EQUI – A Game Changer in Venture Capital

Individuals, firms, and companies that want to develop a business but have no access to equity market need venture capital. However, this venture capital is considered as higher risk because the investment is usually deficient and the companies are not yet developed. There is a way to make these companies make great profits as long as they choose the right ventures.

There are at least three stages of venture capital investment that you should go through. The first stage is seed stage, followed by early stage and growth stage. All investment can carry a risk that may happen at every stage. If your investments can increase, it can decrease as well. There is always a possibility to get back less than you expected. EQUI will help investors to minimize the risks by providing them with a support network and financial backing.


In the EQUI platform, there are three participants namely investors, traders, and holders. Investors are those who invest their tokens in projects. The amount of investment is flexible depending on their interest in the project itself. They will get 75% of the total profits that the project generates. Meanwhile, the rest 25% will be for the platform. Besides, investors have the opportunity to join EQUI Token loyalty programs where they can get annual bonus tokens.

Holders are participants who also transfer their tokens to the platform but they do not commit to investing in certain projects. They can also join the loyalty program as long as their tokens are stored in the platform. What about the traders? These participants do not have any remaining tokens in EQUI platform. So, they cannot have access to any investment opportunity. They can gain profit only from the increasing value of the EQUI tokens.

Why you should Join EQUI

There are a number of reasons to make an investment through EQUI platform especially if you are you are a new player. You must have felt how hard it was to succeed in a business. Starting a business is not as easy as turning the palm. There are many factors, internal and external, that influence the success of your business. Above all, the most important thing to start a business is the capability to identify the most potential business opportunity. This is not easy. The even big company need to conduct research and analysis to seek this opportunity. By joining EQUI platform, you will get assistance how to make your ventures flourish. You don’t need to look for business opportunity on your own but the platform will offer it to you.

Information about EQUI Token Sale

For your information, the presale was completely done. At the moment, the ICO sale is ongoing but with no bonus token. The sale will end on 12 April 2018. The price of the token is 0.5 USD. It is payable with LTC, BTC, ETH, and XRP. The ICO sale was launched to support the EQUI vision. If there are unsold tokens during the sale, half of them will be allocated to EQUI participants while the other half will be given back to EQUI.

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