Tue, 18 Dec 2018

ModulTrade (PreICO)

Democratizing Global Trade With Blockchain Technology

Token symbol MTRC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 700 MTRC = 1 ETH
Tokens for sale 40,000,000
Accepting ETH, BTC
Soft cap 15,000 ETH
Bonus Pre-sale Discount 40%

About ModulTrade

ModulTrade, one of the first blockchain projects in the trade finance sector, comes to market with a new digital trade concept: to allow small businesses from around the world to trade efficiently, securely, and with ease. A smart-contract based eco-system, ModulTrade will provide micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME’s) a comprehensive range of services, minimise traditional charges and support cross-border trade with emerging markets.

The current trade finance system of letters of credit, and guarantees against counter party risk offered by intermediary banks favours large corporates who have the scale and sales volumes to support the process. Smaller firms are excluded as the cost is prohibitive and as such are excluded from being able to grow sales and revenues.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts provide a natural solution for trade finance. ModulTrade have designed a platform, a closed eco-system, called the ModulTrade Value Eco-system that businesses can join and through which they connect with prospects, commit and execute trade.

The ​​solution​​ proposed​​ by ​​ModulTrade

ModulTrade ​​aims​​ to​​ eliminate​​ the ​​main​​ barriers​​ for​​ entry​​ into​​ global​​ trade​​ as ​​well​​ as:

  • bringing together a comprehensive range of services for the full B2B trade cycle
  • helping MSMEs meet, commit and execute trade globally easily, in a trustful and efficiently manner
  • Introducing the MTRc (ModulTrade token​) as an efficient instrument of value exchange in ModulTrade ecosystem.

MVE also aspires to be an innovative global platform that will easily facilitate participants access ​​to ​​3rd​​ parties ​​providing​​ some ​​or​​ more ​​of​​ the​​ following​​ trade​​ related​​ services:

  • Logistics
  • Trade Financing
  • Tax and bookkeeping
  • Insurance
  • Custom brokerage

MVE aims to be the place to easily develop new digital solutions for global trade​, the most obvious use cases being:

  • Supply​​ chain​​ tracking ​​on ​​ModulTrade’s​​ Platform
  • Digital​​ Thread​​ for ​​Additive​​ Manufacturing​​ (DTAM)
  • IoT ​​solutions​​ for​​ invoice​​ factoring.



  • Buyer and Seller set a Smart-contract
  • Buyer deposits funds with the Smart-contract


  • Seller ships goods once sees the funds locked by the smart-contract
  • Smart-contract is tracking goods delivery


  • Upon the goods are delivered Smart-contract releases funds to the Buyer

  • 40% (Pre-sale-10%, Token sale 30%)
  • 20% Product development
  • 22% Ecosystem creation
  • 15% Team
  • 3% Advisory

Start in 03-10-2017
Ended in 27-11-2017

  • Evgeny Kaplin - Co-founder / CEO
  • Jean Chaanine - Co-founder / COO
  • Karthikeyan Kaliyaperumal - Co-founder / CTO
  • Fedor Sapronov - Co-founder / Business development
  • Marco Rosso - Co-founder / Product Development
  • Vitaly Pykhtin - Product development / Market lead
  • Dmitry Shipilov - Product development / Technical lead
  • Artem Radchenko - Product development / Product Designer
  • Olya Kolomoets - Product development / Project Manager
  • Alexey Kosinski - Product development / Blockchain developer
  • Volodymyr Zinchenko - Product development / Full-stack developer
  • Bernard Lietaer - Advisor
  • Richard Schwenke - Advisor
  • Andrea Costantini - Advisor
  • Richard Watts - Advisor
  • Dmitry Lazarichev - Advisor
  • Andrea Monaco - Advisor
  • Angelica Lips da Cruz - Advisor
  • Valentin Preobrazhenskiy - Advisor

  • October 2016
  • March 2016
    Concept development at MIT
  • April 2016
    Concept launch
  • April 2016 - October 2017
    Preparation for public launch
  • October 2017
    ModulTrade token distribution
  • January 2018
    ModulTrade smart-contract platform
  • Marketplace for trade related services
  • Trade & reputational bank
  • Marketplaces


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