Tue, 18 Dec 2018


Blockchain Powered Mobility

Token symbol DOV
Platform Ethereum
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 3,125.00 DOV
Tokens suplay 1,200,000,000 DOV
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 85,362.00 ETH
Escrow The ICO will be operated via a smart contract. The code of the contract is available on Github

About DOVU

DOVU is shaping the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem. Introducing a transport focused protocol to accelerate the development of mobility related decentralised applications (dApps), the DOV token powers new business models in the transportation sector. The creation of these dApps will be fueled by data, therefore the DOVU API Marketplace will support the community further by simplifying the development of mobility data globally.

A Circular Economy

DOVU is creating an entirely new circular economy for the transport and mobility sector. Mobility data already informs everything from traffic management, weather and pollution tracking, through to planning and modeling our future transport needs. Smart vehicles are predicted to generate up to 25GB of data in a single hour, and our mobile devices can already record how we move around, generating information about our surroundings and behaviour.

The Value Of Data

That data will become increasingly valuable but we need to be able to control how and where that data is used – and potentially get rewarded for sharing it. DOVU democratises the sharing and consumption of this data by connecting data owners to data consumers – introducing an unprecedented and fair value exchange between those that generate data and those that benefit from it

The Protocol

The DOVU Protocol allows ‘data owners’ (individuals, organisations, IoT devices – any source of data) to control access to the data they share, whilst being rewarded for the use of that data in the form of DOV Tokens. These tokens then feed back into the ecosystem through mobility related transactions, be that offsetting the cost of a car, fuel for that car, paying for a flight, or just riding the bus.

Blockchain Powered Mobility

Smart contracts define the agreement between individuals and organisations to share and transact their mobility data in a transparent and controllable way, whilst payment channels solve the challenge of managing value based micropayments at scale. Our protocol and platform open up development of an infinite number of mobility related dApps, handling data interchange and attribution of value. Based on Ethereum, the DOV token is used for transactions within these dApps, maintaining and reinforcing the value within our ecosystem.


The DOV token is central to our ecosystem. It’s the unit of value that allows us to create this new circular economy linking consumers to data providers (and vice versa) and also rewarding those sharing data.

For our ecosystem to flourish in the transport sector we encourage use of the DOV token within it, ultimately building more value for customers as adoption and utility grows.

The DOV token is the only unit of value used across DOVU platform. Every purchase, sale, exchange or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of DOV tokens.

The number of DOV tokens will be strictly limited. A finite amount of 1.2 billion tokens will be issued, of which 300 million are available for the token sale.

Tokens distribution

25% of DOV tokens (0.30B) - Token sale

35% of DOV tokens (0.42B) - User growth fund

15% of DOV tokens (0.18B) - Advisors, founders and management to help building the team.

25% of DOV tokens (0.3 B) - Reserve.

0.5% of DOV tokens (0.3 B)(1.5 million tokens) - Bounty program.

Bounty camping

0.5% (1,500,000 DOV) will be allocated for bounty program.

BitcoinTalk signatures: 25%;

Translation: 20%

Company on social media: 35%

Company for bloggers: 20%

Start in 03-10-2017
Ended in 17-10-2017

Irfon Watkins CEO/Founder
Arwen Smit CMO/Founder
Krasina Mileva COO & Legal Counsel/Founder
Alex Morris Head of Product
Tom Holder CTO
James Guest Head of Blockchain Production
Lars Klawitter Advisor
Rob Jones Advisor


Bitcoin Talk : Maiyah Link

ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29