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In today’s digital era, cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial ecosystem. The market capitalizations increase up to more than 3000% in 2017. However, along with the growth of digital currencies, there is no support from the banking system. Conservative institutions and authorities have closed traders’ account, spread dispute in the media, and implemented complicated procedure regarding trading verification that contravened with the privacy of the community. Here are the detail problems found in the digital economy market.


Actually the growth of cryptocurrency offers great economic and investment opportunities, but this cannot be effectively achieved. There are problems that hinder the investors to get the benefits of investing due to security concerns, onerous and lengthy procedures, and inefficient mechanism. Problems also occur from the investors’ side. Their lack of tech-savviness and patience worsen the condition.

Users find it difficult to open up trading accounts on crypto exchanges because many exchanges apply onerous registration procedures for new users that can harm the users. For instance, they require users to submit their passports and other personal documents online. It can expose the users to theft and identity fraud. There are cases where users are asked to transfer some money without legal oversight.

The existing P2P markets are not reliable either. The markets often do not allow users to trade multiple crypto or fiat currencies at the same time. It eventually results in extra fees for users who want to trade several different currencies as they have to pay transaction fees for each currency. It leads to some problems such as more wallet software requirements, the higher possibility for platform failure and hacking, and of course, user inconvenience. In addition to those problems, the centralized system does not give a big investment opportunity for the typical individual. It is because the crypto exchange market is dominated by giant monopolies.


The cryptocurrency ecosystem is here to stay and it will keep growing. Soon or later, the mainstream economy has no choice yet accepting the ideas of a decentralized market with an unhindered trade. LocalCoinSwap proposes some solutions to address the issues by enabling P2P trading instead of relying on a mainstream institution. The method will enable users all over the world to trade any cryptocurrencies using any credible payment system.

LocalCoinSwap infrastructure will also eliminate the gap present in the cryptocurrency market which leads to unfulfilled demand. In this case, there is difficulty faced by users to seamlessly buy non-mainstream cryptocurrency. Moreover, users are worried about transferring funds and complicated verification procedure. This gap can be closed by offering a P2P cryptocurrency market and tokenizing ownership of the exchange to the users via a Cryptoshare system.

What is LocalCoinSwap Cryptoshare System?

Here and after, the system will be called LCS Cryptoshare system. This system adopts outmoded company ownership through sharing in a safer and more decentralized manner utilizing blockchain technology. Unlike traditional financial companies, LocalCoinSwap creates Cryptoshare that enable token holders to exchange their dividend tokens. In short, the LCS Cryptoshare lets all traders to take ownership of the exchange in the platform.

Token Sale Details

In order to develop the project, token sales are thrown. LocalCoinSwap issues LCS tokens for sale. The sale is open for all citizens of all countries except for those from North Korea, Syria, Sudan, and Iran. The price for one LCS is 0.40 USD. There are 100 million LSD tokens supplied. The tokens are available through pre-ICO, presale, and ICO. The pre-ICO was conducted in February and the presale was carried out a month later in March. At the moment, the ICO sale is still ongoing. The ICO sale period is from 15 April to 15 June 2018. The hard cap for the ICO sale is projected to be 20 million USD. If the hard cap is achieved, the ICO sale will be closed before the scheduled date.

All unsold token will be destroyed or burnt. There are many currencies both fiat and crypto accepted to purchase the tokens such as ETH, BTC, BCH, USDT, USD, EUR, and many more. If you use fiat you can transfer the money via SWIFT transfer.

In the next article, you will read more about the LocalCoinSwap Exchange. You will meet the team and see its roadmap.

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