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Transportation Decentralized

Understanding the Helbiz Project and Vision

Helbiz, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in 2018, quickly gains traction for its unique platform and revolutionary concept. It aims to revolutionize the way we use our vehicle while at the same time offering a myriad of benefits. It is not difficult to see why Helbiz captures our attention. Impeccable service with excellent development team along with high profitability – what is more to ask?

With these factors combined, it is no wonder the platform is crowned as the best digital currency to invest in. However, the average people who are unfamiliar with Helbiz may wonder what makes it superior and why they should care. For that reason, we are here to discuss about what Helbiz is along with its project. Not only that, we will also discuss the purpose of the project, intention behind it as well as its aspiration.

Understanding Helbiz and its project

Helbiz is classified as an ICO cryptocurrency which will develop its revolutionary ecosystem using the peer-to-peer platform on the Blockchain. The ICO cryptocurrency focuses on changing how we use our personal transportation means. From bicycles to a car; Helbiz makes it possible for people to rent their own vehicle without worries.

Statistics show that the average car owners only use their vehicle at an average of 4-percent of the time. With the remaining 96-percent of the time their vehicles remain parked, the platform offers a way to monetize their vehicle ownership. By adopting the conventional car-sharing approach, Helbiz provides rental opportunities. Why leave your vehicle parked day in day out when you can make a profit with it?

While vehicle sharing approach may not be a new phenomenon, there are various risks that come with it. Aware of the issues, Helbiz comes with a solution. This earns them a reputation for being the first company to leverage Blockchain platform and Ethereum network. This combination does not only guarantee security but also completely eliminate hurdles associated with vehicle sharing industry.

The vision

Offering a fully integrated, customer-centric ecosystem, the peer-to-peer vehicle-sharing application is also equipped with one-of-a-kind Mobility System. These allow the platform to cater to the needs of both corporate consumers and individuals. Built on Ethereum Blockchain, Helbiz Mobility System is intended for companies wanting to utilize the technology for mobility-related services.

By leveraging the Blockchain platform, Helbiz does not only provide rental opportunities but also ensures security. Unlike other technology giants focusing on the sharing-economy industry such as AirBnB and Uber, Helbiz offers decentralized system. That is indeed the drawback of traditional sharing economy industry. Centralized system and its system ironically are not the embodiment of the industry itself.

When promoting the sharing-economy system, all parties involved must be able to access and share resources related to their business dealing. Collaborative economy ecosystem simply cannot be achieved with centralized platforms. The Blockchain technology, being the first and only decentralized platform, offers accessibility and rewards to both individuals and corporate authorities.

The message of this impeccable platform’s vision is clear. It offers the same opportunities and rewards to all parties involved. Those who contribute to its impeccable mobility ecosystem must, and will be fairly rewarded. This way, all parties are guaranteed benefits not only from their contribution in vehicle sharing ecosystem but also from the driving data they have collected.

The target of Helbiz project

With the revolutionary Blockchain technology, Helbiz aims to minimize the hurdles which are commonly associated with ride sharing. Not only eliminating issues and risks, Helbiz also makes minimizing transaction fees one of its targets. By leveraging decentralized network, Helbiz is capable of democratizing the collaborative economy ecosystem.

The Helbiz project aims to bring a large number of different contributors to their platform to mobilize the peer-to-peer economy sharing. By providing them with the platform to make transactions, Helbiz ensures the transparency and accessibility of its platform. But perhaps one of the things that makes Helbiz all the more interesting is the fact that it provides convenience.

Aiming to give its users the convenience they deserve, Helbiz designs an application that truly delivers. It ensures that everything can be done with a little to no human persuasion. Helbiz designs an application that allows customers to easily choose a vehicle to rent. Once chosen, they will be able to unlock and also turn it on just by using their own phone.

Website Whitepaper

Start in 15-02-2018
Ended in 04-03-2018
Symbol HBZ
Price 1 ETH = 8,000 HBZ
For sale 48%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 5,000 ETH
Hard cap 62,500 ETH

  • Salvatore Palella - Founder
  • Michele De Buono - General Advisor
  • Armando Calvosa - Co-Founder
  • Milos Citakovic - Co-Founder
  • Jelena Stojanac - Community Manager
  • Elia Fedorovski - Head of Growth
  • Nemanja Stancic - Head of Engineering
  • Jonathan Hannestad - Strategic & Creative Director
  • Nemanja Stancic - Head of Engineering
  • Elia Fedorovski - Head of Growth
  • Michael Coppola - Strategic Advisor
  • Stefano Ciravegna - Crypto Advisor

  • Q1 2018
    Launching the token pre-sale and crowdsale (ICO) and getting listed on a top exchange. MVP of Helbiz marketplace and launch of operations in NY (Jersey City).
  • Q2 2018
    Initial integration of the blockchain system for payments. R&D for wallet and reward system. Helbiz app operations established in NY.
  • Q3 2018
    Private Alpha allowing data owners to share and sell their data. Helbiz app expansion to a second city in US.
  • Q1 2019
    Beta version of wallet, exchange and reward system. Helbiz app expansion in 4 additional cities in US.
  • Q2 2019
    Version 1.0 of Helbiz Platform online.


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