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Descentralized Ecosystem of On-demand Work

Recent research shows that the insufficiency generated jobs by the available labor force has contributed to the emergence of a worldwide trend among the new generation of young workers: self-education and self-employment.

Facing this brand new scenario, the service industry and third party tasks on-demand have gravely suffered from cultural problems such as insecurity, poor qualification and dishonesty on the professionals’ part and clients in underdeveloped countries.

The new blockchain technology allied to the marketplace of contracting services and JUBS tasks proved to be an ideal solution. Using award-winning algorithms, decentralized ethereum-based smart contracts, we can easily store immutable and transparent event logs, enable instantaneous conflict resolution, secure payments, and more.

JUBS seeks to insert in the latin market the HONOR cryptocurrency built on intelligent contracts with the mission to make flowing, and secure the daily experience in hiring services and third party tasks, favoring a new culture of remuneration on demand based on skills, performance and professional’s reputation.

The Informal Linkedin

We break the limits of the formal labor market. Acting as an informal reputation validation system in a transparent, appropriate and immutable way, the Jubs platform allows you, as a professional, to have the opportunity to validate your informal experiences previously neglected by the traditional market

The Uber of the Services

As a client, you benefit by quickly finding trusted professionals within your own network of friends and region to outsource simple tasks or even to perform services that require qualification and complexity, with the assurance that the services will be executed with excellence or that you will have your money back

A Payment Hub

As customers, using the platform-integrated Jubs portfolio, we can pay for professional services in any crypto-currency, fiduciary currency, or up to 12x on the credit card. In the professional position, we receive the amount paid for spot work up to 3 business days after completion in Honor or cash

The Smart Contracts

Say goodbye to service frauds, late payments and false warranties. With Jubs, you can pre-define service contracts or informal jobs that act independently and transparently in a simple, fast and secure way, ensuring transactions and good relationships of trust between clients and professionals

Initial Sales of Tokens and Benefits of Currency Holders

There is great enthusiasm in presenting the new JUBS + HONOR ecosystem as a significant contribution to facilitate the entry of young professionals to the labor market while enhancing the experience of the informal professionals of excellence. These are some of the benefits of the new economy:

  • The Billing Model
    50% of the subscription value of each new professional is repurchased HONOR's from the investors in the partner exchanges, guaranteeing large remittances of recurring investment every month in the economy. HONOR's Repurchased Monthly at Exchanges Partners:
  • High Valorization Potential
    JUBS professionals are motivated to reserve their HONOR'S access to resources such as guarantees, insurance or purchase of other services. These incentives increasingly condition the appreciation of the currency with the growth of the network.
  • Population and Billionaires Market
    The informal labor market according to the ILO is more than 200 Million people in the world. In Brazil alone, 30 million service providers annually spend $ 50 billion a year.
  • Confidence in Execution
    Formed by young talents, the team of JUBS employees signed a 5-year vesting contract (guarantee of participation of the business as an investment contract).
  • Membership Participation
    Only 10% of the crypto coins are destined for Team JUBS equally and can only be claimed 2 years after the initial sale of HONOR's.

Unemployment Growth Rates Leverage Informal Services in Emerging Markets

According to the latest report of the Ibero-American Youth Organization (OIJ), there are more than 157 million millenia in Latin America.

By 2020, it is estimated that about 50% of the world's workforce will be millennial and that 5 years later, that volume will increase to 75%. Today, the unemployment rate among this generation of young people is 3 times higher than the rate among adults.

In Brazil alone, there are more than 30 million people who provide services in their homes or in the homes of others. In 2016, the sector moves 10% of the Brazilian GDP, or approximately US $ 50 billion dollars a year.

On the other hand, the global crypto-currency market grew by approximately 800% only in 2017, reaching a milestone of US $ 158.5 billion.

Start in 15-01-2018
Ended in 19-03-2018
Symbol HONR
Price 1 HONR = 0.15 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD

  • Thiago Noronha - Juridical Advisor
  • Anderson Marques - Financial Advisor & Tributary
  • Satoshi Sakuraba - Technology & Research Advisor
  • Ewerton Ferreira - Investor Relations Advisor
  • Gustavo Reis - Founder and CEO of JUBS
  • Matheus Simas - Co-Founder and JUBS CMO
  • Elton Carvalho - Co-Founder and CTO of JUBS
  • Daniel Marques - FULL-STACK Blockchain of JUBS
  • Ricardo Lima - JUBS Commercial Head

  • 2016
    - Idealization
    - Formation of the Heterogeneous Team Market and UX Study
    - R&D
  • 2017
    - Jubs Platform Mobile Alpha
    - Acceleration at Inovativa Brazil Release in a closed ecosystem
    - Launching and Integration of the Jubs Wallet
    - Integration of Token Honor to the Platform
    - Product Market Fit - First Subscribers
  • 2018
    - Sales Token
    - Rewards Machine
    - Brazil Expansion - Growth
    - Token Listing on Exchanges
    - Jubs Marketplace 2.0 + Web Launch
    - Customization of UX by Segment + TokenID
    - Services smart contracts - Beta Version
  • 2019
    - Participants Court - Beta Version
    - Civil Liability Insurance - Beta Version
    - Consolidation in the Brazilian Market
    - Automatic conversion of other currencies into Honor
  • 2020
    - Latin America Internationalization
    - R&D interaction with IOT via Bluetooth 5
    - Continued Marketing and Brand Development
    - Beginning of a new cycle


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