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A Decentralized Collaboration Platform

Token symbol MTX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1100 MTX per ETH
Tokens suply 314,159,265
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 26,888 ETH
Bonus 10% MTX bonus for all participants who purchased before October 13th

About Matryx

Matryx is a platform for decentralized collaboration. Matryx consists of a bounty system, a library of digital assets, and a marketplace. Problems are posted, along with a bounty for a verified solution. Users then collaborate to solve problems, share results, and earn rewards. Rewards are given to all relevant contributors, and all submissions are added to the Matryx library and marketplace for future purchase. This will create an ecosystem of public collaboration and ideas that will drive research and innovation.

The platform works together with Nanome’s suite of VR STEM tools, which includes Calcflow, a mathematics problem-solving and modeling application, and nano-one, a VR interface for designing and simulating at nanoscale. The open-source license means anyone can make software to interface with the platform, and while their focus is currently only on STEM, Nanome says they can see Matryx evolving into other fields.

Why Matryx ?

In the past two years, our team at Nanome has made tremendous progress developing innovative STEM applications in Virtual Reality. While our flagship softwares, Calcflow and nano-pro, have shattered many of the interfacial barriers facing scientists and mathematicians, our users are still limited by an inability to collaborate and share their work effectively. With this in mind, we designed the Matryx platform. We’ve quickly realized the applications of Matryx extend broadly to include human knowledge and discovery, far beyond nanotech and math. We believe that collaboration is the backbone of progress and innovation, but collaboration in centralized silos is extremely limiting.

The objective of Matryx is to create a de facto standard for incentivized collaboration on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Up until now, collaboration has often relied upon the institution or individual sponsoring a venture to validate who participated and to what extent. Matryx is designed around a blockchain-based bounty token to encourage and incentivize competition, collaboration and innovation. Through smart contracts we can create a community of innovators: one that gives credit (via MTX) token where credit is due.

Why We're Having a Token Sale

The ultimate goal of Matryx is to incentivize collaboration in fields of knowledge and creation like STEM. To reach that goal, we need resources that support R&D demands and help create a community of participants and contributors. Token Sales have quickly become a proven means to achieve such growth for blockchain-based technologies like Matryx.

How Matryx Uses the Blockchain

Utilizing blockchain-based bounties, Matryx enables users to validate each participant's contribution to a solution and reward them with MTX tokens. Using a token enables us to leverage smart contract systems, upgrade over time, and gives us the flexibility to shape the platform to the needs of the users.

Benefits of the Blockchain

Smart contracts reduce the friction of tracking and compensating contributors. Each round of a bounty competition, the winners are rewarded, and a new generation of children is created. All iterations are managed by the tournament contracts. The provenance of an idea or work can be easily tracked and can be rewarded fairly and publicly.

Matryx Goal

Our goal is to make Matryx the de facto standard for decentralized collaboration, proving that a global community of collaborators will yield innovation faster than work attempted in siloed teams,” said Steve McCloskey, CEO of Nanome. “Matryx aims to create an environment that encourages healthy competition and the open exchange of ideas for critical fields like math, science, technology and engineering. By leveraging blockchain-based bounties, we’re also able to reward contributors openly, encourage future collaboration, and evolve the platform as user needs demand.

  • 60 % sale
  • 25% company
  • 15% marketing

Start in 13-09-2017
Ended in 15-11-2017

  • Steve McCloskey - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Keita Funakawa - COO & Co-Founder
  • Edgardo Leija - CXO & Co-Founder
  • Vincent Brunet - CTO
  • Scott Morgan - CFO

  • Nano-One & Calcflow Launch 2016
    First STEM tools for modern VR
  • Nano Pro Private Beta Opens 2017
    Pharmaceutical R&D pilots
  • Matryx White Paper Release 2017
  • Token Sale Launch 2017
    Matryx Token Sale begins Sept. 13 at 10am GMT, and will remain open for four weeks or until the ETH cap is reached.
  • Matryx Platform Alpha 2017
    Upload and download parametric assets
  • Marketplace Alpha Testnet 2018
    Working MVP for public use. Expand focus to research and model a variety of attribution solutions.
  • Marketplace Beta Testnet 2018
    Centralized tests of implemented systems. Create reputation board, identifying users and their contributions.
  • Marketplace Beta Mainnet 2018
    Expand user base to tens of thousands. Cultivate economy of practical/ less academic bounties.
  • Marketplace Public Launch 2019
    Begin to integrate alt-chain decentralized storage solutions and narrow down attribution + reputation systems.
  • Decentralized Reputation & Storage 2020
    Continue steps towards a fully decentralized platform and refine token economics for mass adoption.


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