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Become a company co-owner. Participate in production of air conditioners with EWA tokens

Token symbol EWAcoin
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1EWAcoin = 0.00006 ETH
Tokens suplay 200 mln tokens
Accepting ETH

About EWA [EcoWaterAir]

EWA has created a format of new unique conditioning system, which works without Freon and with plain water serving as a coolant. EWA users are able to finance construction of a plant easily, anonymously and safely without any barriers and obstacles of a fiat world.

EWA can help users gain maximum profit from manufactured conditioning systems, which is equal to the one gained by big investors due to a size effect and an opportunity to get profitable debt financing. EWA enables users to observe and control an innovative plant construction project implementation. For this purpose there will be developed a Web interface (Stone) for access to all current information. Users will get an opportunity to communicate in a single information space and vote for some initiatives and trends.

EWA enables to purchase and possess the newest conditioning system at 15% discount from the market value. EWA offers a financial instrument format, which enables users to finance construction of an innovative plant easily, anonymously and safely without any expenses for mediators, arrangement of transactions and excluding technical and other barriers. For project implementation there will be established tokens based on Ethereum smart contract with a possibility to change them for company fiat stocks without declaring their identity for purchasing finished goods at 50% discount.

Air And Water Energy

While creating EWA air conditioners we set a goal to make innovative equipment, which is easy to use. As a result we have a unique brand-new product – cost efficient, effective, environmentally friendly and absolutely reliable.

Our cooling technology is based on the principle of Adiabatic indirect-regenerative evaporation. Natural thermal regulation of all living land organisms works according to the similar principle. As in nature, ordinary water is EWA coolant; it doesn’t require special preparation, and cooled air doesn’t become humid.

EWA Main Components

EWA air conditioner consists of a ventilator, low pressure water pump and a block of special plates. The plates have two types of ducts — dry hollow and wet microcapillary. Ducts are interchangeable; there are 600 ducts in air conditioner in total. The microcapillary duct is always humidity-saturated, water-saturated and can let through the air at the same time (25% of total flow). It is responsible for evaporation process, which is followed by heat loss.

Due to a special partial air circulation chart (figure below) a duct cools down to regular 13°C. Without direct contact, through a wall, the cold is transferred to an adjacent dry hollow duct with hot ambient air. So, through the output the premises get 75% of fresh cooled air, 18°C of comfortable temperature without changing the value of natural humidity.

The product of evaporative process is humidified air (25%), which is dumped with a separate air duct without any harm to the environment. The unit doesn’t require additional energy consuming equipment, and heat-exchanging systems don’t have movable parts (compressor) and chemical coolant (Freon), which provides efficient and reliable operation of equipment for up to 40 years.


Overall we intend to sell 200 mln EWAcoin tokens for 0.00006 ETH per unit. There are bonuses for first participants. Maximum bonuses will be available at the stage of Pre-ICO (preliminary ICO). There will be a bonus scale in both crowd-sales. Any user can join the project until the end of ICO.

At the end of ICO all undistributed tokens will be destroyed by a Smart contract. To make the Team focus on achieving best results and carrying out operating activities, we reserve 3,5% of tokens. Part of them (1,5%) will be used for awards within bounty campaign. We intend to keep openness and transparency when distributing funds. All transactions will be specified in a Smart contract. It will be possible to sell tokens at crypto exchanges within 1 month after the end of ICO.

Start in 09-12-2017
Ended in 31-12-2017

  • Vlad Gorbachov -General Director and CEO
  • Janis Kalnins - Production Operations Manager
  • Dzintars Berzins - Marketing, promotion director
  • Cai Zhiming - Technical expert
  • Joseph Johns - Financial director
  • Peteris Liepins - Lawyer
  • Xue Guangming - Technical expert
  • Pierre Morel - Blockchain expert
  • Александр Винниченко - Cyber security specialist

  • Nov 25 – Dec 02, 2017 - PreSale 70 mln
    • 0-50 ETH - 35% discount,
    • 51 ETH and more - 50% discount;
  • Dec 09 – Dec 31, 2017 - ICO 120 mln
    • first 24 hours - 15% discount
    • second 24 hours - 7% discount.
  • After Dec 31, 2017
    Exchange for company stock
    • Token buy-back for 0.00012ETH


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ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29