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Food Ecosystem on Blockchain

Cibus ICO Rating, Reviews and Details

Cibus is transparent, they’re decentralised and blockchain based. What this means is that consumers are able to verify the contents of their food that they purchase. They achieve this by creating a system that trades food directly between the producers and the consumers.

Cibus will provide a mobile application for it’s consumers, you’ll be able to use this to verify the fundamentals of your food, the quality, the authenticity, the dietary supplements of all that you consume. The benefits of this is huge! What it does is create transparency and builds trusting relationships, it changes the way we think about food safety and minimises our reliance on regulatory bodies to ensure that our food meets relevant quality assurances.

The trades themselves will be open and fair, there will be no middleman unnecessarily acting in between, it will be a free trade eco-system that you will open up directly with producers and manufacturers. Currently the scale of food crime is increasing around the world at a scary pace! We as a consumer have no visibility on food quality and safety and we naively tale our food bought from the supermarket ans assume its met all food quality and safety. The reality is, the market is cutting corners and cheating where it can and the longer we stay without transparency, the further this will be pushed. Cibus puts the power back in the hands of the consumer.

The CIBUS network is a blockchain-based ecosystem on food and health supplements ensure the origin, quality and fulfilment to transparency. The genesis of CIBUS platform is to bring food and dietary supplements manufacturers, producers, sellers or traders under one functional, interactive, and mutually profitable platform based on blockchain technology and enabling a transparency via trustworthy data sitting on distributed ledger which can be freely accessed by all interested parties; Thus both the business owners and consumers can enjoy best possible transparency, authenticity, and reliability about the food products they are interested in.

Production and distribution records maintained in CIBUS blockchain cannot be falsified. Consumer/Buyers, food producers and regulators could use it for rapid trace food products back to their source, to decide quick removal in case of food recall or fraud detection while availing a high degree of transparency.

CIBUS Token enables trust less transaction within the platform between all participants. It is the underlying currency for all transactions, mode of payment for transaction fees, escrow services, and advertising and will provide commercial analytics and transactional intelligence. All transacting parties will be required to buy and pay using CIBUS tokens.

CIBUS: Vision

Global supply chains are extremely effective these days but in many ways they are adulterated with nontransparency, fraudulent activities, outdated stocks, etc. Moreover, reliance on outdated technology or manual procedure creates unwanted gap between manufacturers and traders with consumers in several ways. Blockchain technology, which has the potential to be used as secured way to record and transmit data in a safe and decentralized networks, has now been counted as a promising way to improve these chains.

One point that sets CIBUS apart from other almost similar projects is that CIBUS is going to launch hardware as well: best quality advanced and intuitive sensors that can continually monitor and steadily send data to the blockchain as an item transits from manufacturer to its end user.

CIBUS is on the verge of creating a potential market. Most important factor in this system workflow is complete transparency and conviction. The main focus will be to develop an ecosystem that address market issues, can bring down costs, and can boost efficiencies. All these components will help CIBUS to it be the most favourite for all stakeholders integrated in the supply chain – from the producers to traders to consumers.

CIBUS is also creating a blockchain-centric procedure that has the flexibility to be used at different supply chain settings. CIBUS protocol is Ethereum-based and it can write smart contracts, which is expected to add heaps of efficiencies, along with transparency and responsibility to the whole chain.

CIBUS is going to launch a new cryptocurrency token CIBUS token, which will be used on the CUBUS Platform only in a way that remains associated with each item within the chain. Amidst other things it holds the data as the food item moves ahead toward its consumers, and it also offers incentives for the stakeholders.

CIBUS token is expected to be the central part of the equation. CIBUS seeks to facilitate a locked and sovereign supply chain, develop an improved distribution procedure and permit consumers to effortlessly see where their purchased products come from and the ingredients in it.

CIBUS: Mission

  • To line up and transparent the global food supply chain and related market so that the interest and trust of consumers and farmers can be maintained at its best. At CIBUS our aim is to reward the farmers who put their labour in producing food and of course the consumers who has all the right to have quality food on their table.
  • Thus eventually, all stakeholders can yield profit from the elevated whole value proposition for verifiably quality food. Moreover retailers sourcing quality food products can trace and display the origins and superiority of their food, which consumer can check on their own. Governments will get to guarantee conformity by the food industry to standard and values by checking records and methods documented on the blockchain.
  • Apart from that Smart contracts can establish commercial relationships between different parties as well as can control/reduce risks and trading disputes, permitting suppliers and buyers to enter MOU without suffering from stress about the status or solvency of their counterparty.

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Start in 28-02-2018
Ended in 28-03-2018
Symbol CBT
Price 1 ETH = 1000 CBT
For sale 40%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Soft cap 5,000,000 CBT
Hard cap 40,000,000 CBT

  • Arindam Biswas - FOOD SAFETY EXPERT
  • Upasana Nath - FOOD SAFETY EXPERT
  • Jhimli Mukherjee - IT EXPERT
  • Naga Pradeep - IT EXPERT
  • Arbind Prasad - IT EXPERT
  • Jacob Thankachen - IT OUTSOURCING MANAGER
  • Shajid Mahmood - COMMUNITY MANAGER
  • Ram Malapati - TEST MANAGER
  • Anirudhha Mazumdar - FOOD QUALITY OFFICER


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