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Current ICO review and details

Most of the online content creators know that they are paid for the content they have made. The media are various such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and many more. At the same time, cryptocurrency or bitcoin becomes a revolutionary currency. The interesting idea is when both of technologies are combined. Does it give you benefits?

The Idea of Current

The idea of this project is to share digital token for online content creators when they post their contents. The reward is not only for the creators but also for those who are streamed online contents. A digital token is the same with regular currency in which you are able to use to buy any kind of products, services, and in platform advertising, you need most. The project works by designing data point based on the types, times, and topics by each person. The data point will be recorded automatically and transparently with the help of blockchain technology. The point is how to give internet users more payment media variations. At the same time, content creators get a new form of compensation. Advertisers get transparent accounting record and their complete audience information. The receivers of digital tokens are able to save their earning in a digital wallet. The digital wallet is supported by sophisticated technology to make sure that you can save the tokens safely.

The Challenging Aspects in Developing Current

The challenging aspect is on the application of the project itself. Slowly but sure, this project has been developed to meet the need of the plan. The project is developed in two different phases. The first phase is to record the user's contribution to this platform. Moreover, the developer of this platform needs to make sure that the participants or the contributors earn digital tokens just like stated in the agreement. It means that the contributors will earn digital tokens based on the time, attention, and also consumption. To make the first phase runs smoothly, the platform will be supported by blockchain to achieve the final goal, decentralized and transparent distribution.

The decentralized and transparent distribution is not only in the matter of payment but also gods, contents, and services. The platform also has to develop based on the needs of the users as well as able to limit bugs or problems. For example, the users need to know what they have to do or what the platform will do if something doesn’t run smoothly. Let say, the possible problem is about minimum cap goal. If it is happening, this platform will refund all the transactions to the wallet address related to the transactions. Investors and more contributors are also a serious challenging to develop this platform.

Tricks to Introduce Current

To introduce Current to the public and to show that the platform is useful for not only content creators but also internet users, the developer invites various participants to develop this platform. Those are including online content creators, internet users, websites, and online advertising media. Moreover, the contributors are able to get the digital tokens easily. Let say, as the contributors you may buy the digital tokens or known as CRNC in the form of different cryptocurrency.

There is also a specific term known as Claim Your Wallet. By using this term, you will get a specific amount of digital tokens and it will be launched along with the CRNC attribution protocol. To make all features work well, Current is using Ethereum blockchain. The main reason for using this blockchain is because the blockchain is the robust one. This type of blockchain is able to integrate with the level of the community. The point is that the community or the users of Current has an important role in the development of the platform. The users know what Current needs to achieve comfortable and easy to use platform which also gives them financial benefits. Ethereum is also considered as the most promising due to the significant development.

The final achievement of Current is to facilitate between online content creators, internet users, websites, advertising media, and developers so all parties get benefits. The most important, all parties also know the benefits of using a revolutionary system and platform such as cryptocurrency, the blockchain, digital tokens, and many more. As the result, playing with an online platform such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud will be better and more fun than before.

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Start in 14-03-2018
Ended in 04-04-2018
Symbol CRNC
Price 1 CRNC = 0.24 USD
For sale 350,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, NEO
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 36,000,000 USD

  • Dan Novaes - Co-Founder, CEO
  • Nick McEvily - Co-Founder, CPO
  • Kiran Panesar - Co-Founder, CTO
  • Josh Moyer - Business & Marketing Manager
  • Joseph Wagner - Lead Backend Engineer
  • Steven Lee - Lead iOS Engineer
  • Seamus Doheny - Curation Director Partner, Manifest Chicago
  • Brian Ng - Economist & Mathematician
  • William Ryan - Behavioral Economist, Stanford PhD
  • Steven Myers - Director of Security Programs, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Informatics, Indiana University
  • Amy Karr - Co-founder, Arclydia Group Forbes 30 Under 30 2x
  • Jill Richmond - SVP, SparkPR/ SparkChain
  • Shadi Paterson - Chief of Growth, The 8760
  • Ed Zitron - CEO/Founder EZPR Top 50 People in Tech PR 3x
  • Trey Ditto - Founder/ CEO, Ditto PR


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