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Wallet and Worldwide Debit Cards

Denaro serves to be a one-step solution to overcome problems related to complicated cryptocurrency exchange. This platform is intended for both individuals and companies who dream high speed and ease-of-use of cryptocurrency exchange support.

How the Platform Works

Denaro provides an exceptional cryptocurrency wallet to store users’ funds. The funds can be loaded easily into a physical debit card. There is no need to worry if the debit card is lost because the funds that are stored in the wallet are highly protected by a private key. Users have an account that can manage lost and misplaced card including replacing or cancelling.

Using the platform, users are able to send funds to anyone all over the world. Unlike using traditional bank system that cost a lot of charges for transferring money and sometimes long confirmation, Denaro platform offers reduced transaction fee for all users. Even with some conditions, it is free. The platform also makes it possible for users to convert cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa. They also can have a full control of all of the transactions made.

Denaro Debit Card

The main problems that should be dealt with when spending digital asses are limited opportunity and avenues. These problems occur because most merchants still like to use fiat currency better than crypto for practical reasons. There are some merchant services that help both merchants and buyers with new cryptocurrencies but they just support a single crypto and it is prone to volatility and other disadvantages.

Therefore Denaro offers its Debit Card. It addresses the problems about the difficulty in using cryptocurrencies. Using the card, it is very easy for users to load almost all types of cryptocurrencies onto a debit card then send the assets for paying services to individuals and stores worldwide. In this way, crypto payment is easier than, or at least as easy as fiat payment.

Denaro Token (DNO) and Its Benefits

Denaro introduces a constantly-changing token that fulfils the demands of the users and works well for blockchain. It is called DNO, a utility token that brings various benefits for both users and merchants including premium services, bonuses, and discounts. All of DNO holders basically will reward a portion of the network’s transaction fees when certain conditions are achieved. Here are some other benefits.

Users can access premium services as long as they often use DNO for transactions in the network. They also have big chances to get some discounts from merchants. The more transactions you make, the more discounts you will get. Don’t worry about the fee for the transactions because the fee is very small, even 0%. So, keep making transactions for more bonus tokens. The discount will be even higher if they activate debit card top-ups.

What about the benefits for merchants? First, being a merchant in the network, you can get a payment terminal for free. A virtual payment terminal will handle all of the transactions including the payment from buyers. In addition, the use of DNO prevents merchants to suffer from the high risk of volatility. The tokens also help increased liquidity.

Website Whitepaper

  • 65% — Crowdsale
  • 13% — Team and Development: Token allocation for the team will be locked up for 8 months to incentivize platform development.
  • 7% — Marketing: Denaro will drum up publicity for the platform, especially in the period leading to milestone releases/roadmap feature implementation.
  • 3% — Board of Advisors
  • 4% — Bounty
  • 3% — Referral Commissions
  • 5% — Reserve

Start in 30-01-2018
Ended in 15-03-2018
Symbol DNO
Price 1 ETH = 3,000 DNO
For sale 10,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, USD

  • Ron Ramsey - CEO, Co-Founder
  • Jeremy Boker - CFO, Co-Founder
  • Amy Archer - Head of Legal Department
  • Freya Wilkins - Financial Analyst
  • Patrick Bradshaw - Back-End Developer
  • Jamie Douglas - Front-End Developer
  • Daniel Armstrong - Editor
  • Stanciu Daniel - Social Media Representative

  • February 2017
    Market Research
  • April 2017
    Business Strategy and Planning
  • May 2017
    Private investor attraction
  • June 2017
    - Searching for specialists for a complete and coordinated team
    - Opening Company
  • July 2017
    - Wallet Beta development and testing
    - Whitepaper preparation
  • November 2017
    Concept of Crypto Payment terminals and IBAN
  • January 2018
    Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Open Beta Launch
  • March 2018
    Ico ENDS
  • April 2018
    Attending CoinFest UK
  • MAY 2018
    Attending Consensus conference
  • End of MAY 2018
    Starting marketing campaign
  • June - . . . 2018
    Continuing to improve DENARO project


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