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Intelligent and Trusted Board Game Network

MindSports IO is an intelligent and trusted board game network powered by Ethereum technology, anti-cheating layers and the MIND Registry for games such as Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go. The problem of today online board gaming is trust. Players may cheat with chess engine, users also have risk of losing money and they have to place trust that the service provider are doing the right thing. We aim to eliminate the need for trusting a single party running a centralized platform. MindSports IO provides an opportunity for user’s participation. Mind games will be developed and deployed to the network. Community managed anti-cheating layers are in place to eliminate possibility of cheating with chess engine. Token holders have the option to be part of the community to settle game disputes and get rewarded accordingly. MindSports IO align incentives across all stake holders and tie MIND token to the core action of the network growth.

A decentralized mind sports network ensures everyone are part of the community regarding the network development and future roadmap. Transactions and messages are verified and take place on the Ethereum blockchain. No party or administrator is required to manage the online network or tournament. This prevents any malfunction and failure of the platform host. MindSports IO aligns incentives across all stakeholders and ties the MIND token to the core action of the network growth welding the interaction of the public with personally created mind sports tournament events through rewards of the cryptocurrency, MIND tokens.

The main motivation of the MindSports IO platform to encourage players to take part in the development roadmap of MindSport IO, to create or participate in high-quality games as well as involve the audience when viewing competitions. Mind sports are contests of mental skills in contrast to physical competition which is the hallmark of traditional athletic sports. The sports included under the umbrella of this concept includes games of skill, strategy, speculation, and deduction. Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go are a few examples.

Chess and Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) players represent some of the largest communities in the world. Combined figure of 800 million players. Despite the evolution of physical to virtual games, chess and xiangqi congregations remain strong and continue to grow. The elements keeping these engaging and complex games alive include the competitiveness and potential sponsorships that stem from it.

Problem Trying to Solve

Current gaming platforms for mind sports games such as Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go require a centralized host.

  • Control over Rules
    Developers, gamers, and tournament host are limited to the guidelines and payout set by the platform owner.
  • Control over Payments
    Users experience delay in payments or decline in payment transfer along with potential fraud and cyber-attacks.
  • Control over Results
    Users are unable to dispute or challenge why they experience unexpected ban from the game or unfair outcomes. The owner controls the server with the game software, game command and outcome logs which are not available for inspection by the public.

Why Should We Play Mind Sports?

MindSports IO strives to promote and educate on the benefits of playing mind sports. Mind sports is not only for people who are academically gifted or “smart.” Numerous studies have demonstrated the direct benefits of playing mind sports, such as improvements to cognitive function and the slowing down of aging. We believe mind sports should remain as accessible as possible so that people can develop analytical and critical thinking skills in their everyday life. It can also improve their spatial and cognitive abilities, pattern recognition, and discipline.

The Mind Sports Landscape

The mind sports industry continues to grow despite the widespread use of internet games; sponsorships and competitive play have created lucrative opportunities. Mind sports players are finding ways to promote themselves and the game through the use of technology. ChessBrah via allows viewers to watch real-time streaming games, while prize funds for tournaments can be as much as $2,000,000(USD). The live-stream of the World Chess Championship in 2016 received as much as ten million unique visitors. It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 online people playing at any time for chess alone with the audience reaching 2,000,000 viewers daily.

Start in 05-02-2018
Ended in 06-03-2018
Symbol MIND
Price 10,000 MIND = 1 ETH
For sale 20,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 200 ETH
Hard cap 2,000 ETH

  • Island Kon - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Christian Ng - Co-Founder & COO
  • Laszlo Mari - BlockChain Architect
  • Law Wai Chun - Solidity Developer
  • Szabolcs Pasztor - Full Stack Developer
  • Geoffrey Borg - CEO of FIDE, Executive Director of IMSA
  • David Drake - BlockChain Advisor
  • Min Kim - BlockChain Advisor
  • Zeev Kirsh - Legal Advisor
  • Matt Quinn - Community Advisor
  • Efstratios Grivas - Chess GrandMaster

  • Q1 2017
    - Identify Current Issues
    - Prototype Design
    - Whitepaper
    - Team of 4
  • Q4 2017
    - Technical Specification
    - Crowdsale
    - Mind Registry First
    - Voting
    - Team of 5
  • Q1 2018
    - Community Testing
    - Performance Testing
    - Team of 6
  • Q2 2018
    - Official Release
    - Second Mind Games
    - Mind Registry Second
    - Voting
    - Team of 8
  • Q4 2018
    - Improve User
    - Experience
    - DApps Enhancement
    - Third Mind Games
    - Release
    - Team of 8
  • Q4 2019
    - Plasma Integration
    - Performance
    - Enhancement
    - Fifth Mind Games
    - Mind Registry Fifth
    - Voting
    - Team of 10


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