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Goldiam is the future of Gold and Diamond mining on the Blockchain. With Goldiam you can now buy Gold and/or Diamond(s) while staying secure by the virtue of Blockchain. The Gold and Diamond can now be bought with the use of cryptocurrency - Goldiam Coin at the ease of your homes. This Gold can be shipped to your doorstep or can just stay secure within your Goldiam wallet. Moreover, you can earn rewards just by holding Goldiam Coins. Not only this, Goldiam allows you to send or receive Goldiam coins in any part of the world, and also to convert them in the currency of your choice. So, the coins can be converted to any other cryptocurrency or even fiat.

Main Projects

  • Gold and Diamond Buying
    Goldiam lets you buy Gold and Diamond with cryptocurrency - Goldiam Coins. Through our Gold and Diamond platform you can now buy these assets, keep them secure in your wallets or withdraw them whenever you need. The withdrawn Gold or Diamond(s) along with the security license shall be shipped to your home. Thus investing with Goldiam is totally risk free.
  • GoldiamBox Wallet
    GoldiamBox Wallet lets you earn coins by doing nothing. All you need to do is hold the coins for a minimum time span of 1 month and you’ll get the reward. Goldiam rewards the user for every coin he has held and these rewards are instantly available. So you got multiple ways of getting profits out of your investment. You can earn profit from Gold and Diamond, or you can get rewards from you Goldiam Coins.
  • GlobUnion Platform
    With our GlobUnion platform we will be able to allow our users to send or receive Goldiam coins. So no matter in which part of the world you are, you can receive or send these coins to your relative everywhere. The receiver will be able to collect the coins after getting exchanged to his desired currency that can be any other digital currency or even fiat.

Goldiam Features

  • Multicurrency Acceptance
    Whether you’ve got BTC, ETH, or XRP, Goldiam accepts it all. So worrying for currency format is no more an issue.
  • Money Transfer
    With our GlobUnion platform you can now send and receive money from any part of the world to any part of the world anytime.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
    Our Goldiam Cryptocurrency platform allows you to get your coins exchanged to any other cryptocurrency or fiat as and when required.
  • Monthly reward for asset-holders
    Earn coins by doing nothing. Just hold your coins, and get your monthly reward inside your wallet. Invest and Enjoy!
  • Pure Gold or Diamond Shipment
    With Goldiam, you can withdraw the gold or diamond anytime you want and we will ship it to your door steps along with the license and everything required.
  • Security
    Goldiam takes care of the security of your valuable assets. So it is secure within the blockchain if it is in the wallet and we provide you with license when withdrawn.

Goldiam Smart Card

  • Mutual Authentication
    For applications requiring secure card access, the Goldiam smart card can verify that the reader is authentic and can prove its own authenticity to the reader before starting a secure transaction.
  • Secure & Reliable
    Full transparency and enhanced security thanks to blockchain safeguards user data, transaction and brand information.
  • Replace Fiat Money
    No need to carry cash and credit cards everywhere you go. Pay with Goldiam Smart Card whenever you want.
    4. Instant Payment
    Now pay instantly with our Goldiam smart card, at your favorite shops and brands.

Website Whitepaper

Start in 20-03-2018
Ended in 18-05-2018
Symbol GOL
Price 1 ETH = 1300 GOL
For sale 24.000.000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH . BTC . BCH . ZCASH. DASH. LTC
Soft cap 2000 ETH
Hard cap 17,000 ETH

  • Mourad Redjah - Founder & CEO
  • Nenad Balog - CTO
  • Aleksandar Djordjevic - Full Stack Lead Developer
  • Lydia Kariuki - Copywriter
  • Milos Loncar - Developer/CMO
  • Dragana Krstic - Graphic Designer
  • Nikola Miloradovic - Web/Blockchain Developer
  • Pankaj Sharma - Head of Marketing
  • Sara Krstovic - Developer
  • Nasir Mehmood - Software Architect
  • Talha Yusuf - Blockchain Developer
  • Sadia Sharafat - Project Manager
  • Faryal Qazi - Lead Research Analyst
  • Waqar Ahmed - Blockchain Financial Analyst
  • Arslan Imran - Front End Developer
  • Rizwan-ud-din - Web Developer
  • Fahad Aziz - Mobile App Developer
  • Afzal Akram - Graphic Designer
  • Zainab Ghafoor - QA Engineer
  • Walid Messaoudi - Advisor
  • Aaron Terruli - Advisor
  • Bosko Nektarijevic - Advisor
  • Daniela Nikolic - Supporter
  • Filip Nebojsa Stricevic - Advisor
  • Ivan Pesic - Advisor
  • John Bosnitch - Advisor
  • Matko Vladimir - Advisor
  • Miladin Bozovic - Advisor
  • Mirjana Tomic - Advisor
  • Predrag Milovanovic - Advisor
  • Muhammad Rizwan - Advisor
  • Rosheel Baig - Blockchain Advisor
  • Uzair Aftab - Business Development Manager


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