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Decentralized service marketplace

Opporty is a for-profit company. Most of Opporty’s services are provided for free, but we will charge a small percentage of the revenues from all services ordered through our platform. Priority listings with additional features will be monetized as well. The amount of free request and responses is limited; additional responses and requests must be purchased once the complimentary package expires. The platform allows earning requests, offers and responses through rewarding activities.

Opporty provides unique opportunities for companies and service providers who have just started doing business or have recently entered a particular niche. Thanks to Opporty’s decentralized escrow and smart contracts, customers feel protected by the community and are more inclined to order services from service providers who may not yet have established a strong reputation.

Opporty users can purchase services with both cryptocurrency and fiat. In this way the marketplace appeals to customers who do not know about or do not want to use cryptocurrencies, as well as to those who hold cryptocurrency and are willing to pay with it.

Providers can use Opporty tokens to purchase specific services as well as pay for priority placement with additional features at the marketplace. Tokens function as a means of payment in Escrow — they are withhold as fees for signing smart contracts. Cryptocurrency provides certain benefits to businesses. If they do not have time to earn tokens and do not want to purchase ad space with fiat, they can do so by paying with cryptocurrency. This provides massive exposure to a selected base of prospects and leads. Opporty tokens can be bought or earned by completing certain activities.

Opporty’s digital marketing strategy is based on four pillars: content, social media, paid advertising, and SEM. By optimizing Opporty to the highest standard, the team ensures consistent growth of SERPs and traffic. To support Opporty’s organic ranking, paid ads, in-depth content, and SMM strategy will be put to use. Offline marketing efforts are focused on participation in multiple events, conferences, and meetups. Opporty will become a trusted member of established professional associations and sponsorships.

The marketing department will create a network of prospects and influencers to trigger word-of-mouth marketing. Once Opporty becomes a recognized brand, it will organize, run and sponsor its own events. Influencer marketing is a cornerstone of Opporty’s approach to marketing. The team of experts will run outreach campaigns to ensure that trusted experts in targeted niches participate in the Opporty community as Escrow arbitrators and DAO voting members. In this way, Opporty will increase exposure and awareness, building authority and trust. PR is a valuable asset in the mix of Opporty’s marketing activities. Our team of PR experts is skillful in communicating with targeted audiences through trusted sources to build mutually beneficial relationships. Opporty will advance its agenda through mainstream media, social media, and self-produced communications by using a mixture of press releases, speech writing, pitches, blogging, guest blogging and market research. Opporty will create positive narrative and a build a strong reputation.

Opporty different from competitors

There are many marketplaces emerging right now. They guarantee the delivery and quality of ordered products, but there is no platform that can guarantee the quality of services provided. Opporty distinguishes itself by combining the best of on-demand and blockchain to solve the problem of trust between parties doing service business. On the one hand, Opporty can be viewed as a user-friendly marketplace platform for small and mid-sized companies that makes it easy to search for prospects, convert them into leads and close them as customers.

On the other hand, Opporty supports cryptocurrency, which not only puts the platform on the radar of the crypto community, but also allows for the use of such technologies as DAO, decentralized Escrow, and smart contracts. Opporty is not just a marketplace that promises to disrupt particular industries, but an innovative platform that establishes full-scale digital democracy.


Opporty ultimate goal is to create a business-focused platform on the blockchain where company owners and individual service providers conduct business based on established standards and educate others through content. Taking the best of ondemand and blockchain, we strive to make Opporty a live business ecosystem that establishes trust between the parties by digitizing of multiple small business activities and providing a risk-free environment for doing business through decentralized Escrow and smart contracts.


Our vision is to revolutionize the way small businesses and individual providers request and offer services, and conduct business as a whole. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, we aim to create a world where companies use secure, resilient and immutable smart contracts that rival traditional transaction and payment systems offered by corporate financial institutions and establish trust between the contracting parties by default.


According to the US Small Business Administration, only 20% of businesses survive beyond the first year of operation. They fail to compete against established companies, attract early adopters and scale up their businesses to start driving profits.

They lack reputation and trust, and are pressed to:

  • Offer high-quality services at competitive rates (this frequently means that they have to operate at a deficit from the start)
  • Minimize back-and-forth negotiations when requesting services from others
  • Cut expenditures by improving business performance and reducing the need for intermediaries
  • Create a constant stream of leads by appealing directly to targeted audiences
  • Take advantage of the digital economy and cutting-edge technologies to survive when crisis hits

The problem, however, is that only a small percent of small businesses can do so and survive. This is especially the case with service companies. There are multiple e-commerce platforms that can guarantee the delivery and quality of ordered products, but there is no platform that can guarantee the quality of services provided. As a result, customers do not trust new businesses on the market. The main problem Opporty seeks to solve is the problem of trust between parties doing service business, where any disputes can only be resolved in Civil Courts. We offer an alternative to this practice — decentralized Escrow provided by verified experts.

Problem For Customer

Search results favor companies that command large budgets. Small business might not have the funds to optimize their sites for search engines, launch paid ad campaigns, or get featured in the media. Corporations benefit from commanding large marketing budgets, and frequently users are led to corporate websites when searching for a required service. However, corporations business model is adjusted to prioritize corporate clients, and they are not inclined to work with small businesses. Therefore, small business owners often avoid a search engine’s first page, but researching pages that are displayed deeper in search is not a smart solution either. If a small business is buried in an overcrowded market, there may be multiple options to choose from, making service research on search engines fairly inefficient.

Directories and listings are afflicted with similar issues. Although companies and service providers can be listed in any way by use of filters, ratings and reviews, which are frequently manipulated, are critical to the order in which they are listed. Corporate accounts are better rated and command a plethora of positive reviews. Yet, their aim is to attract corporate clients, not small businesses. Therefore, small business owners spend time reaching out to them with little chance of a positive outcome. Meanwhile, companies that are listed at the bottom and are in need of orders from small businesses remain unnoticed.

Lead generation platforms increase lead cost. Although lead-gen sites allow for free request submissions, paid requests — leads to prospective clients — are their main source of income. Thus, the conversion cost for final vendors grows disproportionately. Additionally, many customers are just checking prices, and every lead is contested by several vendors. As a result, customers end up with the same companies they would have found on search engines.

Advice from friends and family may be the best option. Unfortunately, in many cases they have zero experience with the type of service a particular business needs. Moreover, they may reside in another neighborhood or state and know nothing about service providers in the targeted area.

Problem For Provider

Launching and running a business is an uphill struggle. It takes only a few hours to register a company, but learning to manage it is a complex task. Business owners have to coin a business model, implement management procedures, and approach the market from a digital marketing perspective.

Exposing a business and its services to the community is complex. A business owner must engage in networking (contact influencers, participate in events, etc.) and reach out to respected media (send pitches and produce lots of content). Unless they manage to get their businesses noticed, they will fail to appeal to prospects.

Reaching the target audience takes time (assuming limited funds to run paid ad campaigns). Appealing to prospects is problematic. Consumers have multiple service providers to choose from, and business owners have to catch their attention through SEO, content, authority management, and other means.

Conversions are not guaranteed. Although small businesses might succeed in driving users and leads, chances are they will fail to convert them. Cost-efficient conversions are hard to master, as this process depends entirely on a business's ability to produce content, drive users to landing pages, and demonstrate a prospect’s importance to the bottom line.

Opporty Solution For Customers And Service Providers

  • Free responses to user requests
    Once a provider is registered on Opporty, they acquire a monthly number of free responses. This allows recently registered users to compete with our established loyal customers. When a provider’s free responses expire, they are able to purchase more with fiat, or to earn tokens by completing rewarding activities on the Opporty platform.
  • Renewable rating
    Opporty’s ranking system is flexible. A user’s ranking is influenced not only by stars, but also by their activities on the platform. Thus, recently registered users can quickly move their profiles up in rank by contributing to our knowledge-sharing system. By regularly refreshing ratings, the Opporty team creates fair conditions for every user.
  • Genuine digital reputation
    Many businesses manipulate their ratings by leaving fake reviews. It is time to put an end to this. Opporty has developed a complex system of reputation-building, based on behavior patterns and sealed on the blockchain.
  • Rewards for activities
    Users are encouraged to contribute content through Opporty’s built-in gamification and rewards systems. Active contributors can increase their rating in Opporty search, and are nominated to become judging and voting members of the Opporty community, called Escrow arbitrators or “standard designers” (provided their expertise in their field of endeavor meets community expectations).
  • Community of Experts
    Once a company or individual service provider is registered, they become an integral part of Opporty’s community, which allows for increasing awareness and exposure, building trust and authority among targeted audiences. Opporty enables businesses to facilitate purchases and sales, maximize lead-gen efficiency and establish themselves as experts. With the help of Proof-of-Expertise, Opporty's ecosystem is able to distinguish the real gurus of any niche. PoE consists of three parameters: Domain recognition — realworld licenses and certificates; proof of domain — content written for Opporty’s knowledge base and customers' questions answered in Q&A section; and Domain experience — amount and quality of services provided on the Opporty platform.
  • Self-regulation
    With built-in Escrow functionality and the support of smart contracts, Opporty guarantees that every conflict between customers and service providers is resolved in an unbiased, professional manner. Opporty’s selected team of independent experts (known as Escrow arbitrators) create standard rules for common services. Initially, Escrow arbitrators will be selected by Opporty administrators. As the Opporty professional community matures, judges will be chosen by the community itself (based on pre-approved voting rules). Only the bestrated experts will be allowed to become judges in the Escrow process.
  • Protection from poor quality
    Opporty is the first platform to offer decentralized Escrow provided by real experts, along with legally enforceable electronic agreements that can be executed automatically with the help of Oracles. Escrow procedure ensures that every customer receives the highest level of service. When a problem arises, it is resolved by a carefully selected group of Escrow arbitrators.
  • Live business ecosystem
    Opporty is not just another marketplace. Opporty is a decentralized platform with Digital democracy on board, providing creative freedom that stimulates robust growth. Imagine Wikipedia meets Alibaba!
  • Multiple user interfaces
    There are multiple ways to interact with Opporty's platform - via web, mobile app or by chatbot. We use the best UI/UX practices to onboard users and make their lives easier!

  • 25% Distributed in the Phase I
  • 40% Locked in 1-year contract for Phase II
  • 30% Company long term incentive alignment
  • 5% Bounties and community rewards

Start in 01-02-2018
Ended in 20-03-2018
Symbol OPP
Price 0.09 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 1,000 ETH
Hard cap 50,000 ETH

  • Sergey Grybniak - Founder
  • Katerina Sukhenko - Product Manager
  • Emil Dudnyk - Developer
  • Vadym Huza - Developer
  • Nikita Lakisov - Developer
  • Illia Lakisov - Developer
  • Vlad Bilous - Developer
  • Sergey Gerasimchuk - Developer
  • Sergey Silin - DevOps Specialist
  • Michael Khvostyak - QA Engineer
  • Ivan Lihoy - QA Engineer
  • Kristina Savchuk - SEO Specialist
  • Vladislav Velev - SEO Specialist
  • Alik Zapolnov - SEO Specialist
  • Evgeniy Avedov - SEO Specialist
  • Irma Nanovskaya - SMM Specialist
  • Maria Shinkaruk - SMM Specialist
  • Andrii Khakhariev - Copywriter
  • Ievgeniia Galych - Copywriter
  • Andrey Ivanchenko - Copywriter
  • Michelle Matte - Copy Editor
  • Denis Malyuga - Designer
  • Yuriy Ivankov - PPC Specialist
  • Serhii Lubkin - Advisor
  • Michael Lapin - Advisor
  • Andrey Sarayev - AI and Analytics BS MS PHD (Computer Science)
  • Alex Bilichenko - Machine Learning & AI. PHD
  • Elie Galam - Advisor to Bancor, Legolas Exchange, and Gimli
  • Sead Muftic - Technical and Blockchain Information Exchange Security Advisor
  • Wulf Kaal - Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor
  • Richard Bohan - Advisor
  • David Treyster - Managing Attorney at Hudson Law Group
  • Alex Komyagin - Security Advisor
  • Sergei Logvin - Advisor
  • Konstantin Kalinchenko - MS in Mathematics, PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Aug 2017
    Basic functionality: offers, requests, responses, blog, Q&A
  • Oct 2017
    Token generation event
  • Dec 2017
    Gamification (bundled with cryptocurrency)
  • Feb 2018
    Multi-language localization
  • Mar 2018
    Staking mechanism implementation
  • Jun 2018
    Escrow support
  • Aug 2018
    Chatbot user interface
  • Sep 2018
    AI-enabled oracles and service rankings
  • Nov 2018
    Phase II: DAO implementation


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