Sun, 16 Dec 2018

Hut34 Project

Powering the global knowledge economy

Token symbol ENT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 ETH = 500-750 ENT
Tokens for sale 30,000,000
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 30,000,000 * Week 5 ETH price
Distributed in ICO 50%
Bonus Day 1 1 ETH = 750 ENT
Week 2 1 ETH = 652 ENT
Week 2 1 ETH = 588 ENT
Week 3 1 ETH = 545 ENT
Week 4 1 ETH = 517 ENT
Week 5 1 ETH = 500 ENT

About Hut34 Project

The Hut34 Project is building a blockchain based protocol to facilitate the open exchange and monetization of data, information and digital services. An ecosystem where developers can easily connect and route queries to the Hut34 Network, receive ranked resolution of these queries, add utility to their end users, and be fairly rewarded for this.

Hut34 Network Feature

  • Connect
    - Connection provides instant access to the user bases of all connected platforms and services e.g. Facebook, Skype, and Slack.
    - Connection is simple and straightforward. It can be done through operating your own Hut or connecting to the Hut34 Platform.
  • Route
    - Route your queries into the Hut34 Network according to your needs.
  • Resolve
    - Use your Hut, our managed service or another 3rd party service to rank answers returned from the network to resolve your queries.
    - Successful resolution adds utility and value to your service and end customer.
  • Monetise
    - Earn Entropy Tokens by providing others access to your data, information or knowledge.
    - Access a global network to deploy your expertise or marketing.

The Hut34 Protocol

In the following sections we outline the guiding design principles on which we are building the Hut34 Network, and the Huts upon which it is built. We have already broken ground on executing this vision, working hard towards the goal of building the global knowledge network.

The Hut34 Network is built upon Huts, or nodes. Each node at a minimum acts as a multi layered switch that distributes and transacts in digital services and information. We describe the layers of this switch using the OSI model as a reference as it is aligned with our product offering while being a familiar stack to developers. As with any switch there are a defined set of rules and regulations that determine how data is transmitted.

Benefits to End Users

The Hut34 Network is designed to provide consumers with the information and services they want in the most convenient, user-friendly way possible.

Users talking to a service, connected to the Hut34 Network, have near-instant access to the Hut34 global knowledge base through a single chosen point of interaction. Whether users tap into the network through a domain-specific site, an everyday messaging client or a voice assistant, the networks information will always be easily available, without the need for specific search queries or phrasing.

Each connected service on the network becomes a powerful distributed AI, only differing by the routing and ranking preferences set by its developer creator and any local implementation features.

  • 50% - Token sale
  • 30% - Entropy Foundation
  • 20% - Team & Advisors

Start in 02-11-2017
Ended in 07-12-2017

  • Timothy McNamara B.Sc - System Architect
  • Peter Godbolt - Blockchain Technology
  • Nicholas McDowell B.Eng - Technology
  • PaweĊ‚ Mordaszewski B.Sc - Full Stack Engineer
  • Shahbaz Khurram M.Comp Sc - Full Stack Engineer
  • Fred Westling B.Eng B.Sc - Computer Scientist & Engineer
  • Nicolas Richter B. Arts(Arch), B. Arch (Hons) - Communication

  • Upon successful completion of the token
    Upon successful completion of the token sale we immediately commence build of the Hut34 Network stack, targeting the first pre-alpha release of the network with basic network routing by the end of 2017. A limited set of developers will then be invited and incentivised to develop Bots and set up Huts using Entropy Foundation ENT, with zero-cost transactions. This release will be inline with an update release to the platform that introduces new features along with bug fixes to existing features.
  • Q2 2018
    An alpha version of the monetised Hut34 stack will be released in Q2 2018. At this stage, developers may establish Huts and purchase ENT, with the first release of the ranking and routing functionality.
  • Q3-Q4 2018
    By the end of the third quarter of 2018, the Hut34 Platform will be made available to bot builders and marketers, along with a full beta version of Hut34 networking capabilities. A portion of Entropy Foundation currency will be used to discount transactions during this time to encourage development, and feedback and usage statistics will be collected in order to improve features and network performance.
  • Q4 2018
    The fully-functional Hut34 network will be released Q4 2018. Network operations will have been significantly tested and iterated and the entire system will have a year ofl user testing.This will ensure the network is robust and ready to scale, prerequisites for a successful project.


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