Tue, 18 Dec 2018

BiQ Token (BIQ)

Bring Your Health To Life

Over the last decade, society has witnessed an explosion of health-related technology, from electronic health records to personal health trackers to low-cost whole genome sequencing to population health management tools. Currently, data from these sources is largely siloed – viewed and analyzed separately or using only cursory integration with other data sources.

The convergence of these data sources will usher in a new era of health. One in which healthcare is customized to the individual based on their own unique genomic, proteomic, medical, demographic, socioeconomic and social profile: their LifeGraph™. Healthcare will be predictive, preventative, and highly effective.

Using BiQs - Individuals

The BurstIQ Ecosystem contains individuals on one end and the full range of medical and health service providers on the other. Through the individual HealthWalletTM, BiQs will be redeemable for a range of services tailored to individual’s unique needs based on their personal LifeGraphTM. Solution providers from primary care, telemedicine, pharmacy, wellness, insurance, and digital health will accept BiQs in exchange for services. Individuals will receive an initial allotment for creating an account. Individuals can then earn additional BiQs by engaging with interested parties that may wish to access and use their health data or provide a service.

Leveraging the BurstIQ platform, the HealthWalletTM and BiQs allow an individual to own and control their health data for the first time. When people choose to share their data, they are not only in control of the sharing mechanism, they are compensated for the use of their data.

Using BiQs - Data Managers

Data Managers are organizations that collect and manage individuals’ health data. These organizations may own or co-own the data; ownership will depend on the specific terms and conditions of their contract with the individual. Data Managers could include health systems, physician practices, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, researchers, digital health solution providers, and other institutions.

Using BiQs – Solution Providers

Solution Providers are organizations that offer products or services within the BurstIQ marketplace. This could include clinical support solutions, patient engagement solutions, organizational wellness programs, benefits providers, payors, direct-to-consumer precision medicine testing services, nutrition or fitness apps, analytics tools, deep learning or artificial intelligence solutions, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy services, health systems, provider practices, or any other B-to-B or B-to-C solutions. Solution Providers may also be Data Managers. Solution Providers may redeem BiQs for platform and marketplace services. Solution Providers receive BiQs from individuals and organizations who subscribe to, license or purchase their product or service.

Use of Proceeds

The following allocation structure assumes a base raise of $20M.

45% - Platform Development
Includes Phase 2 development of the secure data grid, intelligence layer, and ecosystem tool set. Also includes Phase 1 development of the Health Wallet and improvements to user experience.

15% - Ecosystem Development
Focuses on creating ecosystems to address specific marketplace initiatives and expand the platform’s swarm intelligence and deep learning capability. This may include support for partner development activities.

15% - Cloud Operations
Will be used to grow the BurstIQ operations team and cloud infrastructure to ensure the continued security and integrity of the platform. This will include maintaining security readiness and regulatory compliance, performing regular security audits, and day-to-day cloud operations.

15% - Business Development
Will be used to drive strategic and long-term growth of the platform, including recruiting partners to create marketplace initiatives and drive marketplace utilization. This will be supported by a marketing function facilitate ecosystem growth and market awareness.

5% - Community Health Initiatives
Will be used to drive and support initiatives that expand health access for underserved communities and support research initiatives targeted at underrepresented populations.

5% - Corporate
We will continue to strive to keep our corporate expenses below industry average. Corporate expense includes items such as facility expense, administrative expenses, and corporate management.

Rates and Bonuses
- Week 1 - 20% Bonus
- Week 2 - 15% Bonus
- Week 3 - 10% Bonus
- Week 4 - 5% Bonus
- Week 5+ No Bonus

70.00% Crowdsale

20.00% Founders & Key Employees

5.00% Advisors

5.00% Individuals and Marketplace Incentives

Start in 19-09-2017
Ended in 24-10-2017

Frank Ricotta - CEO, Founder

Brian Jackson - Operations, Co-Founder

Tyson Henry - Data Science

Jeff Webb - Platform Architecture

Brian Huber - Web Development

Amber Hartley - Corporate Developement

Mike Gionfriddo - Strategy

Dallas Haselhorst - Security

Ben Yablon - Compliance


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