Frequently Asked Questions About Coinvest

Token symbol COIN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 400 COIN = 1 ETH
Tokens for sale 32,400,000
Accepting BTC, BCH, ETH
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Min. investment 0.01 ETH
Bonus Pre-sale 25%
What Is Coinvest?

Coinvest, an emerging startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing that it will offer a crowdsale of $30 million in COIN tokens to seed the world’s first decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies, built on blockchain technology. Crowdsale funds will be leveraged to continue the development of its products and drive the company’s mission of:

“Creating decentralized tools for the world to seamlessly,  securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.”

Frustrated with the complexity, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment options available on the market, Coinvest is determined to democratize cryptocurrencies by creating tools to:

Provide mechanisms for consumers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies
Empower anyone to create investment vehicles for a personally curated index of cryptonized assets using one platform, one wallet, and one coin

At the core of its product portfolio is the Coinvest protocol: A blockchain protocol defining investment transactions between users and the Coinvest smart contracts. Supporting the protocol is the Coinvest DAPP. The Coinvest DAPP, empowers anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin. To do so, users create virtual portfolios and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies using market buy, limit buy, sell, and short orders. Orders are executed with the COIN token which are sent and held in escrow by the Coinvest smart contract. The Coinvest DAPP and smart contracts keep track of all investment data including assets, distributions, etc. Upon executing sell orders, the smart contract releases invested funds and any profits back to the Coinvest DAPP. Users can then spend cryptocurrencies directly from the DAPP using their wallet or Coinvest debit account. All transactions and funds are digitally automated by open-source computer code and are never touched or managed by any third-party.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Coinvest?
  • Simplicity

Investing in cryptocurrencies today is an extremely difficult and a intensive process. Exchanges require KYC authorization which can take hours (if not days) to validate. Coinvest legally bypasses the KYC process as there is no exchange in fiat currency, assets, and as the Coinvest smart contract is the custodian of your deposited funds.

  • Convenience

Securely storing cryptonized assets is imperative but not trivial. Some coins and tokens have different standards and require different wallets. As a consumer, you have to choose between different wallet options (such as hot, cold, paper, etc.) depending on your risk appetite. Storing assets yourself is feasible for some; however, complicated and risk hacking and user-error. With Coinvest, there is no storage of investment assets as all portfolios are completely digital.

  • Function

Prices in cryptocurrency can be extremely volatile. Acquiring assets at the wrong price and time can be the difference in gains or losses. There are currently limited investment options that empower users to execute flexible buying options such as shorting and price limit orders. Coinvest is one of the first in the industry to offer this functionality.

  • Diversification

Unlike current exchanges, Coinvest offers index funds containing a portfolio of cryptonized assets related to components such as market capitalization, industry, etc. The index funds enable users the ability to invest without individually and actively purchasing assets themselves. Meanwhile, providing broad market exposure, low operating expenses, and low portfolio turnover.

  • Autonomy

There are currently no investment vehicles that enable investors to curate and invest in an index of cryptonized assets created by themselves. Current investment, index, and mutual funds are managed by third-party asset managers and offer no flexibility and control of the fund itself. Personal curated index funds on Coinvest empower users to control the assets, distribution percentages, rebalances, and withdrawals of their own individual fund.

  • Decentralization and Security

Investing in cryptocurrencies require sending funds direct to an exchange or investment fund (which inherently creates centralization and high risk as they are the custodian of your funds). Coinvest does not accept any funds (fiat, cryptocurrency, etc.) or payments direct from users. User funds are held in escrow and controlled by the Coinvest autonomous bot (computer code) within a smart contract in the Coinvest protocol. Users can withdraw funds or close their positions at any time and obtain distributions automatically via the Coinvest smart contract. The Coinvest investment process requires no human involvement or interaction.

  • Backed Collateral

All investments made through the Coinvest platform are backed by the cryptonized assets themselves. To ensure liquidity, Coinvest employs two reserves. (Please refer to the Coinvest Reserves section in this document for more detailed information) Investments will only be executed based upon available assets in the reserve, ensuring the security of all users. A percentage of company revenue is allocated for additional purchases to increase liquidity and scale the reserve in relation to growth.

How is Coinvest Different from its Competition?

Coinvest is a trading platform (and market maker) where users make investment transactions and redeem profit from trades through a process that is completely decentralized and handled by smart contracts.

Our primary advantage is decentralization. Our investment process is completely managed by smart contracts. User funds are held in escrow (and never touched by a third-party) by autonomous smart contract computer code until they are withdrawn by the user. Coinvest has no ability to touch or manage those funds including the liquidity pool that collateralize and backs all investments. Once funds are withdrawn from a user’s portfolio, they can be stored in the wallet or spent using the built-in debit account.

  • Additionally
    Simplicity and Speed: No KYC requirements and validation is required as fiat currency is never exchanged and investments are virtual
  • Convenience
    Invest in multiple cryptonized assets without having to worry about storage options, multiple wallets, private keys, and transferring / supporting all coin protocols
  • Functionality
    Coinvest enables flexible trading options to help users obtain the best value with buy, buy limit, short orders
  • Cost
    Since Coinvest is automated and controlled by smart contracts, third-parties and overhead are removed which results in lower cost transactions fees
  • Diversification
    Coinvest enables you to curate your own personal index fund by purchasing a basket of different cryptonized assets

For a complete and detailed comparison, we recommend viewing pages 7 and 8 of our whitepaper at:

How Does Coinvest Obtain Revenue?

Founded in 2017, Coinvest is a legal for-profit company in the United States of America. The company operates in civic good for the blockchain and open-source communities, while obtaining a $4.99 trading fee upon any order within an investment portfolio. This is significantly lower and more predictable than the fees incurred with competing exchanges. For example, popular exchanges charge anywhere from .25 – 3% on all transactions regardless of amount or volume. As a result, a $5,000 order and 1% fee can result in an expense of $50.

Wallet API’s, future Apps, and the planned Coinvest exchange will enable additional streams of revenue. As more users leverage Coinvest’s protocol and the tools mentioned above, the ecosystem grows and transaction volume organically increases in parallel. Transaction revenue models for the financial services industry have proven to be effective and financially rewarding. For example, quarterly commission revenue for E-Trade exceeds $400M annually. Supporting millions of transactions through COIN token smart contracts becomes a lucrative return for Coinvest’s business, token asset holders, and the overall community.

PLEASE NOTE: 25% of company net profit is reinvested into additional cryptocurrency investments of stable and new alt coins to back future reserves. 50% of company net profit will be leveraged for the purchase and buybacks of COIN in order to ensure price stability and token asset holder value. The remaining 25% of net profit will be reinvested back into the Coinvest to support new product development and scale the overall business.

Who Is The Coinvest Team?

The Coinvest team is assembled from a diverse team of technology alumni from Microsoft, financial, and blockchain industries. All core team members are located together in Dallas, Texas in the United States and the founders of the company are focused on Coinvest full-time. Unlike many crypto startups and organizations, we are not anonymous. We are humans with an identity, just like you. And just like our mission, we are proud to be transparent about our experience, history, and accomplishments.

What Is The Coinvest Ecosystem?

The COIN token ecosystem consists of many parties including, but not limited to, token buyers, investors, fund managers, financial institutions, partners, token sellers, etc. creating an equal exchange of buyers and sellers. It is a community that utilizes COIN as a means of support for its members and community.

Coinvest has allocated 10% of its total token supply specifically to distribute and develop the ecosystem. All in an effort to encourage and drive:

  • The adoption and use of the Coinvest protocol
  • Removal of centralized intermediaries and unnecessary third-parties from the investment process
  • Transparency, trust, and reduced costs / fees
  • Increased speed, availability, and frequency of investments to all end-users
Is the Coinvest Platform Available for Testing?

Our COIN protocol and smart contracts are available on Github and Testnet for immediate testing now. However, it would require technical expertise with AB / JSON interfaces. We are currently wrapping up the design / development of a GUI interface to make it easy for anyone to test our full platform. That will be completed in December.

What is the Coinvest Smart Contract Address?

Our smart contract address is 0xc37ce71df43f39395149894bcc243caf8fa9519a and can be located on the Ropsten Test Network.

Will Coinvest Products Be Open-Sourced?

Coinvest is a legal for-profit company in the US and operates in civic good for the blockchain and open-source communities. All products and tools developed by Coinvest will always be open-sourced for the community. Early access to Coinvest source code will be provided to all crowdsale participants along with their token purchases. Our source code will be made publicly available upon the public launch of our product in Q1 2018.

Will Coinvest Report Financial Statements And Progress?

Yes. Our company will report financials and provide an update to our community quarterly and annually via webcasts. The reports will be available for download on our website as well.

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