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Marketplace for tradable insurance policies

Token symbol fdX
Platform Ethereum
Escrow No escrow.
Token price 1 ETH = 500-575 fdX
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Accepting ETH
Dividends No dividends

ABOUT fidentiaX

fidentiaX is the world’s first marketplace for tradable insurance policies. Our vision is to create a trading marketplace and repository of insurance policies for the masses by leveraging blockchain technology. This blockchain-powered marketplace will provide a trustless, immutable, auditable and transparent environment to disrupt the status quo. fidentiaX Open Source Foundation (FOSF) will be setup with the mission of proliferating the adaptation of blockchain technology in the Insurance Industry.

identiaX will disrupt the status quo and break the tethers of the insurance companies by empowering policyholders to monetize their policies. This is also a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate the numerous advantages of building a portfolio of tradable policies with stable returns and developing a trustless platform for trading of these policies.


Increasingly, individuals and corporates are viewing insurance as an asset class within their investment portfolio. However barriers to entry, such as high mortality charges10 which increase with age, difficulties in sourcing policies and the manual transfer process make it prohibitive to invest in an insurance policy.

Policies purchased from the open market have various advantages due to the nature of how insurance products are structured:

  • Inherent Capital Preservation Feature
    Cash value of a policy consist of guaranteed and declared returns by the insurers. i.e. cash value is effectively preserved and backed by the insurer.Furthermore, insurance companies are highly regulated by central banks/ governmental bodies which have stringent guidelines on the reserve requirements for the insurance companies.
  • Fixed Investment Tenure
    Maturity date (for endowment plans) is defined and allows cash flow management and portfolio planning.
  • Mortality Upside
    Policies purchased on the secondary market typically focused on the cash value of the policy and does not price in the element of Sum Assured in the event of mortality of the life assured. The Sum Assured amount could potentially be significantly higher than the cash value.
  • Eliminating “Setup” Cost Of Insurance
    Original policy holder takes the brunt of the setup cost in the first couple of years due to how insurance policies are structured. The cost of distribution (commission payable to agents, underwriting cost, etc.) is deducted in the first couple of years of the policy.
  • Liquidity
    Tradable policies can be resold in the open market or surrendered at the insurer for immediate liquidity.
  • Smoothing Of Returns
    Insurance companies do not typically declare all revenue earned in a good year and keep the undistributed returns as a reserve. These reserves are distributed during a bad year to smooth out the performance of the underlying funds.

The advantages of purchasing a tradable policy from the open market are apparent, however, getting access to tradable policies from a trustless and reliable platform is not as straightforward. There is no notable marketplace that provides easy access to potential buyers seeking to include tradable policies in their portfolio.

Furthermore, there is no standardized fulfilment process for the transaction of such policies, which often requires the buyer to place trust on the third-party provider.


fidentiaX will construct a portfolio with the objective of providing superior performance against a similar risk class investments. The model portfolio will be used to demonstrate the advantages of having tradable policies as part of an investment strategy. The returns generated from the portfolio will be used to fund future development of the ecosystem.

Our model portfolio will be constructed with a core component in Endowment, Whole Life, Universal Life and Annuity policies with tactical allocations to Investment-linked policies depending on market conditions and directions.

fidentiaX’s model portfolio will be comprised of very liquid assets (tradable policies) which can be converted to fiat currencies within days. The comparison above provides a clear indication of the potential outperformance of more than 4 timesthat of a similar risk-class portfolio and >25% higher performance relative to a higher risk portfolio.

  • 100,000,000 fdX Total Crowd Token Contribution
  • 25,000,000 fdX Founders
  • 4,000,000 fdX Partners/Advisors
  • 1,000,000 fdX Bounty/Member-Get-Member

Start in 06-11-2017
Ended in 05-12-2017

  • Alvin Ang - Co-Founder
  • Douglas Goh - Co-Founder
  • Long Tran Thanh - Applications Architect
  • George Agiasoglou - Software Architect
  • Roberto Capodieci - Blockchain Zoo Founder
  • Jean-Daniel Gauthier - Blockchain Zoo Founder
  • Barton Johnston - Blockchain Zoo Founder
  • Dan Poh - Compliance Advisor
  • Varis Sayed - Investment Advisor

  • May 2016
  • August 2016
    Business concept development
  • November 2016
    Formation of core team
  • February 2017
    Market research and feedback from industry leaders
  • May 2017
    Conceptualization of fidentiaX membership marketplace
  • August 2017
    Preparation of white paper and legal opinion
  • October 2017
    Announcement of crowd token contribution
  • November 2017
    Launch of crowd token contribution
  • February 2018
    Launch of fidentiaX membership marketplace
  • June 2018
    Launch of fidentiaX model portfolio
  • September 2018
    Full blockchain-powered marketplace for tokenization of policies
  • 2019++
    Partnership with leading insurance companies on direct issuance of policies onto the blockchain
  • 2023++
    Industry leader for policy ledger to safe keep insurance policies and marketplace for tokenization of policies


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