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Smart contract management service

Token symbol CDL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1,000 CDL = 1 ETH
Total token supply 100,000,000 CDL
Accepting ETH
Equity on offer 80%
Hard cap 70,000 ETH
Bonus 0-5% tokens sold - 25%
6-26% tokens sold - 12%
27-42% tokens sold - 8%
43-56% tokens sold - 5%
57-69% tokens sold - 3%

About Confideal

Confideal is a unique smart contract management service for individuals and businesses, that allows its users to create and make safe, fast and anonymous deals powered by blockchain technology.

Contracting is a complex bureaucratic procedure that consumes significant money, time and resources, especially when dealing with overseas partners.

Confideal will reduce transaction costs, enhance the security of funds by escrow agent, improve the speed of the dealmaking process, resolve disputes through the arbitration module and expand business opportunities for enterprises, small companies, and individuals.

Confideal platform offers a range of advantages compared to the traditional ways of contracting:

The terms of the contract are established before it is signed and are stored on the blockchain. That is why it is impossible to change its terms after both sides have agreed to them. The contract can only be closed or broken according to the original arrangements.

It’s important to note that it is technically possible to modify the data stored on the blockchain. However, it is economically infeasible: such a modification would require an immense amount of computational resources from a malicious actor, highly disproportionate to the possible gains which can be made by forging a single contract.

All transactions on the Confideal platform are made with the use of cryptocurrencies, which completely eliminates all barriers to payment. The absence of an intermediary, such as a bank, makes the counterparties free from unnecessary oversight procedures and removes the possibility of a payment cancellation due to an external decision. In addition, the speed of transactions becomes significantly higher and their costs become significantly lower if using cryptocurrencies: 15 to 20 seconds and less than 1 USD respectively.

Another advantage of using cryptocurrencies for payments is the fact that the process of signing a contract and paying for it are inseparable. Launching a contract requires the presence of the sum of money which the counterparties have agreed on. After that the money can only move according to the terms of the contract.

The option to resolve disputes without leaving the platform. Our service allows third parties: law firms, lawyers and mediators to settle disputes between users. These are highly qualified specialists that have the necessary skills and knowledge to work as arbitrators on our platform. They are motivated by the arbitrators’ fee which is paid for resolving a dispute up to 10% of the contract’s sum.



The Confideal Token (CDL) is the main internal cryptocurrency used for payments in the Confideal ecosystem. The token was developed according to ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring its full compatibility with other projects compliant with this standard.

The total supply of CDL tokens is limited and cannot be more than 105.5 million units (or lower, depending on the distribution of bonus tokens during the ICO). Most of the CDL tokens will be created during the ICO. The price of 1000 CDL tokens will be equivalent to one Ether (ETH).


Arbitration is a special system within the Confideal platform which attracts qualified arbiters in order to settle disputes between users. Arbiters can be members of associations, arbitration centers or other organizations which confirm their status as professional arbiters.

Arbiters create their accounts on the platform and enter their personal data: languages, location, specialization, working experience etc.

The arbiter for any particular deal is selected by both sides of the contract during its setup, before the actual signing. At the moment, it is only possible to select only one arbiter per deal. In the future, we plan to add an option to select several arbiters per deal.

Smart contract constructor

Confideal is the platform which uses the smart contract technology powered by the Ethereum blockchain to solve the principal problems bound up with modern contractual processes. Ethereum is a completely decentralized system which includes the tools necessary to create smart contracts, as well as its own cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) which is needed for those contracts to work.

Smart contracts are digital algorithms which describe a set of terms, which are automatically fulfilled by the Ethereum network. They enable companies, entrepreneurs and regular individuals to enter contracts with each other without having to rely on the honesty of the respective counterparty.

Tokens distribution

ICO – 74%

Team – 10%

Pre-ico – 6%

Promo activities – 4%

Advisors – 4%

Bounty campaign – 2%

Funds allocation

Product Development& Maintenance – 30%

Business Growthand Development – 25%

Marketing and CustomerDevelopment – 15%

Reserve – 15%

Operations – 10%

Legal – 5%

Bounty camping

Content campaign - 20%

Facebook campaign - 20%

Twitter campaign - 20%

Steemit campaign - 10%

Bitcointalk campaign - 15%

Bug searching campaign - 15%

Start in 02-11-2017
Ended in 22-11-2017


Petr Belousov - Business Development, Product Development

Andrei Baibaratsky - Product Development, Software Development and Technologies

Egor Khromov - Software Development and Technologies

Philipp Khominok - Community Relations, Marketing

Alexey Semionov - Product Development, Marketing

Maxim Uperyaka - Strategy Development, ICO Promotion

Helen Sambur - Coordination, Operations Supervision

Vitaliy Oleksyuk - Community Management, Content Production

Hordiy Malkovych - Media Relations and Communications photo Igor Dymarskiy Design Development and Branding photo

Igor Dymarskiy - Design Development and Branding

Vakhtanh Bolkvadze - Customer and Investor Relations

Iskander Ishmukhambetov - Project Manager

Ksenia Lomakina - PR&Events Management


Reuben Godfrey - co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland

Alexander Rugaev - CEO of

Alexey Soloviev - General Director QIWI Blockchain Technologies

Alejandro Klock - General Director CE consulting Russia

Anton Sazansky - Vice President,

Vladimir Efremov - Partner, Trendlaw

Petr Bel - Founder and managing partner Byzantium ICO Agency

Johan Lek - Managing Partner Dana Aria consulting

Ludmila Kharitonova - Managing Partner of “Zartsyn, Yankovsky and partners”

George Basiladze - Co-Founder in Cryptopay

Q4 2016
Winner at the blockchain hackathon in Moscow

Q1 2017
The first alpha version (MVP) released

Q2 2017
Basic smart contract for ICO’s builder released

Q3 2017
Successful pre-ICO

Q3 2017
Fundraising through the token sale

Q4 2017
Arbitration module launch API and Widget launch

Q4 2017
Step-by-step payments Arbitration esrow Documents vault

Q1 2018
Versioning control Filters and reports Contract export as local file

Q1 2018
External arbitration (national courts or UNCITRAL)

Q2 2018
Multi-language support

Q2 2018
Smart contracts for IoT

Q3 2018
Integration with Status and Parity

Q4 2018
Expanding to other blockchains (EOS, Tezos, district0x etc.)


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