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A Tech for Your Shipping Needs

As we already knew globalization has made the national or international trading run faster than before. And many of the trade is carried by the ships. But, the conventional shipping trader is fuss by the regulations of the paperwork, such as sales contracts, charter-party agreements, bill of lading, port documents, letter of credit and other documents that related to the ship transportation. And this is where the BitNautic comes. Using the blockchain technology, BitNautic offering the new platform for all the importers, exporters, end consumers and producers with its easy use of access and efficiency. BitNautic also minimalizing the role of middleman, and make the shipping and cargo industry is easier and more efficient than before.

Meet the BitNautic

The problem of traditional shipping and cargo industry like the lack of transparency, labour disputes and job cuts, environmental regulations, poor tracking, and security threats has made the new idea of serving the all-in-one platform that can overcome that problem. Integrating with blockchain technology, make the BitNautic a platform that can serve the effective, efficient, and easy to use the platform. BitNautic also gives the facility of an open market and free trade. This platform will make all the participants such as shippers, cargo owners, transporters, and agents negotiating and make an agreement on the same page and they can make their own terms, BitNautic makes the transaction is free from the middleman and long chain regulatory that become the problems of traditional shipping ways. With new technology that developing by BitNautic, all users will get more transparency, accepting of multi-currency, shipping of global currency, lower transaction cost, and digitized community that can be increasing their profit.

BitNautic Features

BitNautic as the new tech of shipping trading served some beneficial features to their platforms that will help all users maximalizing their profit. (1) Transport System, this features will help all the users reduce their time to accessing the transport services by providing the platform that based on technology that is very efficient, (2) Booking system, that will help the users to book the ships more easily than the conventional system, (3) Brokerage system, (4) Tracking system that involved the ship tracking and cargo tracking, (5) E-commerce platform, (6) Shipping and Cargo Marketplace (SCM), (7) Mobile Application, and (8) Exclusive Deals and Discounts. All the beneficial features that provided by BitNautic is expected to fulfil the shippers and customers needs of complete platforms and can help all users get more profit through BitNautic.

Blockchain of BitNautic

As a program that will work on blockchain system, BitNautic will underlie their programs with Ethereum and do some improvements algorithm in order to make the transactions cost and time more efficient. And not forget, the smart contract will also be used for some payments within the platform. BitNautic is working so hard to make the best solution to stop the malicious nodes in the network by mined their program through the private nodes and ensure the security and make the transactions time faster than the conventional shipping trading.

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Start in 15-04-2018
Ended in 15-05-2018
Symbol BTNT
Price 1 ETH = 500 BTNT
For sale 70%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 5000 ETH
Hard cap 50000 ETH


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