Hash Card ICO Reviews – A Must-Have Card for Foreign Currency Transactions

Due to the rise in crypto popularity, the ability to perform digital transactions using crypto cards also increases. Using such cards does give some advantages both for sellers and buyers. However, crypto cards are still rarely used. The existing crypto cards require complex procedures to use. Hash Card is the solution. If you spends money regularly in the world of foreign currency, you must own this card. The use of the card is not only limited to ETH or BTC holders. Previously, some companies attempt to create a bitcoin card based on a decentralized bank with the reliable exchange rate and instant conversion, but these goals have not been realized yet. Hash Card will be the pioneer in creating an effective card for these purposes.

Key Features

Hash Card can be used anywhere in the places where debit or credit cards are accepted whether it is online or at physical stores. It is used similarly as a regular credit/card. The only difference is the currency you are using. When using Hash Card, you are spending Ether, Bitcoin, and other 20+ Altcoins. Every time the card is swiped, a real-time transaction applies. The system will automatically exchange the specific amount spent with the card from Altcoins, ETH, or BTC. The rest of the funds which are not used remain in the users’ secure wallet.

There is a Hash Card App that users can install to exchange money at accurate interbank exchange rates. There is no charge for transferring money between users of Hash Card App. The recipients can also receive the funds as the funds are always available instantly. Hash Card will be soon launched as the Beta stage testing of Hash Card is almost done. For your information, the first batch of Hash Cards are limited only to the first 3000 subscribers. But don’t worry for not having the chance to get the Hash Card as the following batch will happen every two weeks.

How to Use the Card

It is very simple to use the Hash Card. First of all, you have to sign up to be the subscriber. In order to sign up, go to its official website at harshcard.io. There are some simple steps to complete including a remote KYC. After you complete the process, the Has Card will be issued for free. Using the card, you can buy products and services in more than 30 million merchants all over the world. Hash Card guarantees precise interbank rates. It does not charge additional markups or fees. Compared to high street banks, Hash Card holders can save up to 7%. Using ETH or BTC, Hash Card accounts can be funded instantly at no cost.

Starting from the fourth quarter of the year, Fiat can be used to load the Hash Card. How to use the card to fund purchase? It is very easy. Of course, it is required to install the HashApp. You will see the currencies balance in your wallet. Then, what you need to do is to simply choose to which currency you want to exchange your fund. Remember that there is no fee to access the precise inter-bank exchange. Unlike traditional banks, Hash Card also does not charge any monthly or annually fee for using the card. However, you will be charged 1% for all transactions and 2% for ATM withdrawal. Those are the only fees you need to pay. If you belong to the 3000 first subscribers, you can enjoy a cheaper flat fee off just 0.5%.

Token Sale Details

Like other utility token, Hash tokens (HSHC) are also created based on the ERC20 token standard. There are 150 million tokens supplied for sale. The price of 1 HSHC is 0.10 USD. The sale period will be on 1 May – 12 June 2018. The soft cap of the sale is set to be 3,000,000 USD or equal to 30 million tokens. Meanwhile, the hard cap is set to be 9,000,000 USD or equal to 90 million tokens.

If there tokens which are not sold during the sale, the company will destroy them by burning.

In the next article, you will know further on how Hash Card works and the benefits of Hash Cards. More information about the token sale is also available.

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