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Youtube for Online Education, the next-generation

About LiveEdu

LiveEdu is a decentralized peer-to-peer project learning platform for people to improve their job skills in future technologies. LiveEdu is building the YouTube for online education and professional development. We are taking one category out of YouTube and building it out into a bigger category of its own. Just as Twitch took the category gaming out of YouTube and built it into its own large vertical, LiveEdu is taking the category professional development out of YouTube.

The LiveEdu ecosystem consists of two networks, namely the internal ecosystem and the external ecosystem. The internal ecosystem participants are project creators (content creators), viewers (learners), community moderators, project quality moderators, and API application developers. The external ecosystem participants are businesses, schools, libraries, colleges and other professional development companies. Our team members are from Amazon and Y-combinator.

Over 1,000,000 people from 194 countries have used our product since we launched our alpha version at the end of 2015, with a focus on software development projects. More than 13,000 streamers (project creators) created over 200,000 pieces of video content. In 2017 we launched premium projects and expanded the number of topics by adding the seven new topics: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, game development, data science, cryptocurrencies, design, and augmented and virtual reality.

There are two main types of projects on LiveEdu, namely premium and non-premium projects. For the purpose of this ICO, only premium projects will be tokenized. Unlike non-premium projects, premium projects are educational, narrative, well structured and created with the sole intention of teaching. It is the main project type LiveEdu has moved to focus on. Non-premium projects will be phased out as LiveEdu focuses on premium projects (hereafter known as projects).

There is no online project learning platform that teaches college students and professionals who have passed the beginner stage how to build complete products. LiveEdu does not target beginners, but those who have more than basic introductory knowledge of a field. College students and professionals working in the industry use LiveEdu.

They live in the US, China, Europe, Brazil and use projects to learn how to build complete products. Our projects are available either as live stream or video. There are two types of blockchain companies, protocol and app blockchain companies. LiveEdu is like 99% of companies running an ICO, an app blockchain company. We are building our blockchain smart contract technology on top of an existing blockchain, namely Ethereum, using ERC20 tokenization mechanics. LiveEdu is using similar blockchain smart contract mechanics to Steemit. We use EDU blockchain smart contracts in our network for payments and rewards. In about three years, we will launch our own protocol after we have built out our external ecosystem.

Problem and Product Solution

Many students and professionals dream of building real products. But not many achieve this goal because they lack the real skills needed to build a product from the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, game development, data science, cryptocurrencies, programming, design, or augmented and virtual reality.

It is easy for anybody to take introductory courses on any topic online and say they completed it. Udemy and Lynda do not teach learners how to build real products from beginning to end. Many learners give up after learning the basic curriculum due to the lack of real life applications of their learning. Beginners can easily find places online to learn basic introductory courses on Udemy, Pluralsight or Those courses are basic and do not necessarily teach learners the practical skills needed to build a real product.

Where people get stuck and give up is after they have finished the beginner courses and want to build real products. There is no platform out there that teaches learners how to build real products. This is the exact problem LiveEdu solves. Focused on learners who already have basic knowledge on a topic, LiveEdu uses practical projects to teach learners how to build real products from scratch and we give them project files to download and practice with.

​LiveEdu does not create content itself, but provides a monetization network for content creators to teach projects. With LiveEdu learners are able to:

  • Watch and learn how to build a complete product.
  • Watch sessions live or as archived video.
  • Download videos and project files to practice with.
  • Get instant answers on questions in interactive live chat.
  • Be in a supportive peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing community.
  • Improve their job market skills and make more money in their career.

Market and Competition Analysis

“The global market for training expenditures in 2013 was about $306.9B.” North 2 America dominates this market with 46%, followed by Europe with 29%. Companies and individuals continue to spend large amounts on professional development. More people worldwide are using learning platforms in order to improve their skills to meet certain practical requirements for new jobs, as well as to satisfy their own curiosities.

Trends emerging in the industry include live streaming learning, peer-to-peer learning, advanced self-learning, project learning, mentorship-based learning, gamified learning and group-based learning. Note that the market for VR, AR, AI and cryptocurrency education is nascent and not covered by any player yet. LiveEdu does NOT compete directly with existing professional development platforms as we are focused on practical projects (project learning) and users who have passed the beginner stage (post-beginners, intermediates, experts).

LiveEdu focuses on the intermediate to expert educational levels, while other existing professional development sites are focused primarily on beginners. We address the main reason people start learning new skills: building a product. We don't see Coursera, Udemy or Udacity as competitors; but as potential partners to work with. We see them as customers and distribution partners and plan to syndicate our content to them via our API.

Those sites are great for beginners to learn theory and introductory topics. LiveEdu does not provide this, but emphasizes teaching people, who are above the level of these sites, how to build a complete product, e.g a VR Game, an AI Bot, a Bitcoin auto-trader. You could think of Coursera, Udemy and Udacity as kindergarten and LiveEdu as high school.

Compared to the indirect competitors Lynda, Pluralsight and Udemy:

  • Indirect competitors have high expensive content production costs while it costs LiveEdu less than $500 to create a complete project.
  • Project production speed on LiveEdu is faster (< 1 month).
  • LiveEdu uses only project learning.
  • Real practical projects. Real production level work.
  • You can learn how to build a complete product.
  • Interactive Q&A chat to discuss things in real time.

Main Product Features: Live Streams, Videos, Chat

Content on LiveEdu is organized around projects. Each project contains a live streaming channel, video project playlist and live chat window. ​Each live stream is archived automatically as a video. LiveEdu gives content creators the ability to deliver their projects via live stream or offline recording. There are two main types of projects on LiveEdu; premium projects and non-premium projects. The interactive live chat is the main mode of Q & A communication between a content creator and viewers.

Learners ask questions, give suggestions for improvement and also socialize with other learners. When a learner opens a live stream he can see the live channel, chat window, project description, curriculum and downloadable resources. Live Streams can be pre-scheduled or not scheduled and are delivered in real time. The schedule contains all pre-announced live streams. In order to avoid missing any live stream, learners can subscribe to a content creator and are notified when a stream is live. Live streams and videos can be watched in HTML5 or flash and are delivered in three quality formats 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Even though LiveEdu does not yet have native mobile apps, streams and videos can be watched in HTML5 on smartphones and tablets. Content creators use the streaming software client Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to stream their desktop, audio and camera to one of the LiveEdu streaming origin servers.

LiveEdu EDU Token Model

Decentralization of learning is an educational shift from conventional learning to a modern approach; where knowledge is gained from project learning, peer-to-peer learning, practical learning or learning-by-doing. In contrast to traditional teacher to student learning, decentralized learning is multidimensional. Due to the shift in learning from formal institutional training at universities to informal career oriented learning, students and professionals are seeking practical modes of learning.

According to a 2016 report by Online Learning Consortium, more than 5.8 million people have been signing up for online education each year for the last decade. In a study by Class Central, it is stated that the number of students worldwide who have signed up for at least one course is 58 million. Another facet of decentralized learning can be attributed to the high college tuition costs.

In a news report by The Washington Post, increasing college fees have driven learners to seek alternative degrees. Learners and professionals are instead opting towards more concise and skill oriented training like online courses and bootcamps. For nascent high in-demand professions in the fields of programming, game development, design, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, informal learning is the only way for students to acquire the necessary skills.

A research paper by John W. Thomas, explains peer-to-peer learning as a way in which students, through mutual feedback, learn from one another to abandon misconceptions and search for better solutions . A learning network like LiveEdu is based on project peer-to-peer learning and enables users from all over the world to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Project learning is a mode of informal education, where you learn either by directly participating or by watching a real-time project. In a research paper by two Australians, Julie Mills and David F. Treagust, it was found that projects linked to programming and design, require a lot of people working in unison. For any learner, there is a very comprehensive and practical source of knowledge if they can learn from real-time projects. Decentralized learning is probably best manifested by the process of learning 8 by doing. A research report by Anzai, Yuichiro and Simon H.A, asserts that the ‘Learning by doing’ approach makes learners acquainted with real tasks and not just some theoretical models.

Start in 15-01-2018
Ended in 10-02-2018
Symbol EDU
Price 0.10 USD
For sale 10,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC

  • Dr. Michael J. Garbade - Founder & CEO
  • Alex Zhukov - Backend Development
  • Ilya Toka - Frontend Development
  • Muhammad Shoaib - Content Creator Relations
  • Cherry - Country Manager China
  • Nitish - Content
  • Denis - Marketing
  • Artem - Product Development
  • Peter Vessenes - Managing Director

  • 2015: The Beginning
    Launched end of 2015. Featured in a Mashable article and gained 10,000 new users.
  • 2016: Version 2.0
    Released Beta version, adding HTML5 streaming and the LiveEdu API. Translated website into Chinese and Portuguese for the Chinese and Brazilian markets. 1 million users milestone.
  • 2017: LiveEdu is Born
    Re-branded as LiveEdu in 2017, adding a pro-subscription, premium project tutorials, 6 new topics, new UX & navigation experience and a new pricing structure.
  • Q1-2018
    - Hire new team members
    - Create 300 premium projects
    - Release the Android and iOS apps
  • Q2-2018
    - Create 300 premium projects
    - Launch the EDU wallet for each user
    - Integrate the EDU token system into the LiveEdu platform
  • Q3-2018
    - Create 300 premium projects
    - Launch B2B and B2G sales
  • Q4-2018
    - Create 300 premium projects
    - Expand the streaming cluster
  • Q1-2019
    Create 500 premium projects
  • Q2-2019
    Create 500 premium projects
  • Q3-2019
    Create 500 premium projects
  • Q4-2019
    Create 500 premium projects


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