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Better Banking and eCommerce Using Blockchain

The rapid change of global economy has turned the way e-commerce is carried out. Right now, there is no term of a single country. A global economy has connected all citizens from all over the world to interact each other online without any obstruction. The adoption of new blockchain technology keeps the crypto market to grow continuously. Nauticus has seen the explosive growth as a promising opportunity to develop a project on crypto banking and e-commerce solutions.

The Vision and Mission

The vision of Nauticus is to establish a serviceable, effective and viable global banking, online business, and security solutions built on advanced blockchain tech. The solutions are intended for all users including any kinds of business, state and federal governments. Nauticus wants to inspire everyone to take part in the Fintech world.

Meanwhile, Nauticus is aimed at assisting everyone, primarily the underprivileged, to make a better living. It will focus mainly on social responsibility by conducting charity projects for helping others. It will bring a significant change to anyone who needs help the most through its influence and global community. Some of the key values of Nauticus is to improve living standards in developing countries, protecting the environments, and fighting for equal rights. Its most critical mission is to advocate the utmost ethical and legal values. Furthermore, Nauticus also focuses on protecting its users.

In the next article, the benefits and features of Nauticus Exchange will be discussed.

The Team

In order to achieve the aforementioned visions and missions, a solid and experienced team has been created. Let’s start with the board of advisors. There are twenty members of the advisory team. Each member has its own speciality. There are experts on ICO, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, banking investment, cybersecurity, KYC, and e-commerce. Most of them are the founders of successful startups and technology companies.

In addition to the advisory team, there are twelve key team members that hold important roles in the company. The COE of the company is Bryan Ng. He is also well-known as the founder of Australian Education Connection and First Accountants which is based in Melbourne. Meanwhile, the COO of the company is Jonathan Chang. He is a successful entrepreneur specialized in cryptocurrency. This Bitcoin investor is experienced in investment banking especially in e-commerce, retail banking, and merchant system. Another key team member is Hong Hyunh who holds the position of the Chief of Technology. Together, they work with other nine core members who tirelessly work to achieve their goals.

The Roadmap

The team works together to achieve the ultimate goal based on the roadmap that has been set. Starting from the middle of the year, Nauticus will prepare the high-speed currency exchange. There will be about six fiats such as USD, ZAR, AUD, JPY, EUR, and HKD and more than a hundred of cryptocurrencies traded with Nauticus coins. It will be carried with low exchange fees and high level of security. In this way, the platform will able to handle millions of transactions every day. The use of wallet mobile app, Nauticus will enable users to access their funds quickly and easily from their devices wherever they are. This exchange will be launched in the mid of 2018.

During 2019, the focus will be on building an environmentally-friendly blockchain mining centre. With this green mining centre, users of Nauticus will benefit from faster and cheaper transactions. The centre will also produce resources and to develop the platform operations that eventually it can help the local community on health and education. In 2010, Nauticus will develop the e-commerce platform, followed by the development of merchants’ payment platform in 2021. In 2022, the focus will be on partnering in KYC (Know Your Customer). Finally, in 2013, the ICO gateway will be established.

That’s the milestone of the Nauticus project. However, the development won’t stop there. The next phase of development and expansion will be a continuing process.

The ICO Token Sale

In order to run the operational activities as planned in the roadmap, the fund raised from the ICO is needed. The Nauticus ICO sale will run from 31 March to 30 April 2018. The presale was previously conducted from 18 March to 30 March 2018. If you participate in the ICO sale, you will get bonuses up to 30%. The price of one Nauticus Coin is 0.00001 BTC.

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