Sun, 16 Dec 2018

MoBee Project


MoBee main goal is to create an international mobile virtual operator using its own cryptocurrency for payments. For the first time ever the subscribers receive mobile services in exchange for a cryptocurrency..

MoBee proposal is based on a unique scheme. The MoBee ecosystem is composed of three components: the MoBee virtual operator as such, the NetWorx platform and the DiStream moneybox.

The NetWorx platform generates voice and internet traffic for the MoBee virtual operator to be further distributed among their subscribers.

DiStream moneybox offers the MoBee subscriber the possibility to get mobile services in exchange for the MBE tokens as well as additional opportunities for managing the funds on the subscriber's account. This effectively simple solution has been developed to meet the common interests of subscribers, mobile operators and telecommunication experts.


The MoBee ecosystem NetWorx platform is necessary for generating voice and internet traffic for MoBee virtual operator.

The volume of the telecom networks outsourcing market is currently estimated at more than USD 60 bn. Outsourcing and infrastructure exchange may increase the mobile operator's CFO by 10 % (based on the research conducted by J’son & Partners Consulting).

NetWorks is MoBee unique outsourcing services platform for the telecommunications industry. MoBee employ this platform to aggregate the market of highly professional freelance experts and outsourcing companies. Mobile operators will use this platform to benefit from a wide range of telecom infrastructure support services.

These services will be provided to operators only in exchange for traffic which MoBee shall sell to the subscribers of the MoBee virtual operator for the MBE tokens.


The subscriber of the MoBee virtual operator has much wider opportunities as compared to an average mobile subscriber. The subscriber uses the DiStream moneybox to manage their services package, adjusts the price plans to their needs in a flexible manner. Subscribers also get the opportunity to manage and multiply the crypto funds on their account (being offered bonus tokens, overdraft, cashback in the MBE tokens).

With the growth of the subscriber base, MoBee are set to enter into partner agreements with different business segments, such as retail, hotel, tourism, logistics. The subscriber will be able to make purchases from partner networks.

DiStream erases the boundaries between the user's subscriber and bank accounts.


The MBE token is an internal payment medium of the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all types of operations. This makes it a key factor of the MoBee economy.

MoBee offer the token supported by mobile communication resources, such as voice traffic and internet. The MBE token will be converted into other cryptocurrencies and exchanged for mobile services for yourself, your friends and acquaintances.


The Project will be developed in the following areas:

  • Growing the subscriber base and the coverage
  • Expanding the list of services offered to subscribers
  • Growing the number of the NetWorx platform participants
  • Growing the number of partner networks
  • Third-party service integration into DiStream moneybox

MoBee project is open for cooperation: other telecommunications market players are welcome to join it.

According to MoBee estimates, 150–200 mobile operations worldwide may be interested in the MoBee ecosystem services. They account for some 25–30 % of the potential market and may generate an equivalent fiat volume of USD 9 bn annually.

Start in 22-03-2018
Ended in 15-06-2018
Symbol MBE
Price 1MBE = 0,009 ETH
For sale 85%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 3500 ETH
Hard cap 90000 ETH


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ETH : 0x5620C0851d58Fd55a411dAdeb17c83DBB8E61b29