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Economy Of Trust Scoring and loans all over the w

Token symbol KRM
Platform Ethereum
Token price 1 KRM = 0.01 USD
Tokens for sale 3,000,000,000
Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Escrow Goodeast Consulting Ltd. (company number: 10596223)

About Karma

Karma is a P2P platform for creating socio-economic relationships between people, regardless of location, around the world.

There is a noticeable imbalance in the world where there are countries where there are many citizens with available free capital and investors have a lot of money, while at the same time, billions of people live in environments with severe shortages of money and disadvantageous credit rates.

Excessive regulation and centralization of banks have led to the fact that investors receive a negative return, taking inflation into account. Moreover, up to 80% of small and medium-sized business owners in many [JU1] countries do not actually have the opportunity to obtain a loan for business development in banks.

In many countries, $100 USD is a large amount of money that can change the lives of several people and give a much needed boost to their creativity and the development of their business. In other countries, $100 USD is a cheque for dinner in a restaurant or even a treatment at a beauty salon.

The task of Karma is to create an ecosystem with a rich variety of relations between participants. People will have the opportunity to exchange their available resources directly with other people, with and without interest, for a period of time to be determined between peers.

Belief is a powerful mechanism for creating projects and developing society.

In any community, a high level of trust reduces transaction costs and creates a breeding ground for the growth of well-being. The higher the level of trust the lower the costs of finding a counter-party, checking reliability, drafting and negotiating contracts, insurance, lawyers and court services. Belief can even replace the marketing budget and reduce the cost of goods and services.

Today, there are few tools that help to understand: should I believe a person or not, if you do not know him personally. You can look at their social network profile or Google him. But if a person does not like to speak publicly, the only way to figure this out is to find a short, straight chain of friends between you, which is quite difficult.

Karma is a project of digitizing trust in people.
A transparent ecosystem, with reliable storage of data about how well people keep their promises.

The most obvious measure of belief in a person is how much money they are ready to give him. Look at any ICO: the more famous people (sponsors) on the board of directors, the more money the project collects. Moreover, a neighboring project with similar functions collects less money, because there are fewer trusted people in it. Therefore, one of the mechanisms of accumulation and measurement of belief is the history of financial relations of a person with other people.

Karma is an ecosystem with the ability to design an endless number of options for relationships between people and communities. From pawnshop loans to social interest-free loans with an open return date. Due to this variety and flexibility, the system becomes stable under any economic conditions.

Legal structure

  • Token sale will be based on online offer agreement.
  • From the legal point of view, a token is a software license that can be sold, granted or inherited.
  • It is possible to legally buy a token even for USD.
  • It is planned to set up a company as a non-commercial organization.
  • Legal structure will be designed by the start of token sale in November.
  • To conform with AML and CTF, it is planned to perform KYC of token buyers.
  • The participation of USA and China citizens in the token sale will be limited: only for qualified investors.
  • Until the token sale, the responsibility for targeted use of the presale foundation was taken by London-based company Goodeast Consulting Ltd. (company number: 10596223).
  • Presale foundation is in a Multi-Sig wallet that can be opened with 3 or 4 signatures, two of them belong to EU-based lawyers.
  • Karma team weekly reports on spending the presale foundation.


Funds distribution

  • 45% - development and marketing of the product until reaching self-sufficiency.
  • 20% - a fund for investing into the first projects. A significant part of the funds raised at ITO should become an investment fund for investing in the first projects within Karma‚Äôs boundaries. It is necessary to make several successful examples: invest in the project, implement the project, return the money to investors with a profit.
    This will increase the faith in the working capacity of the project.
  • 10% - insurance fund.
  • 18% - marketing bonuses based on the results of the token sale.
  • 2% - legal support.
  • 5% - to the founders, with a freeze for 1 year and equal payments.

Tokens distribution

A total of 3 billion tokens, of which:

  • 500 million tokens (17%) - founders.
  • 500 million tokens (17%) - presale buyers.
  • 1.275 billion tokens (42%) - token sale buyers.
  • 725 million tokens (24%) - a reserve for the motivation of the members of the future community and the development of the ecosystem.

Start in 29-11-2017
Ended in 29-12-2017

  • George Goognin - Founder
  • Artem Laptev - Founder
  • Michael Shlemov - Mentor
  • Den Svinarchuk - Fintech Advisor
  • Alakanani Itireleng - Partner in Africa
  • Rustem Zubairov - Law expert
  • Rustam Vakhitov - Law partner
  • Alex Chinyaev - Law partner
  • Philip Agyei Asare - Partner in Ghana, Africa
  • Dima Schnellereich - Blockchain Advisor
  • Thierno Madiou Bah - Partner in Sierra Leone, Africa

  • 17 August Early bird presale
    Presale successfully finished. 500k USD raised.
  • 27-28 November White List Sale
    Closed sale only for those who passed the KYC and got into the White List.
  • 29 November Open Sale
    Open sale of, if there will be any tokens left.
  • 15 December Token Distribution
    We will send the tokens directly to all participants.


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