Sun, 16 Dec 2018

iBuildApp Network

Blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry.

Token IBA
Platform Blockchain
Token price 1 IBA = 0.00344828 ETH
Tokens suplay 100 000 000 IBA
Accepting BTC, ETH
Escrow The ICO will be operated via a smart contract. The code of the contract is available on Github

About iBuildApp Network

iBuildApp Network is building blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry.

iBuildApp Network introduce a decentralized, mobile marketplace based on Ethereum Blockchain.

The iBuildApp Network is building a decentralized mobile marketplace that will include a mobile advertising network, called adNetwork, which will make use of the Ethereum blockchain to alleviate the issues of ad fraud by linking up users directly with advertisers and recording all interactions in an immutable and transparent manner.

For the advertising industry, the blockchain can ensure that advertisers only pay for real views, clicks, sign ups, and other conversion-related actions by recording all actions in an immutable and transparent manner.

It can do that, for example, by encrypting impressions and broadcasting them to all members of the blockchain, who can then approve them. This ensures transparency and helps to identify fraud.

iBuildApp is launching a private marketplace for ads, content, and widgets. The network will also allow advertisers to buy apps as easily as they buy TV advertising slots. iBuildApp will score each app’s desirability for advertisers based on factors like reach and conversion rates.

That score is incorporated into a marketplace listing the top apps of the day, with new hits added and others removed as their popularity drops. The list can also be filtered based on audience age, gender, interest, and location.

Bounty camping

iBuildApp Network allocates for Bounty Campaign 250 000 IBA tokens, which is an equivalent of $250 000.

60 000 IBA - Social Media Bounty
40 000 IBA - Bitcointalk Signatures Bounty
40 000 IBA - Blogging Bounty
50 000 IBA - Translation Bounty
25 000 IBA - Community Meet-up Bounty
35 000 IBA - Other ideas

10% - Community grants

10% - Team

30% - Long term budget

50% - Token Sale

Start in 16-10-2017
Ended in 30-11-2017

Michael Starkov - CEO

Zemfira Arduvanova - President

Natalya Zakharova - Marketing Consultant

Olga Starkova - Operational director

Sergey Lobanov - Architect

Yaroslav Timantsev - Support

Alexander Bykov - Customer Service Specialist

Alexey Skutin - Evangelist

Emil Soultanov - Customer Service Specialist

Anna Bodrova - Web Developer

Alexander Plekhanov - Web Developer

2017, Q2
Development of working business model

2017, Q3
White paper development, Token Sale

2017, Q4
iBuildApp Market release

2018, Q1
Strategic Partnerships
Developer network development
Establishing IBA developer community

2018, Q2
iBuildApp AdNetwork release
Partnerships development


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ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29