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The Konios Platform

The previous article already talks about the problems that are currently happening in the world of crypto and how Konios gives solutions to solve them. Here, you will learn more about the platform that includes its roadmap, team, and ICO.

The Roadmap

The idea of the project was first initiated in January 2017. Two months later, the team developed of face-to-face principle. As the development of the project is getting larger, Konios platform needed more team members so, in July 2017, new team members were recruited to take part in the project. As everything had been ready, the team designed a whitepaper for the project in September 2017 followed by the development of Konios official website. In the following month, the Advisory board was created. The team then focused on the platform development until the end of the year. Entering 2018, the whitepaper was completed. In March 2018, the presale was thrown followed by Airdrop and Ads Bounty establishment.

ICO sale will be started in July 2018. The platform will be tested in July and in November, the company will launch the Beta Version of Konios Platform followed by advertising and promoting the reward system of the platform. The announcement of Konios platform is scheduled in December 2018. In 2019, the focus will be on completing Beta Version, announcing Konios trading, and integrating the platform into Blockchain while still doing some advertising activities. At the end of 2019, Konios Data will be announced and finally, in January 2020, the company will release KON share of the team.

The team

The whole team of Konios consists of two founders, twelve team members, and four members of advisors. The founders of Konios are Mikel Krasniqi and Patrik Krasnic. Mikel is a full-stack developer. He has created his first startup since he was a teenager. Right now, he is still actively involving at BMW Finance particularly in the field of payment processing. Meanwhile, Patrik is an entrepreneur running a business in the e-commerce sector. He is also an expert in Information and Technology. The other team members consist of a CMO, finance consultant, platform, developer, network specialist, and many others.

The team is advised by four members of an advisory team. Each member has different specialization such as contract and banking law, international payment transactions, crypto and blockchain, and business strategies.

Platform Users

The users are the most important part of the platform. The interest and involvement of the users determine the value of the platform. Users are incentivized based on their activities on the platform. For instance, when they make a transaction, the value of their experience with their exchange partner increases. Besides, the platform security also increases due to the users’ individual contribution. The reward system is also determined by this contribution. Konios also offers a great opportunity for certified companies to take part in the platform. However, it is only for fully verified companies.  With such verification, security procedures can be eliminated and costs can be cut. Additionally, the companies are able to serve as a security checkpoint for other transactions that use F2F mechanism and get KON tokens as compensation.

Konios Blockchain

Why blockchain? This technology plays important role in the platform in many areas such as transaction data storage, validation, and smart-contract handling. The blockchain allows anyone transfers coins and tokens within the platform, securely, fast, and decentralized. Even when you transfer only a very little money, the transaction fee can be too expensive. Using blockchain, the fees can be cut off. In addition, the transaction can be done quicker.

The latest blockchain solution can handle problems that may emerge during the project. Konios is able to let people access the crypto market with cash seamlessly and safely. They will feel more convenient in doing all activities dealing with validation, legal, requirements, measurements, and other operations.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The symbol of Konios token is KON. The tokens can be obtained from the ICO sale which will start on 1 July 2018. It seems that there’s a change on the date of the ICO sale. From the whitepaper, it is written that the ICO sale would start on 1 May but it turned that it will start on July.

At the moment the presale and Airdrop are live. You can join this presale if you want to avoid a crowdsale of the ICO token sale in July. What you need to do is just to visit the website and click the registration button.

In the next article, you will be informed about how the tokens are allocated and how the raised funds are distributed. Besides, you will also read about the Konios economy and the advantages of the platform.

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