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Blockchain Based Platform and Application Aiming to Connect and Reward All Participants

There is no doubt that referral programs are powerful in growing businesses because more than 80% costumers take decisions in making a purchase based on the reviews and from the previous consumer. However, the referral economy today cannot optimally target potential referred costumers. This leads to prominent lost opportunity. Plentix is present to not only help businesses gain more and more customers but also to offers them with some interesting benefits that traditional referral economy cannot do.

Plentix Solutions to the Existing Problems

Plentix as a tokenized platform for referral economy has an objective to offer some benefits to all users that sign up to the platform. All of them that may include clients, businesses and brands contribute to the success of the platform. In addition to that, the development of the token and the growth of ecosystem also influence the success of the system. In operating any referral programs, there are some elements involved such as promotion programs and rewards programs. However, there are some barriers that make the referral processes difficult. The barriers are related to the security of transactions, referral making, and referral methods.

In order to solve the problem, the Plentix team has decided to use blockchain as one of the main supports. The blockchain is chosen as the platform base because it has some advantages. First of all, blockchain serves as a decentralized distributed ledger that ensures the security system for all referees. If the security is secure, all referees will be confident to have transactions on the platform. Not only does blockchain technology give benefits to referees, it also gives some advantages to developers and businesses in a way that they can access the platform at no cost as long as there are many developers contribute to the

Within the blockchain technology, all parties can feel safe and secure due to the immutable records. There is no need to worry about accounts and date being hacked and stolen. The system will keep them highly protected. More importantly, rewards for referees are also secure. Blockchain also has a consensus mechanism. With this mechanism, all participants can effortlessly get any transaction validated so referees and businesses don’t have to wait just to get clarity on their transaction.

The most important thing that blockchain technology offers to the platform is of course security. As the system is very secure, referees do not need to worry about sharing with other users all over the world using various channels. Thanks to the sophisticated cryptographic techniques. In addition, the platform also employs the use of smart contracts that contains all legal regulations all involved parties should agree. There is also automation feature of the smart contracts that can help reduce fees.

Due the use of blockchain technology, the Plentix team is convinced that the development of the project will be sucessful. The shopistication of the technology can help bringing the platform into the market.

The Plintex Team

The project is cofounded by Yashar Toopchi who is also the CEO of the company. He is an expert of IT and has worked in the field for more than a decade. As the platform uses a various types of technology, most of the team members have IT and economy background. The team will be assisted by some advisors that consist of ICO expert, software developers, and business developers.

The Project Roadmap

In March 2017, the Plentix team started to create smart contract codes. Afte the creation, the codes were tested. In August, PCO and MVP version were launched followed by a pilot project of the platform in January 2018. At the moment, ICO sales that include pre-sale and public sale were being held. After the sale ends, the company will release beta test version and use the raised funds from the ICO sales to develop the platform. It will take several months to develop the platform. In November 2018, the platform is scheduled to be released. Further expansion will be conducted in May the following year.

ICO Token Sale

The Plentix token sale falls into two stages. The pre-sale will start on March 25th, 2018 while the token sale will start on April 22nd 2018. The token that will be used in the project is named PTN.

Website Whitepaper

Start in 25-03-2018
Ended in 22-05-2018
Price 0.02 USD
For sale 50%
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH

  • Mar 2017
    Smart contract codes creation and testing
  • Aug 2017
    Successful POC and MVP version release
  • Nov 2017
    Pilot project with Plentix token sale
  • Mar 2018
    Pre-Sale and Crowdsale
  • Jul 2018
    Platform Development & Solidarity (focus on platform launch, Social Integrations, API Integrations) - beta test version release
  • Nov 2018
    Platform Advancement and final release (CRM Integrations & Additional Advancement)
  • May 2019
    Further Expansion


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