Sun, 16 Dec 2018

peerguess (PreICO)

Collaborative cryptocurrency ticker

Token symbol GUESS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price Pre-ICO Week 5,000 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 300% bonus)
ICO Week 1st 2,500 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 100% bonus)
ICO Week 2nd 2,000 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 60% bonus)
ICO Week 3rd 1,500 GUESS Token / 1 ETH (with 20% bonus)
ICO Week 4th 1,250 GUESS Token / 1 ETH
Tokens for sale 120,000,000
Accepting BTC, LTC, ETH
Equity on offer 60%

About peerguess

peerguess is a free application to track cryptocurrencies from various exchanges, create portfolio and alerts, designed to function applications like Coin Ticker, Blockfolio and/or crypto projects like CoinDash, DetectorToken, and Trackr. To become a game changer in the cryptocurrency world, peerguess is designed with gamification experience. We decided to add gamification principles to the watcher and portfolio management applications, in which you can guess the next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided or purchased.

From individuals to an ecosystem, the power of the peerguess platform comes from creating a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. While users play with Gems and make guesses, these guesses will create a community thought, and as an output, you will be able to see what the community thinks about Bitcoin’s (or any other altcoin) value in the next 24 hours. As a result, the predictions of your own portfolio along with the whole cryptocurrency world will be visible to you as an investor

A new look to an old idea

Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency world checks the price of the currencies through an application, usually Coin Ticker, Blockfolio or similar. While none of these applications provide accurate information on what to invest, they merely allow to track the market status or your portfolio value.

We also know that almost everyone in the community (whether a crypto trader, a miner, a small investor or a big whale) spends endless time, experience, and even luck to look up for investment hints and clues from resources such as blogs, twitter, slack communities, troll boxes and

We thought about one solution to kill two birds with one stone, we thought about peerguess.

Designed to be simple!

We believe that, in short time, all cryptocurrency ticker and portfolio applications will be replaced by peerguess as it provides not just the common features all cryptocurrency followers have been looking for, but also a game to play even if you don’t currently own any cryptocurrency.

The game will be simple at heart. You will set the amount of Gem you want to play with and you will click Up or Down buttons. For example, if the price for one Ethereum is $261 now, you will try to guess if it will be lower or higher than $261 after 24 hours. Aside from playing the game, peerguess will also allow all users to train with Gems, and compare their predictions with the real-world data.

From that point forward, our platform will analyze the Gem play data to provide sophisticated results, reports and opportunities to make profit. Keep in mind that peerguess platform’s unique features will be provided permanently free for the ICO investors, depending on their investment amount.

Data you ever dreamed of, is here!

  • Cumulative Guess Analytics (CGA) will serve as the general opinion of the community. For example, you will see that 75% of peerguess users believe that BTC/USD will decrease in the next 24h.
  • Recommendation Engine (RE) will:
    - Display a list of cryptocurrencies for users who predict both a cryptocurrency and another currency (like e-commerce recommendations).
    - Recommend currencies based on your prediction history and your segmentation.
  • Auto-Trade (AT) will use the historical success rates and many other indicators to create triggers and parameters from the application and make trades on your chosen exchange/platform.
  • Stigmergic Quantitative Data (SQD) will be based on Positive and Negative Guesses made, which can be filtered by Country, Time Zone, Language and many more data fields to assist you to understand the different dynamics on cryptocurrency world.

Benefits for our ICO investors!

  • You will be able to see Cumulative Guess Analytics
  • You will get data from Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data modules
  • You will be able to Auto-Trade
  • You will have a chance to get GUESS tokens much less than its possible future market value
  • You will get bonus Gems and your Gem conversion rate will be higher
  • Any investment made during the ICO will also remove the application ads permanently

  • Bounty Program 1%
  • Marketing & Business Development 4%
  • Infrastructure & Maintenance 5%
  • Team & Advisors 10%
  • Liquidation Reserves 20%

Start in 14-10-2017
Ended in 22-10-2017

  • Seyit Özgür - Co-Founder
  • Levent Kurt - Co-Founder
  • Mert Çavdar - Community Manager
  • Nebi Senol Yılmaz - Information Security
  • Jaya Gehani - Project Manager
  • Mangesh Vyas - Mobile Developer
  • Subhash Patidar - UIX Designer
  • Kapil Prajapati - QA Engineer
  • Dexter Kwak - Gamification Advisor & S.Korea Ambassador
  • Murat Hatipoglu - Network Security Advisor & UK Ambassador
  • Orkun Toros - Financial Advisor & U.S. Ambassador
  • Ebru Kurt - Legal Advisor
  • Jian Jolly - Technical Advisor & Managing Director of Bitkapital

  • 2017 Q4
    Ports: iPhone
    Modules: Cumulative Guess Analytics
  • 2018 Q1
    Ports: Android, Web
    Sections: Hall of Fame (Best Guessers)
    Major: Convert Gems to Tokens, Tokens to Gems
    Minor: Portfolio enhancements, Refer a friend, Chinese Support
  • 2018 Q2
    Ports: Facebook, Tablet (iPad)
    Sections: Follow Users, News, Achievements
    Modules: Stigmergic Quantitative Data
    Major: DEX support (Waves, Ardor)
    Minor: Dark Theme, Russian Support
  • 2018 Q3
    Ports: Tablet (Android)
    Sections: Create guess coupons (within DEX or non-DEX), Top Coupons
    Modules: Recommendation Engine
    Major: FX (Real FX) support, Top Coupons
    Minor: Korean Suppor
  • 2018 Q4
    Ports: Windows Mobile
    Sections: Create mixed guess coupons (DEX & Exchanges)
    Modules: Auto-Trade
    Minor: Japanese Support
  • 2019 Q1
    Ports: Smart Watch (Apple, Android)
    Sections: Create mixed guess coupons (FX, DEX & Exchanges)
    Minor: Hindu Support


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