Tue, 18 Dec 2018

Debitum Network

Borderless SME business financing

Debitum Network offers a hybrid solution - companies’ financing will be executed in fiat. We are crypto realists instead of crypto fanatics that is why we are not using crypto while it is still not adopted mainstream. We want to create a truly decentralized network via motivated communities - so it can be a living ecosystem, rather than a bunch of individual organizations trying to deal services. It is a pragmatic approach which works in the real life.

Our product is intends to decentralize the financing process. Currently, all steps of the financing process are carried out by one financial institution in a centralized manner from the very beginning to the very end. As a result, such financier can only operate in the local market due to the lack of infrastructure abroad (otherwise it becomes very expensive). Moreover, the capacity of financing is also limited, resulting in only a fraction of SMEs’ needs being fulfilled. Debitum Network will be an ecosystem where participants from all around the world will perform separate steps of the financing process. For example, a German SME needs funding, so it joins to Debitum Network; a risk assessor from Germany rates the risk; credit insurance company from France performs the insurance; a fund from the UK provides the money; a local debt collector from Germany either collects or buys the debt.

Relations between business borrowers and lenders are complex, but they can be standardized and streamlined. We build Ethereum-based decentralized ecosystem where operators of the financing market can access their clients in a more advanced way and lower costs. Operators are companies (or even individuals) who either aggregate the demand (investors/lenders) or supply (borrowers), or both. There are service providers like risk assessors, insurers, debt collectors, provision/collateral valuators, etc. Debitum Network will also act like a integration medium for various technical solutions which are related to financing process.

While technically, in terms of economical effectiveness, Debitum facilitates the process of financing, it is an opportunity for professional operators in the financing industry to enter the global market with no barriers. For example, local risk assessors working in their domestic market would be able to sell their services for global investors willing to invest in their market.

Debitum aims to create a self-growing network based on trust by uniting fragmented regional registers of business borrower trustworthiness on the blockchain basis.

Debitum purpose is to provide an access to the lucrative SME capital market for everyone. Today, investments in SME debt are profitable, relatively safe, and yet not easy to get engaged into. Debitum Network will directly face and solve this problem.


Debitum Network is a distributed ecosystem consisting of various counterparties involved in the small and medium businesses (SME) financing process - borrowers, risk assessors, insurers, investors, debt collectors and other counterparties - who all use Debitum tokens as the only possible means of payment among themselves when transacting within the Debitum Network.

The utility of Debitum tokens will be multifold. We have analyzed various possible token models, applied the findings to Debitum Network use cases and accordingly designed Debitum token to run two key roles within the ecosystem:

Value exchange role to build and nurture The Debitum Network economy:

Debitum tokens will be used by borrowers and investors to buy services on the ecosystem with the ability to set the price for the services acquired in accordance with the quantity and quality of services received. Debitum token will allow all ecosystem users to earn value and to spend it on valuable services in a measured way.

The toll role forces counterparties’ to have skin-in-the-game:

Debitum tokens will be used as a security to guarantee counterparties delivery of services. Tokens will also be used to run Trust Arbitrage smart contracts that will indicate the trust level of each network counterparty within the ecosystem. This way tokens will ensure and guarantee the credibility of Debitum Network.

Start in 25-01-2018
Ended in 25-02-2018
Symbol DEB
Price 1 ETH = 2,888-3,750 DEB
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 25,000 ETH
Hard cap 50,000 ETH

  • Martins Liberts
    Well established executive and entrepreneur with deep insight in technology, finance and the future.
  • Donatas Juodelis
    Global networker making strong connections worldwide with the ability to inspire individuals joining the cause.
  • Justas Saltinis
    Successful certified CFA with an established track record in creating an alternative financing ecosystem.
  • Mazvydas Mackevicius, PhD
    Certified enterprise architect with deep experience in development of secure and scalable financial and global solutions.
  • Monika Varkalyte
    Cheerful professional with a strong brand creation, marketing, and UX/UI background.

  • 2015 – Q2 2017 - Start of the company
    - 2015: Incorporated DEBIFO – an alternative finance company
    - 2016.01: Joined Mintos p2p finance platform
    - 2016.10: Reached financing agreement with a private debt fund MUNDUS
    - 2017.02: Envisioned Debitum ecosystem
    - 2017.06: Reached 3M EUR portfolio, nearly 20M EUR asset turnover
  • Q3 2017 - Creating Proof of Concept
    - 2017.07: Expand core team with business and technology advisers
    - 2017.08: Establish global business development team
    - 2017.09: Build and deploy MVP version on Ethereum Ropsten blockchain
    - 2017.09: Align with first counterparties of ecosystem
  • Q4 2017 - Raising funds via Crowdsale
    - 2017.10: Launching of the marketing campaign
    - 2017.10: Expanding the Debitum Network community
    - 2017.10: Incorporating Debitum Network
    - 2017.11: Crowdsale
  • Q1-Q3 2018 - Building Debitum Network 1.0
    - 2018.03: Expanding Debitum Network team to prepare for global expansion
    - 2018.06: Establishing Debitum Network in the first target country
    - 2018.09: Testing and auditing Debitum Network 1.0 before public launch
  • Q4 2018 - Debitum Network 1.0
    Develop Debitum Network ecosystem version 1.0 with manual on-boarding of asset generators, investors and additional service providers


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