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European Crypto Bank

Banking & Trading Platform Project

European Crypto Bank ico

Banking service and investment in fiat currency is a common thing in the financial world until now. It still popular but in this past few years there’s a new trend in both technological and financial field and it called cryptocurrency. We can say that cryptocurrency is a digital money created from code. But is it real? Well, it pretty much real and it's getting a lot of attention these days.

A lot of people become interested in cryptocurrency because it is not bound by the interest rates, exchange rates, transactions charges or charges in any country. Crypto money can be used at an international level of the transaction without any problems and cost. By using this currency we can save time and money. With blockchain technology, cryptocurrency can be used globally and make a transaction and economic activity easier and faster.

With this fact, the founder team of European crypto bank plans to become the first crypto bank that exists and become a trading platform to secure investments using bitcoin and cryptocurrency. European crypto bank using blockchain based platform so secure the investors' cryptocurrency.

European crypto bank location

If the European Crypto bank success in raising the tokens, they will plan to build the centre in few central cities in Europe. Despite the Brexit, the European Crypto bank will begin the Trading and Exchange activity in London (UK). The main operating centre also will be located in London. This is because London is still the financial centre in all European. Not only in London, The European Crypto Bank Research and Innovation Center will be based in Paris (France). And the Global Tax Assistance Department will be located in Milan (Italy).

 Teams and advisors

Why should we trust the European crypto bank as our saving and investing company of our cryptocurrency/token? It is because the European crypto banks founder and the team also its advisors is a group of talented and competent people in this field. The teams are Olivier Forgues as CEO, Mikael Misard as Head of European Development, Cyprian Kowalczyk as Chief technician officer blockchain specialist, Matthew Clark as Head web design and digital marketing, and Sandrine Favre as Head of the operation back and middle office.

Not only have a bunch of talented teams, European Crypto bank also has a large team of advisors with a different but connected background in both banking and blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. They all talented, have a great experience and educated. So we can safely put our trust in European Crypto bank in keeping and investing our cryptocurrency because of the great people behind it.

European Crypto bank is the solutions

Many people who interested in cryptocurrency and decide to invest it have a problem to convert their crypto portfolios into traditional assets. They also face a bank system that hostile and not friendly towards the Cryptocurrency. European Crypto Bank is come to respond to this problem by offering a secure trading exchange platform. ECB using KYC and AML software to makes this secure trading happen. ECB also use AI to help to analyze token and cryptocurrency market so the customer can make a right decision while doing trading, exchange or investing the token.

European Crypto bank has the main purpose for anyone in the world that they should not be ashamed and just be proud when they made some money in Crypto. ECB believe they have a revolutionary offer in the Crypto World, such as provide all service like a traditional private bank but do it with cryptocurrency. This makes ECB a Crypto Private Bank with complete service.

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Start in 01-02-2018
Ended in 16-02-2018
Symbol ECB
Price 1 ECB = 0.409 EUR
For sale 345,414,463
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH,ETC, LTC, XRP, DSH, BCH, Fiat
Soft cap 5,000,000 EUR
Hard cap 200,000,000 EUR

  • Olivier FORGUES - CEO (France)
  • Mikael MISARD - Head of European Development (France)
  • Cyprian KOWALCZYK - Chief Technical Officer Blockchain specialist (Poland)
  • Matthew CLARK - Head of Webdesign and Digital Marketing (United Kingdom)
  • Sandrine FAVRE - Head of Operations, back and Middle office (France)
  • Jean-Louis DE MONTESQUIOU - Founder and Ex-CEO OF UBS (France)
  • Laurence DEVILLERS - Researcher in CNRS, Professor at La Sorbonne
  • Silva FISCHER - Mathematician and Data Science expert (Germany)
  • Isabella CUGUSI - Professor In Tax law and Tax Lawyer (Italy)
  • Stéphane VOINSON - Psychologist and Psychotherapist
  • Christian ANGELLA - IT Development (France)
  • Mohamed SKIFATI - Cartoonist (United Kingdom)
  • Marianne TORDEUX - Tax Lawyer (France)
  • Benoît PINGUET - SEO-SEM, web analytics and User experience (France)
  • Dunny MOONESAWMY - Analysis and financiel research (France)
  • Fawad ALWI - Student in Computer Science and Mathematic
  • Aldo NATRELLA - Interpreter English, French, Italian and German
  • Louis-Alexandre ROUX - Communication Manager (France)
  • Mariam COULIBALY - Social Networks Specialist (France)

  • MAY 15, 2017
  • JANUARY 2, 2018
  • FEBRUARY 1ST - FEBRUARY 15, 2018
  • FEBRUARY 16, - MARCH 19, 2018
  • MARCH 28, 2018
  • JULY 16, 2018
  • MARCH 1ST, 2019
  • MARCH 15, 2019
  • APRIL 30, 2020
  • MARCH 30, 2022


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