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Decentralized Search

Bitclave is a blockchain based search engine that will eliminate advertising intermediaries and create a direct link between advertisers and potential customers, due to which the latter can actually profit from each related search query. In the BitClave Active Search Ecosystem search engine (hereinafter BASE), users will also be able to protect personal information from hackers and control whom their data will be accessible to, via smart contracts. In BASE, consumers will have an opportunity to choose an interesting group of goods and services, and suppliers will be able to work with their target audience. Consequently, efficiency of the activities of both parties will increase, and the cost of goods / services of interest to the consumer will decrease as a result of the ability to earn from viewing adverts.

In contrast to such giants as Google, YouTube, Faсebook or Amazon, where the user is shown contextual advertisements all the time, for which vendors pay impressive sums to the search system for clicks, in the BASE eco-system clients themselves will be able to benefit from the appearance of such advertisements.

Due to the direct interaction of vendor and buyer, each side minimizes its costs, since the vendor does not pay large amounts to an intermediary for advertising, and the buyer gets a reduced price for the required product and/or service.


The existing marketing ecosystem is largely controlled by only a few big players.

When it comes to online advertising, businesses are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to “middlemen” in order to reach a captive audience for their promotions. The promotions, however, often get placed among many other ads clogging up the space on crowded banners, or simply end up in someone’s spam box. Businesses also have little to no guarantee that the traffic they generate on their promotions is genuine. In fact, nearly 50% of all advertising traffic is generated by bots, essentially defeating the entire purpose of advertising.

Offline advertising is a similar story. More often than not, offline advertisers promote content with a “hit or miss” mass mailer mentality. Hoards of messages are slammed into users' faces with little or no targeting, resulting in a dubious correlation between offline ad dollars and return on investment. This, along with other factors, contributes to extremely low conversion rates. Promotions are largely delivered to those who simply do not care for the product or whose attention is likely focused on something else.

These ineffective measures, both offline and online, negatively impact the whole service value chain. The more companies are forced to pay to “middlemen”, such as Google and Facebook, the more money consumers have to pay for the products. Businesses end up losing money, and consumers end up paying more for less value, creating a lose-lose situation.


A decentralized ecosystem directly connecting consumers and businesses.

In order to counteract the problems described above, BitClave proposes a system in which the intermediaries are eliminated. Instead of paying any “middlemen”, companies automatically make personalized offers directly to consumers who have opted in for the service, as illustrated above.

In this ecosystem, consumers have control over their own data and can opt into advertising and analytics services by retailers through the use of smart contracts. This not only ensures that companies are making their offers to an audience that is more inclined to view and interact with the product, but also allows consumers to earn money for viewing these promotions.

This system also ensures increased user privacy. ”Free” services, such as Google and Facebook, often sell user data to brokers. With the BitClave Ecosystem in place, however, this is no longer a concern as companies sell their promotions to consumers firsthand.

Token CAT

During the period September 15, 2017 – October 15, 2017 fundraising campaign will accrue.

The maximum number of tokens implemented in the ecosystem is 2,000,000,000. The software does not permit change to the number of implemented tokens after the smart contract is deployed on the Network. The maximum number of CAT Tokens available for purchase will be 1,000,000,000.

Token​: САТ
Hard​​cap​: $50,000,000
ICO​​price​: $0.073
Minimum​​Purchase​​Transaction​: no data available
Maximum​​Purchase​​Transaction​: $2,000 except for whitelisted
Accepted​​currencies​: ETH, BTC, QTUM

Total​​emission​: 2,000,000,000
1,000,000,000 – for sale
600,000,000 – long term budget
200,000,000 – reserved for the team
200,000,000 – community grants

Development: 38% of the budget. This financing allows for the rollout of the solution, including the necessary adjustments.

Administration: 7% of the budget. Consists of associated administration costs.

Community: 37% of the budget will focus on expanding adoption. This also includes the growth and maintenance of the worldwide community.

Advisers: 5% of the budget. These funds will be directed at growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more.

Legal expenses: 5% of the budget.

Contingency: 8% of budget. This is a set-aside for unforeseen costs.

Start in 08-11-2017
Ended in 08-12-2017

Alex Bessonov - CEO

Patrick Tague - CTO

Emmanuel Owusu - Chief Architect

Vasily Trofimchuk - Project Management

Yan Michalevsky - Security Architect

Andrey Shashlov - Core Developer

Eugene Kaganovich - Data Architect

Mark Shwartzman - Data Scientist

Danny Yang - Blockchain Advisor

Min H. Kim - Community Advisor

Gerald Beuchelt - Governance Advisor

Kevin Doerr - Strategy Advisor

Balaji Ganesan - Data Privacy Advisor

Charlie Liu - Technology Advisor

George Totev - Risk Advisor

Brad Gaynor - Science Advisor

Q1 2017
Assembling the co-founding team and developing initial idea

Q2 2017
- Building development and marketing team
- Creating a first draft of white paper

Q3 2017
- Initial pre-sale
- Internal testing of alpha version
- Signing initial partners and customers
- Release of smart contracts
- Start of alpha and first customers
- Start of crowdfunding event

Q4 2017
- Completion of crowdfunding event
- Token distribution
- Listing on exchanges
- Release of beta version of the product
- Partnership with scalable blockchains

Q1 2018
- Improvements of Anonymization and Ranking system in collaboration with CMU
- Release of open source SDK
- Building of ecosystem with development community participation

Q3 2018
- Partner releases of vertical solutions - Job Search, Retail and Automotive Search, Real Estate Search
- Signing partners and customers

Q1 2019
- Scalability development
- Integration with scalable file system
-Search optimizations


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