Tue, 18 Dec 2018

Genesis Vision

Platform for the private trust management market

Genesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. They unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global. This will allow successful traders to rapidly scale their trading strategies by attracting investments from around the world.

The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and absolutely transparent system for investment and profit distribution. The Genesis Vision platform is the solution for the most crucial industry problems, such as limitedness due to the lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, lack of trust.

Currently, speculators and investors in CFD contracts are the target audiences of Genesis Vision. As a rule, forex brokers provide an infrastructure for trading in currencies and CFDs, only a small fraction of which have full-fledged licenses to implement their activities. Often these are practically unregulated companies, having a license for offshore jurisdictions which is effectively meaningless.

This certainly increases the risk for customers of such companies, because often forex brokers do not provide real access to the foreign exchange market, and play against their customers; most often this happens in the case of intraday-trading. As intraday traders are often forced to deal with a huge leverage, the risks become almost uncontrollable and such traders may lose their invested capital.

The Genesis Vision service is an alternative for such traders; it will facilitate choosing the most successful trader, who can transfer traders’ capital to trust management with the hope that he will not make mistakes due to his experience and expertise.

The main mission of the project is to provide investors with true information about the performance of traders who provide trust management services. It is supposed to connect forex brokers to the service, at least at the initial stage; conditions for licensing their activities are easier by an order of magnitude than licensing and regulation of brokerage activities in the securities market. However, in the future the possibility that the services will be scaled cannot be excluded, both to the securities market and to cryptocurrencies.

For Investors

Investors do not trade in the market directly. Instead, investors transfer their funds to experienced traders who manage the funds for them. Investors get their shares from their managers’ profits.

- All managers and financial instruments
- Transparent investment and profit distribution
- Reliable trading history and statistics

For Managers and Funds

Management funds/traders are companies/individuals with a proven trading history, ready to acquire investors' money for management. The profit, received as a result of management of the total funds, is shared proportionally between the managers and investors. Managers receive a commission for management and a commission from the profit (success fee).

- Branded own cryptocurrency
- Unlimited trading strategy scaling
- Investments from Genesis Vision fund

For Brokers

Brokers are companies that have the appropriate licenses to carry out brokerage activities.Through brokers, traders have access to trading financial instruments on exchange and over-the-counter markets.

- Trading volume increase
- Absolutely free participation
- All software is opensource

Token Sales

- Token : GVT
- Target cap on crowdsale : $33,000,000
- ICO price : $1 = 1 GVT
- Minimum Purchase : $5
- Maximum Purchase : no limit
- Total emission : 44,000,000 GVT


A Genesis Vision option guarantees the right to acquire GVT tokens at a specified price during the ICO and gives additional bonuses depending on token amount:
- Options for the first 20% of maximum options cap guarantee their holders 30% bonus
- The next 30% receive 20% bonus
- The remaining 50% receive 10% bonus.

33,000,000 – for sale, unsold tokens will be burned;

3,960,000 – bounty, marketing, advisers;

4,840,000 – team tokens;

2,200,000 – Genesis Vision fund.

Start in 15-10-2017
Ended in 15-11-2017

Ruslan Kamensky - CEO & Blockchain Architect

Dmitry Nazarov - COO & Solution Architect

Alexey Kutsenko - Fintech Expert

Andrey Kulikovskiy - CMO

Casimir Compaore - Machine Learning Expert

Sam Zakhezin - Backend Lead

Vlad Roskov - Infrastructure Security Architect

Alexander Prihodko - Frontend Lead

Arseny Vasilyev - Mobile Lead

Ivan Volkov - Community Manager and Content Creator

Blockchain platform
- Ethereum prototype
- Full platform on Ethereum blockchain

Integration with trading platforms
- MT4/MT5
- FIX/FAST protocol
- Crypto-exchanges
- SDK for integration with our platform
- Integration with exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, MOEX, LSE, JPX, SSE, SZSE, SEHK, NSE, BSE)

Client applications
- Mobile application for investors: list of managers, portfolios, statistics, signals, advising, social component
- Mobile application for managers: maintaining profile, statistics, investors' review
- Web application (for investors and managers)
- Back office for brokers and funds

Fund management (AI)

- Brokerage license for legalization of our activities

- Attraction of exchanges and brokers
- Expansion of the investor market
- Attraction of banks

Additional functionality
- The platform for the liquidity provider organization (the ability for brokers to provide customers with CFD trading on cryptocurrencies)
- Social trading (p2p signals)
- Connecting the platform to the banks


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ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29