Introducing Sapien to Cryptocurrency Market

Introducing Sapien to Cryptocurrency Market

Sapien is a new networking platform that is easy to be adjusted and democratized and able to give millions of reward for content makers and curators without a centered broker. This platform gets support from cryptocurrency called SPN. Sapien network is developing quickly to conquer the market, integrate various systems and develop applications from third parties. They main values of this platform is democracy, privacy, customizability, and free speech. In doing the business, Sapien offers some major features as follows.

Sapien Main Features

The first key feature is public and private browsing. This feature allows you use the platform either in private or public mode. For particular purposes, you may want to show your real identity while in other state, you may need to be anonymous. Switching the mode is also easy and you can do it effortlessly. The next interesting feature is subscription. This feature allows you to always be updated with what’s going on in the network. Just like other networking platforms, here you can also easily make friends, share photos, and write comments. The chat application is also rich of feature allowing users to enjoy their great conversation. More importantly, your chat history and other personal data are encrypted.

What does this Platform Offer?

First of all, Sapien offers good reputation of the SPN. Good reputation reduces the possibility of trolling and scams. Besides, Sapien has launched the first autonomy democracy platform. In order to create a social platform that is truly autonomous, users need to real power as directed by the platform. Therefore, SPN is able to let users participating in decision making, feature development and market reward. In other words, users are also directly involved in planning future Sapien road map project.  In the end, this will lead the branch to be moderate without the need of authoritative moderator as what becomes a norm in other similar platforms.

Second, Sapien builds powerful market thus it is able to give some contribution to the users. Content creators are given enough reward as they have spent much time to create original content for the platform. Meanwhile, users can share tips for posts or comments and even get payment from Sapien in the form of SPM token. By enabling users to have such transaction, the platform can grow environment that supports quality content and prevent content makers to rely on advertisements. In their road map, Sapien also plan to develop decentralized market to make SPN holders able to purchase premium services, exclusive contents, as well as real and virtual goods including extra features, integration applications, and interesting themes.

Moreover, Sapien network has power future application. Because Blockchain became the current standard, Sapien offers various types of application and lets external applications to utilize the users’ base. They want SPN to function as integrated currency for all application purchases in integrated application. API allows new applications to integrate straightforwardly with SPN. This results in the ease of doing exchanges among users. The integrated market that is established by SPN tethers virtual goods from integrated apps to the real word. Overall Sapien aims to build global reputation network in all integrated platforms to fight against scams.

What Makes Sapien Different from the Competitors

There are at least two similar platforms that give rewards to curators and content producers for their comments and posts. The first is Steemit. Sapien and Steemit has the same goal that is to save users’ time through decentralized blockchain. However, Sapien is better for a number of reasons. Unlike Steemit which is built on a controversial independent blockchain called Steem, Sapien chooses Ethereum which has stronger community, more advanced technology, more mature, and better transparency. In additional, with the second largest coin market and more organized ecosystem, Ethereum is very potential to compete with Bitcoin.

The second competitor is Synereo. In terms of technology, Synereo have much data stored on the blockchain that eventually decrease its usefulness. On the other hand, Sapien uses multimedia storage with various options and better performance. The biggest different between Sapien and Synereo lies on their utility token. Sapien market supported by SPN offers users exceptional features, content, and services that Synereo does not. SPN allows content providers to set price and consumers can enjoy numerous virtual and real goods from the community. The network enable users to share income from ads and get ads from other users.

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