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CoinMetro ICO reviews

The digital economy has been continuously growing since the recent decades and today’s business have tremendously used blockchain technology. This current trend has led some professional traders to cooperate with experienced developers to build beneficial crypto platforms. CoinMetro platform is one of them. It is an all-in-one solution that eases clients to work with their digital coin assets. Although CoinMetro is new in the digital economy, they really commit to their vision. It can be seen from the simple and user-friendly platform that has developed. The user-friendly platform really helps clients to but their first Bitcoin. Meanwhile, professional traders also benefit from the safe, flexible, and fast environment which integrate useful feature with digital assets. Furthermore, Coin Metro offers a various innovative model for investment that can be easily accessed by users. Here are the services offered by this platform.

CoinMetro Services

All services provided by CoinMetro covers intuitive and quick exchange, complete features that support opportunity for digital assets investment, and turnkey ICO solution. For the need of the exchange, CoinMetro offers direct payment process, matching engine, and crypto wallet that support a number of most popular digital currencies. These services can be easily accessed from a user-friendly website. Due to the simplicity of the website, even those who are beginners in digital economy find it easy and convenient to start purchasing Bitcoin. The pricing system of all of the service use COIN, a utility token made on their own.

Furthermore, there are some other supportive services available such as a debit card to access wallet balances, lending platform, and leverage. More importantly, the risk management strategies are able to prevent any loss and damages.

About ICO and Reasons for Joining ICO

As CoinMetro has a lot of things to do ICO, it is better to get to know further about what ICO is. You may have been familiar with it as ICO has been increasingly popular since several years ago. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. ICO is initiated by developers to help them develop their digital coin project by fundraising. These developers, including CoinMetro, needs fund to optimize the progress of their project so it can be soon completed.

There are a number of advantages you can gain by joining ICO project. Those who make an investment in the project will obtain coin or token in which later they can trade the coin freely in exchanger market to gain profit. If investors buy coin during the pre-sale time, it is possible that they can get the coin five-time cheaper. That is why reselling the coin in the future can be beneficial. So the benefits are not only for the developers but also for you as the investors.

Why you should Join CoinMetro ICO Project

CoinMetro is a recommended crypto platform due to the number of reason. First, CoinMetro team members are definitely experienced persons who are knowledgeable about finance sector.  Besides, cooperating with FXPIC empowers CoinMetro to provide various new services that give benefit to both new traders and professional investors. As there is turnkey ICO Express available as one of the services, this ICO project can be developed more. You have to join there ICO blockchain project because it has a good prospect for your investment. There is also a valuable reward for COIN buyers.

If you missed the pre-token sale, don’t worry because there is still an opportunity to join the token sale. If you are interested to take part in this project the token sale will begin on 21th of February. For the updated price of the COIN, it’s better to check the official website. Keep in mind that CoinMetro does not recommend purchasing the COIN for speculative purpose. Instead, COUN is better purchased due to its utility. The long-term value of the token is also determined by some factors including offer and demand. You can help to increase the token value by decreasing volatility and help others get the COIN.

Another reason to participate in the token sale with CoinMetro is that its safety. However, it does not mean that it has zero risks. Luckily, CoinMetro has tried to lower the risks optimally by cooperating with top-leading global blockchain platforms. Additionally, some security features that work well with FXPIC are used. In other words, customer security receives high attention.

Website Whitepaper

Start in 21-02-2018
Ended in 23-03-2018
Symbol XCM
For sale 250,000,000
Platform 1 XCM = 0.11 EUR
Accepting ETH

  • Kevin Murcko - CEO
  • Timur Khakimov - Lead Developer
  • Anton Corbin - Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Rory Baxter - Senior WebApp Developer
  • DunHao Zhuang - Senior Front End Developer
  • Giovanni Ziccardi - Marketing Team Leader
  • Biljana Kukeska - Senior Social Media Specialist
  • Mikko Kauhanen - Senior Digital Growth Specialist
  • Sylvain Legay - CFO
  • Reuben Godfrey - Advisors
  • James Waugh - Advisors
  • Timur Latypoff - Advisors
  • Myles Claffey - Advisors
  • Evan Griffin - Advisors

  • October 2017
    - Initial eMoney Licensing
    - Georgia eMoney registration
    - Start of Development
  • December 2017
    - Pre-Token Sale
  • February 2018
    - Token Sale
  • March 2018
    - FXPIG Blockchain development starts
    - Exchange Beta Launch
  • April 2018
    - COIN tradable at CoinMetro
    - Secondary Licensing
  • May 2018
    - CoinMetro Liquidity at FXPIG
  • June 2018
    - COIN accepted at FXPIG
  • July 2018
    - ICO Express Launch
    - CM Debit Card Launch
    - Virtual and physical cards available, possible inclusion of NFC virtual cards
    - Full PSP Services Launched
  • October 2018
    - TAM Platform Launch
    - Crypto ETF Launch
  • 2019
    - New Licenses Acquired
    - CM & FXPIG Shared dev


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