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Merge fiat and cryptocurrencies

Token symbol FIT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 FIT = 0.001 ETH
Tokens for sale 388,500,000
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Escrow ICO wll be operated via a smart contract
Dividends No dividends.


We are an innovative FinTech company that offers its customers the chance to invest in consumer based loans issued in European countries. All loans in our marketplace are with Buyback and Default Guarantees.

At Fast Invest, we firmly believe that today everyone should be given access to the digital investment world. The technology has evolved so much over the past few years, which allows smoother, faster and more reliable money flow.

Our mission is to enable cross-border investing for every European citizen. We will achieve this by building a stable and secure platform for users that let's invest in different countries, loan types and Loan Originators. Our users can select from the pool of listed loans, and invest in one’s meeting their preferences.

P2P platform offer more favourable terms

Fast Invests business model provides access to the investors and makes secure investing simple and accessible for all people, who are interested in investments and innovative ways of earning. Our users can select from the pool of listed loans, and invest in one’s meeting their preferences earning up to 14% interest rate.

We can offer better terms than traditional banks because we exclude unnecessary intermediaries from the process, thus allowing investors to save money that would have been otherwise spent on commissions and fees for other parties services.

Overall FinTech (Financial Technology) companies are more flexible in rates and costs of operation than traditional banking sector. FinTech companies operate in diverse groups and experience fewer expenses than traditional banking sector, thus providing the opportunity to give back more significant returns to the people.

Our platform explained in simple terms

    A person applies for a loan from a loan originator. Prepares all the necessary documents and fills in the appropriate forms. Loan originator then checks his credit score, evaluates risk and grants the loan.
    Credit Institutions provide certified loans for investment. Fast Invest Compliance and Credit risk department approves the conditions of the Creditor and puts them on our Loan List.
    A Borrower makes monthly repayments by the terms of the credit agreement and the payment schedule.
    Payment installments are divided proportionally according to the amount invested in that particular loan for every Investor.
    As soon as the borrower whose loan you have invested in repays his loan, you will start receiving payments of both the principal sum and the interest for that investment period. Funds are automatically transferred to your Fast Invest account. You can reinvest those funds in any available loan using the Auto Invest tool.

Investment services

Two types of investments will be available. The first is investing in cryptocurrency itself, the second is crypto-proved loan investment. Investment in cryptocurrency varies because of the crypto-market activity, while crypto-proved loan investment generates passive income. Saving accounts rates are historically low. Putting your money into a savings account means that you are losing your money. Traditional Banks offer approximately 1.25% annual percentage yield (APY).

BuyBack And Default Guarantee

  • BuyBack Guarantee
    Our platform does not have a secondary market for investment trading. If at any time our clients decide to stop investing, we are obligated to buy back the investment in 1 day.
  • Default Guarantee
    If at any time a borrower is 3 or more days late on their scheduled payment, our Default Guarantee steps in. Default guarantee is

  • 50% Crowdsale participants
  • 20% Fast Invest team
  • 15% Community growth and bounty program
  • 15% Future company financing

Start in 04-12-2017
Ended in 31-01-2018

  • Simona - Chief Executive Officer
  • Genadij - President and Chairman
  • Ina - Chief Analytics Manager
  • Lina - Account Coordinator
  • Greta - Financial Officer
  • Luke - Project Executive
  • Rolandas - Lawyer
  • Jolita - Chief Compliance Officer
  • Paul - Platform Architect
  • Vidas - Senior Programmer
  • Tadas - Senior IT Auditor
  • Andrew - Developer
  • Richard - Cyber Security Engineer
  • Julius - Developer
  • Luke - Developer
  • Marius - Database Operations Manager
  • Thomas - Network Engineer
  • Jolanta - Central Europe Manager
  • Modestas - North America Manager
  • Emilia - Chief Consulting Manager
  • Juste - Quality and Service Officer
  • Sylwia - Country Consultant Manager
  • Justina - Language Supervisor
  • Dom - Chief Product Officer
  • Dovile - Marketing Leader
  • Patricia - Designer
  • Algirdas - Designer

  • 2015 1Q
    Opening a European headquarters in the United Kingdom
  • 2015 1Q
    Start of platform development
  • 2015 4Q
    Official opening of the Fast Invest platform
  • 2015 4Q
    Integration of multi-currency Digital wallet
  • 2016 1Q
    Integration of Currency Exchange Tool v1.0
  • 2016 1Q
    Opening a Poland branch
  • 2016 1Q
    Settling our presence in Poland and Polish zloty integration
  • 2016 1Q
    Settling our presence in Finland
  • 2016 2Q
    Settling our presence in Germany
  • 2016 2Q
    Opening a Lithuania branch
  • 2016 3Q
    Fast Invest platform update v2.0
  • 2016 3Q
    Auto Invest tool update v2.0
  • 2017 1Q
    Settling our presence in France
  • 2017 2Q
    Settling our presence in Spain
  • 2017 3Q
    Opening an Italy branch
  • 2017 3Q
    Settling our presence in Italy
  • 2017 3Q
    Fast Invest platform update v3.0
  • 2017 3Q
    Auto Invest tool update v3.0
  • 2017 4Q
    ICO Crowdsale
  • 2018 1Q
    Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • 2018 2Q
    Opening a North America headquarters
  • 2018 2Q
    Entering the United States and Canada markets
  • 2018 3Q
    Premium crypto-account for FIT tokens holders community
  • 2018 3Q
    Introduction of Crypto-currencies
  • 2018 3Q
    Integration of Digital Currency Exchange Tool v2.0
  • 2018 4Q
    Opening a Hong Kong headquarters
  • 2018 4Q
    Entering Hong Kong and China markets
  • 2019 1Q
    Introduction of Premium Payment Card
  • 2019 2Q
    Introduction of Digital Investing Service
  • 2019 2Q
    Opening a Singapore branch
  • 2019 2Q
    Entering Asia markets
  • 2019 3Q
    Introduction of Digital Lending Service
  • 2019 4Q
    Becoming Global digital banking company


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