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Decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising

Papyrus is a fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.

The project was first conceptualized in January 2017 and has been funded to date by $1 million from private investors. Papyrus aims to develop a disruptive digital advertising platform using a constellation of integrated technologies that will transform and unite the entire digital advertising market in a single, comprehensive solution that offers unmatched transparency, security and cost effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

These are the basic elements and technologies Papyrus uses:
1. Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.
2. State channels network for transactions performance scalability.
3. Secure and scalable decentralized data storage for event logs.
4. Blockchain identity and reputation management systems.
5. Decentralized real-time-bidding (RTB) protocol based on OpenRTB.

The architecture of Papyrus consists of 4 layers. Components of each layer are developed by the Papyrus team as open source software for the ecosystem growth and adoption.
The Papyrus AdTech Infrastructure layer includes all components required to establish a complete digital advertising cycle within the Papyrus ecosystem and to create gateways with traditional adtech systems.


Controlled advertising

Users are able to create precise policies to control what ads they see and what data they share with advertisers.

Comfortable Internet

Advertisers have to focus on enhancing the user experience. No more inappropriate ads and malvertisements.

Sharing economy

Users participate in fair sharing economy where they are instantly compensated for their data and responding to advertising.


Ad-based dApp economies

Seamless merge of ad monetization and dApp value economies allow developers to build new generation dApps which utilize ad rewards.

Growth for dApps

dApp developers can instantly promote their applications and token offerings using consolidated user base of existing dApps.

Higher revenues

Even traditional web and mobile publishers can leverage benefits of instant payment settlements and additional advertising demand.


High quality traffic

Decentralized reputation and antifraud solutions within ecosystem protect advertisers from non-human and fraudulent traffic as well as ensure brand safety.

Complete transparency

All advertising data is securely stored in blockchain and decentralized storages enabling traceability of all operations and eliminating fraud within intermediary chains of ad buying.

Low technology costs

Transparent environment with real-time advertising payments significantly reduce technology costs comparing to complicated traditional adtech solutions.

80% will be sold, 20% will be allocated for advisory.

80% are distributed as:

50% will be used for Papyrus ecosystem marketing and promotion, hiring business developers and community managers in different regions around the globe, as well as in building relationships with expert advisors and companies from the advertising and blockchain industries, including making pilot integrations with ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, antifraud vendors and other ad market players.

25% will be used for research and development, including the hiring of development team employees.

5% will be reserved to cover infrastructure costs, such as hardware
and office expenses.

5% is reserved for legal costs and counsel.

15% is reserved for motivation schemes for early project supporters and the project founding team.

Start in 12-10-2017
Ended in 12-11-2017

Alexander Shvets - Product director

Leonid Eletskih - Technology Evangelist

Elena Obukhova - Communications Director

Tanya Krishtopa - Product Manager

Thomas Hulbert - Ecosystem Evangelist

Andrey Vlasenko - Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Kholodov - Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Telegin - Mobile Software Engineer

Igor Sokolov - Blockchain Engineer

Andrey Lyubimov - Research & Analytics

Aleksei Pupyshev - Mobile Software Engineer

Leonid Baranov - Lead Software Engineer

Vitaly Bubyakin - Frontend Developer

Vyacheslav Trofimov - Frontend Developer

Liza Solyanina - Graphic Designer

Ekaterina Bezverkhaya - Web and Graphic Designer

Shamil Valishev - Digital Marketing Manager

Nikolai Avramov - PR & Community manager

January 2017
Idea of the Project

March 2017
Initial Team Assembled

July 2017
White Paper Realeased

October 2017
Prototype, Token Preā€‘Sale

2017 Q4
Integrations with ad market players, Token Sale Phase 1

2018 H1
Papyrus Protostar Release Testing

2018 H2
Papyrus Protostar Release

2019 H1
Papyrus Uprise Release

2019 H2
Papyrus Equilibrium Release


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