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Smart Money on the Ethereum blockchain

Token symbol OWL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 OWL = 0.75 USD
Tokens for sale 60,000,000
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 35,000,000 USD
Equity on offer 70%
Bonus Pre-sale 1 OWL = 0.60 USD
Pre-sale discounts 20-40%
ICO discounts 15-1%

About Minerva

Built with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, Minerva aims to incentivize approved platforms to adopt its cryptocurrency as a new payment method. Incentivization is achieved by rewarding these approved platforms with newly minted OWL tokens. These tokens are generated at a variable rate as the currency is used.

Today’s digital currencies have a serious problem. They’re rarely used as currency. The problem is compounded by excessive short-term price swings which creates substantial risk for many businesses to accept cryptocurrencies.

We envision a world where smart contracts help address the issue of excessively violent price swings, changing the way businesses approach cryptocurrency. By bridging the gap between businesses and customers, we hope to assist in bringing digital currencies mainstream.

Minerva is presently an ERC20 token and smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain. Following this standard, Minerva tokens are easily transferable between customers and approved merchants using ERC20-compatible wallets, and can be smoothly integrated into exchanges.

  • Platform Incentives

Minerva provides a generous reward system for businesses that accept it as payment. Upon receiving Minerva OWL tokens, each business is issued a bonus that resembles a credit card’s “cash back” incentive. When Minerva OWL tokens are received from their customers, they are automatically liquidated.

Instant liquidity via API from Minerva-relevant trading exchanges
The elimination of chargebacks and exchange fees
Additional protection from violent short-term price fluctuation
Reverse transaction fees. We pay them, not the other way around

  • Risk Mitigation

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has said, “There would then be multiple separate classes of cryptoassets: stable assets for trading, speculative assets for investment, and Bitcoin itself may well serve as a unique Schelling point for a universal fallback asset, similar to the current and historical functioning of gold.” While Bitcoin itself is not the unique Schelling point, our aim is for OWL to become a comparatively stable cryptocurrency which allows businesses to benefit by simply accepting it as a method of payment.

The reward system is designed so OWL tokens enter the economy at variable rates, making efforts to ensure that demand does not cause short-term violent price swings. As is evident below with our first and immediate use case, we will be integrating with a large company at launch, and future businesses requesting integration will require vetting through a rigorous security-focused protocol.

Speculation, exchange scams, drug markets and the common negative publicity of cryptocurrencies will all have little-to-no impact on our partnered platforms. Minerva tokens have utility beyond speculative value as they represent an applicable purpose of value between platforms and customers, as well as agents, contractors, vendors, content creators and more.

  • User Benefits

When customers pay using Minerva’s OWL token, approved merchants have more flexibility to offer them discounts. This is because, rather than paying transaction fees, Approved merchants can be paid bonus OWL tokens at the time of each approved transaction. Users are able to purchase OWL tokens from any exchange or market where they are traded, transfer them to one of many ERC20-compatible wallets and spend them on Minerva-integrated platforms.

  • 60% Presale & Final Public ICO
  • 10% Founding Team / Founding Advisors
  • 10% Management
  • 7% Strategic Advisors
  • 5% Long-term Operational Costs
  • 5% Partnership Signing Bonus
  • 2% Bug Bounty
  • 1% Promotional Bounty

Start in 01-12-2017
Ended in 31-12-2017

  • Kevin McSheehan - Founder / CEO; Executive Producer
  • Corey Jackson - Founder / CTO; Lead Developer
  • Ron DiIorio - Founder; Strategic Partner
  • Kol Shtufaj - Creative Director; Brand & UX/UI
  • Robert Forster - Lead Solidity Developer
  • Greg Bailey - IT veteran
  • Keidi Carrington - Legal Advisor
  • Jevgenijs Steinbuks - Economic Advisor
  • Paul Petratos - Head of Communications
  • Courtney Turner - HR & Public Relations; Social Media Strategist
  • Jaron Lukasiewicz - Advisor

  • $1,000,000
    - Advanced Internal Security Audit
    - Bug Bounty Program (Tier 1)
    - Advanced Simulations and Modifications
    - MVP (Minerva Volatility Protocol) Beta
  • $5,000,000
    - Minerva Smart Money Alliance (Tier-1)
    - Team Expansion (Tier-1)
    - Bug Bounty Program (Tier-2)
    - Cross Platform Minerva Wallet
    - Voting Dashboard
    - MVP Dashboard and Management
    - Platform Integration Automation
    - New Platform Developer Documentation
    - Improved Revenue Reporting Interface
  • $10,000,000
    - Minerva Smart Money Alliance (Tier-2)
    - Team Expansion (Tier-2)
    - Advanced Platform Automation
    - Advanced Revenue Reporting Interface
    - Resource Tracking
    - Continuous Audit Implementation
    - Cross Platform Minerva, Ethereum &
    - General Purpose ERC20 Wallet
  • $15,000,000
    - Minerva Smart Money Alliance (Tier-3)
    - Team Expansion (Tier-4)
    - Private Blockchain Research
    - Debit Card Partnership(s) Research
    - Market Research Stability Advancements
  • $25,000,000
    - Minerva Smart Money Alliance (Final Tier)
    - Team Expansion (Tier-5)
    - Private Blockchain Research
  • $35,000,000
    - Team Expansion (Final Tier)
    - Private Blockchain Test Network
    - Bug Bounty Program (Final Tier)


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