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Docademic ICO Rating, Reviews and Details

Docademic is AI-and-blockchain based platform that focuses on developing healthcare services at global level. The ultimate goal of Docademic platform is to provide the highest level of access and healthcare advancement. If the goal can be achieved, the use of cryptocurrencies in healthcare services will be increasing, causing the broader use of Medical Token Currencies even outside healthcare services.

Docademic Vision

The vision of Docademic platform is to solve problems that hinder patients to access healthcare services globally. These two crucial problems are underserved markets and accessibility Silos. Let’s get to know about these two problems first. Underserved markets mean that the markets fail to support the high cost of traditional medical services. Accessibility Silos means people cannot access the healthcare providers because they live far away from the hospitals or clinics. People who face the problem would like to be able to access healthcare services fully in their country but unfortunately, there is no on-ramp available for them.

These problems can be solved by integrating healthcare services into one way of access via Docademic apps. Through the apps, patients can get medical advice in from doctors in any country they choose. As there are many doctors involved here, patients are able to get basic primary care and secondary care. Therefore, patients benefit from the resourceful information they get through the app.

MTC Token Sale and Bonuses

As MTC is prepared to be more widely used in the future for existing and future health care service, Docademic is having MTC token pre-sales on different timeframes. There are four stages of ICO pre-sales for MTC. The first stage had started on 5 to 8 February where token buyers can get 50 percent MTC bonus. If for example, they buy 200 MTCs, they will get 250 MTC. The second stage was on 9 to 12 February with 40 percent token bonus, followed by the third pre-sale from 13 to 16 February provided with 30 percent MTC bonus. These three pre-sales had been just done.

At the moment, the four stage of pre-sale is still going on and will end on 28 February with 20 percent bonus of MTC. Soon after the sale, half of the token revenue will be used for developing the services while the rest will be allocated for operations, product development, and meticulous things related to regulations. The remaining MTCs that were not sold during the presale will be offered in the retail sale that will be started on May and end on April.

Who Benefits from the MCT Token Sales?

MTC token sales give some advantages to those who are involved. There are at least three different parties who benefit from the token sales. The first one is the investors who invest their funds whether they are individuals or institutional. They will be able to have an easy access to high-performance technology as well as to excellent health products and service with reduced risk. The token sale also benefits token holders in a way that they can participate in crypto lending.

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Start in 29-01-2018
Ended in 28-02-2018
Symbol MTC
Price 1 ETH = 1000 MTC
For sale 350,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 3500 ETH
Hard cap 350000 ETH

  • Charles Nader - CEO
  • Isao Hojyo - COO
  • Arturo Diaz - CTO
  • Alejandro Meza - CFO
  • Enrique Hernandez - Lead Developer and Software architect
  • Dan Razo - Lead UI/UX Designer
  • Erik Altamirano - Lead Mobile Developer
  • Siddharta Naranjo - Lead Front End Developer
  • Oscar Nava - Lead Backend Developer
  • Laila Gebara - Comunity Manager


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