Buzzshow A Project for Future Video Online Sites

Online video streaming has become the most popular service today. People watch video on the internet to get information and entertainment. Most of them even leave TV behind and spend their spare time with online video. This is reasonable because watching online streaming is much interesting. We have more freedom to choose any content we want to watch. We also can access it through our mobile gadget, which means you can get entertainment or information anywhere and at any time.

And, that’s only what a watcher can get. So, have you ever imagined that by watching the video online, you can get money from it? It is possible with Blockchain system. Currently, the online video streaming service is run by the big company, like YouTube, Facebook and other. This is one of centralized system type. By using a decentralized system with Blockchain, the power holder will be spread evenly. And, you, as a watcher, video creator, and curator (you share the video to other), has a chance to get revenue from what you do. This is what Buzzshow mission.

What is Buzzshow?

Buzzshow is social network sites where its user can share their video. What makes this service is different than other similar service is the base system that they used. Buzzshow use Blockchain system as their main core. With this system, Buzzshow is trying to create a platform where everybody will involve in all activity as well as money earning like what they should receive.

Buzzshow uses Blockchain; therefore they also use cryptocurrency for many activities in their system. With this currency, their users can use it for many different purposes. More than that, with this system, the user also has more freedom compared to today’s video social network sites. In today’s video sites, their user will be limited by many rules and they don’t have right to develop their idea or creativity like what they want. Buzzshow provides a place where their users can create and develop their imagination without limit. However, it doesn’t mean you can do anything like what you want within the Buzzshow service. There is copyright limit that you need to follow.

It’s actually normal. When you upload or share videos that you make by yourself, that means that video is yours, your property. And, in Buzzshow, it will be protected by stronger copyright system compared to today’s system.  This can be done with their IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing), which will release in the future. This system will ensure that this service will run as decentralized service. And, because of that, the safety system or protection that you can get is also much stronger. All videos that you want to share or upload will be tracked by this system, to find out, if this is yours and it doesn’t break the copyright law. After you pass those steps, your video will be able to share around the world.

The Goal of Buzzshow

The main goal of Buzzshow is creating an environment, where video owner, the viewer, and curator will get the right that they should receive. Blockchain system that they use, have the ability to make this into realization. With this system, their right, which in this case is the money or revenue, can be easily received. The amount is equal with what they do in the system. Unlike today’s video site service, where most of the money will enter the service provider, Buzzshow is trying to make the opposite. A video sites service that is based on community or their user. Therefore, all money that they produce here will enter the pocket of the rightful one, the user (uploader, viewer or curator).

In order to support this system, Buzzshow also uses a special token (Goldies) that can be acquired during the ICO event. In this event, Buzzshow will release 150 million tokens, where 62 percent of them will be sold. You can buy this if you are interested with this project and want to be their users when they officially release it in the future. 14 percent of it will be frozen to keep their system stable. The rest of it is used for many purposes, from the incentive, bonuses and many more. Basically, we can say that Buzzshow is pretty much promising. This is the dreamland for all video artists that want to explore and develop their idea.

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