Sun, 16 Dec 2018


Decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol

Token symbol GIFTO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 GIFTO = 0.1 USD
Tokens for sale 300,000,000
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Min. investment 0.3 ETH
Raised $20,000,000


Asia Innovations Group (AIG) has been building a highly engaging and successful content creation platform, Uplive, for the past two years. And now the Uplive team brings their multimillion dollar ‘virtual gifting’ technology to a blockchain protocol to allow true monetization for global content creators on any content platform, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Gifto team is led by serial entrepreneur, Andy, the creator of Uplive and the former head of Zynga Asia; Charles, an early blockchain adopter in a global financial institution and William, a veteran engineer, researcher and educator.

Virtual gifting not only generates significant revenue, but also greatly enhances the social relationship between creators and their fans. Since launching in June 2016, Uplive has grown to 20 million global users and is expected to achieve more than USD $100 million in revenue in 2017.

AIG has the ecosystem of users, the right product and a world-class team to bring blockchain benefits and cryptocurrency usage to the masses. Giftos’ current advisors include Bo Shen from Fenbushi, Loi Luu from Kyber Network, Danny Yang from Blockseer, Chris Miess, formerly withTenX and Tom Duterme, ex-Google/Youtube.

The Pain Point for Content Creators

Global content and social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook have allowed anyone to easily create content and build a fanbase. However, these content platforms mostly still rely on advertising to generate revenue. The key limitation of the advertising model places control of revenue generation with centralized companies, including content platforms, advertising networks, agencies and marketing firms.

In addition, the need for advertisements to reach large viewer base greatly favors the top 1% of content creators who have the most traffic. These centralized companies determine how content creators are paid. As a result, the vast majority of the content creators globally cannot make a reliable living. This issue is also getting worse as advertisers have overwhelming power regarding content they deem appropriate to deploy their budget on.

New monetization model: Uplive

The flagship product of AIG, Uplive, has demonstrated that it is possible to generate significant, sustainable revenue for content creators via a sophisticated virtual gifting model. Uplive has been generating millions of dollars of income for 60,000 content creators every month directly from their fanbase, and the numbers continue to increase.

This model has been used in gaming extensively and has proven to work for mainstream content creators. In fact, we have enabled what the South China Morning Post calls the “gig economy”, where a broadcaster can be self-sufficient based on just a few hours of broadcasting a day.

The Solution: Gifto Protocol powered by blockchain

  • Blockchain enables creation of a virtual asset that holds value across any platform and is immutable.
  • Blockchain enables rules to be built into a decentralized system with defined roles that can be utilized by community participants to drive a workflow. Their actions can be incentivized and enforced by the blockchain, creating a self-governing ecosystem.

  • 30% Token Sale
  • 30% Power The Ecosystem
  • 25% Company Reserve
  • 15% Advisors/ Investors/Contributors

Start in 14-12-2017
Ended in 13-01-2018

  • Andy Tian - Group CEO
  • Charles Thach - Chief Crypto Officer
  • William H. Nguyen - Chief Crypto Architect
  • Daniel Yeh - CEO of Taiwan
  • Minh Thach - GM of AIG Vietnam
  • Bo Shen - General Partner of Fenbushi Capital
  • Loi Luu - CEO and Co-founder of Kyber Network
  • Danny Yang - CEO Blockseer
  • Tom Duterme - Board Fortune 500 companies
  • Chris Miess - Ex CFO TenX
  • Jin Ho Hur - Co-Founder & General Partner, SEMA Translink
  • Hitters Xu - Nebulas & Antshares (NEO) founder

  • End of 2017
    - Preparation
    GIFTO Protocol components GIFTO and GIFTO Wallet deployed in Uplive
    - Phase 1
    Alpha version : Centralized GIFTO Protocol working in external content platforms
  • Quarter 1, 2018
    - Phase 2
    Beta version : Decentralized GIFTO Protocol in Blockchain working in external environment
    - Phase 3
    Commercial version 1 of GIFTO Protocol launch
  • Quarter 3, 2018
    - Ongoing iterations and expansions


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