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Blockchain to democratise the utility of video-games economy

Token symbol NOX
Platform Ethereum
Token price 1 ETH = 800 NOX
Tokens for sale 60,000,000
Accepting Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)
Hard cap 75000 ETH
Bonus Pre-sale 30%
FIrst 24 hours 25%
Next 48 hours 15%


NITRO aims to change the value-chain of the video-games industry by bringing all major stakeholders together on a single blockchain-powered network. It democratises the structure of the industry. It encourages diversity and stops the industry from being monopolized by large corporates. It allows participation and provides funding access to new promising game studios.

Enter Nitro; an independent, blockchain-based online collaboration platform, which seeks to allow participation in the video-games economy, to connect various stakeholders, and to achieve growth for the overall Nitro network. Using a new blockchain cryptocurrency called NOX, this economic platform will bridge the problems currently plaguing the various actors in the video-games industry, and through the process, bring about massive benefits to the global video-games community. Most importantly, we seek to democratise the economy of the videogames industry, creating a holistic community by bringing all the stakeholders onto an integrated platform.


What is envisioned, is that the new platform will fix what we see as fundamental problems within the industry. These problems, as mentioned in the earlier sections, refer to the difficulty of the layman in participating in the video-games economy, the lack of diversity caused by the presence of large oligopolistic market in the industry and the communication inefficiencies that exist between all gamers and game producers.

On the macro-level, Nitro seeks to connect what we see as a fragmented and disconnected value chain, envisioning a holistic platform which brings together developers, marketplaces, publishers, and gamers, in order to solve the problem of participation and information flow between these various players for the overall benefit of the industry.

Nitro Platform

The initial coin offering will feature the minting of a new currency based on the Ethereum platform. This currency, or NOX, will be the centrepiece of all activities that are carried out on the Nitro platform. The dynamics and the process flow of activities carried out on the platform are summarized below:

  • Issuance
    Nitro will issue NOX: A blockchain-based token that is the centrepiece of Nitro activities, to be used on the Nitro platform.
  • Curation
    Nitro Team will curate Promising Game Studios (PGS) and submit videogame funding proposals to the Nitro platform
  • Voting
    NOX holders can vote on their favourite games, and if sufficient votes are received, the proposed video game will undergo a funding process.
  • Funding
    Funding will be received in Fiat currency or Ether, which would be used by the video-game studios to develop and market their games. This funding will be provided by Nitro.
  • Post-Funding
    Funded games will subsequently share its revenue with Nitro. A portion of this sum returned to the pool for funding new video games, in order to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem. The remainder will be held in a Vault, which could be distributed to NOX holders, from time to time, as a form of reward for participating in the platform and to encourage the adoption of NOX.
  • Exchangeable to In-Game Sub-token
    Upon launching of the Nitro marketplace, NOX holders will be able to exchange NOX for sub-token called Nitro Dollar or NOD which is pegged to US Dollar (1 NOD to 1 USD), NOD will be used for in-game credits and items. All the games on Nitro Marketplace will use NOD as an in-game currency.

Legal Jurisdiction

The Nitro project is an online consortium that involves the creation of an electronic marketplace (“Nitro Marketplace”) and the issuance of a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency called NOX (or “NOX Token”). NOX is being developed by Nitro Interactive Limited, a private limited company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. The crowdsale of NOX Tokens and its subsequent funding-related operation are managed by Nitro Interactive Limited in compliance with the requirements of the British Virgin Islands Securities And Investment Business Act 2010.

The Nitro project is supported by iCandy Ventures Ltd, which will be publishing all the video-games funded by the Nitro project. iCandy Ventures Ltd is a subsidiary of Australia-incorporated and Australia Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed iCandy Interactive Limited. Purchasers may only purchase the NOX Tokens using Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Initial Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale — 60,000,000 50%
  • NITRO Team — 7,200,000 6%
  • Nitro Interactive Ltd — 6,000,000 5%
  • iCandy — 3,000,000 2.5%
  • Advisors — 1,200,000 1%
  • Reserve — 42,600,000 35.5%

* Crowdsale
Up to 60,000,000 NOX available for pre-sale and crowdsale (Target: to raise 75,000 ETH, but oversubscription of up to 85,000 ETH will be considered)

* Reserve
Tokens in Reserve are reserved for future issuance. The NITRO community will be notified of such future issuance if and when it takes place.

Proceed Distribution

  • Operations 10%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Platform Development 10%
  • Funding Games 60%
  • Working Capital 10%

Escrow Arrangement
Proceeds from the crowdsale will be held in such manner till use: Up to 50% of the proceeds raised will be held as cryptocurrency (ETH), remaining proceeds will be converted into fiat currencies

Multisig wallet authorisation
NITRO’s wallet is a multisig wallet that requires at least 2 Directors of NITRO Team to authorise for operation.

Start in 07-11-2017
Ended in 21-11-2017

  • Kin-Wai Lau - Director
  • Gerald Tock - Director
  • Phillip Lord - Director
  • Jason Giambona - Director
  • Nikita Sachdev - Head of Communications
  • Yelena V. Sedykh - Director of Partnership
  • Douglas Gan - Entrepreneur-In-Residence
  • Evgeniy Arhipov - Chief Blockchain Developer
  • Ilnur Galiev - Blockchain Developer
  • Kair Kozhaly - Head Of Russian Community Management
  • Simon Breedon - Head Of Digital Marketing
  • Hans De Back - Advisor
  • Larry Gan - Advisor
  • BB Fund by Life.Sreda - Advisor & Early Stage Investor
  • Konstantin Gorozhankin - Advisor

  • October 2017
    Nitro Crowdsale
  • December 2017
    Game funding platform beta
  • February 2018
    Game funding platform launch
  • March 2018
    Nitro marketplace test: feedback and community functions ready
  • May 2018
    Marketplace alpha: pre-launch cycle ready
  • August 2018
    Marketplace beta: launch cycle ready
  • October 2018
    Marketplace live
  • Jan 2019
    Marketplace network beta
  • March 2019
    Marketplace network live


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