) and minimize possibility of fake reviews and forged ratings, which are the main problems of existing centralized rental services such as Airbnb and Booking.

Atlant Solution

  • Solution – Buying & Selling Property

ATLANT isthe first decentralized real estate platform, built on top of the Ethereum network. With rapid rate of adaption of crypto-assets, ATLANT strives to remedy the situation of illiquidity and opaquenessin the real estate market. ATLANT serves as a turnkey solution for listing a real estate asset for trading in a tokenized form in a similar way that stocks are listed on exchanges such as FTSE or DAX.

ATL token holders, being the platform’s members, work to find property owners or developers willing to sell their property assets or a part of their development to raise funds for the construction. Decentralized voting is performed with the use of EVM smart contracts to either accept or reject a new listing. In case a new property is approved to list on the platform, ATL holders vote for the property’s law firm and management company.

Approved lawyer, or competent local authority in each respective jurisdiction, verifies legal documentation provided by the listing party and digitally signs each document pertaining to the property. Once signed by the local authority, each document is hashed and pushed into the ATLANT Distributed Data Store (“ADDS”), while its hash is recorded in the Ethereum blockchain.

This ensures that documents become immutable and virtually impossible to forge, as any change made inside an ADDS document will lead to a different hashing result, which would differ from the hash previously recorded in the Ethereum blockchain. By applying this operation to every item stored in ADDS, we create a permanent link to every document from the tamper-proof blockchain. As sometimes documents need to be updated legally, we use ADDS versioning provided by the IPFS protocol.

  • Solution – Eliminating the High Rental Middleman Fees & Fake Reviews

Although P2P lodging is already on a steep growth trajectory, in terms of both market awareness and adoption, we see an opportunity for blockchain to increase volume, safety, quality, and effectiveness of the transaction process. High transaction costs and safety concerns remain significant challenges to the adoption of P2P lodging, and are areas where we see potential for blockchain technology to disrupt the existing framework.

Atlant created a decentralized solution to the aforementioned problem of short- and long-term rentals as well as hotel bookings, allowing for reduction of commissions and true ratings. Peerto-peer rental service offered by the ATLANT relies on three main protective mechanisms: escrow, reputation system and decentralized arbitration. All of these approaches are implemented in existing decentralized exchange services and proved to be viable.

ATLANT Token Allocation

ICO Fund Distribution Plan

Start in 07-09-2017
Ended in 31-10-2017

  • Julian Svirsky - CEO & Co-founder
  • Neil Mohinani - CFO & Co-founder
  • Denis Donin - CTO & Co-founder
  • Alex Taylor - Communication/HR
  • Pavel Foos - Solidity / JavaScript
  • Eugene Seregin - Solidity / JavaScript
  • Sergey Kashich - Go / C++
  • Erik Bitner - UI / Frontend

  • DECEMBER 2016
    Concept Design
  • FEBRUARY 2017
    Technical Specification
  • JUNE 2017
    ATLANT DAO Prototype
  • AUGUST 2017
    - Legal Structure
    - Token Pre-sale
  • SEPTEMBER 2017
    - ATLANT Network Alpha
    - Public Token Sale (ICO)
    - Token Trading Launch
  • MARCH 2018
    ATLANT Platform Launch
  • APRIL 2018
    ATLANT P2P Rentals Launch
  • 2018+
    Partnership with Government Blockchains
  • 2024+
    5% of Global Real Estate Transactions


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