Tue, 18 Dec 2018


A Decentralized Cashback Platform On The Ethereum Blockchain

Token symbol PLC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price ICO 1st 10.0 $
ICO 2nd 11.5 $
ICO 3rd 13.0 $
Accepting Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DASH
Bonus 100 - 299 2%
300 - 499 4%
500 - 699 6%
700 - 999 8%
1000 or more 10%

About DS Plus

The primary concern for DS PLUS operations is the motivation of users to make purchases from partners by providing the latter with various benefits that encourage loyalty to a brand (discounts, offers, various bonuses). Once PlusCoin is on the market, partners will motivate users to buy from them in return for paying PlusCoin into the user’s account.

At present, PlusCoin bonuses (which are not yet provided and which can be exchanged for participation in the raffle of gadgets and an automobile) are paid out by the DS PLUS service. The total quantity of PlusCoin held by users as of today is 16,000,000 PLC.

Products enabling the PlusCoin turnover

  • MarketPlace aggregator
    For partners who are unwilling or unable to accept PlusCoin as payment for their products (second-order partners), we offer the chance to become a participant in the system and to earn profit in a traditional currency. We are developing a product for this purpose with an open API and transparent principles of operation: The second-order partner lists his product using a personal account and indicates its price in traditional monetary units; the online system converts the price into PlusCoin with a price-increase coefficient N for the given group of products.The platform connects exchangers and other specialist players and thereby solves the problem of providing traditional currency for the transaction; the exchangers themselves receive a profit through the coefficient N. This principle of operation will be offered because of the fact that the majority of ordinary users will not entirely understand PlusCoin’s value: They will treat the cryptocurrency like a system of bonus points, and exchange it for goods.
  • P2P platform
    The moment the amount of PlusCoin, allocated to users by our partner-companies in the DS PLUS system, exceeds 1bn, we shall launch a platform permitting user-to-user exchange of goods/services for PlusCoin. Unlike traditional P2P platforms, this system will include integrated functionality for conducting transactions within the service. It will allow users to make secure purchases: the money for a particular good or service will be paid only upon its sale, thus reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Cryptoscoring
    Based on data gathered from the activity of a particular user with regard to his or her transaction history on the platform, the DS PLUS system will be able to form an analytical rating of that user relative to other users. This rating can be used as a tool for further credit on consumer goods in the PlusCoin currency. This will become an additional tool for our first-order partners, exchangers and other market participants, making it possible for them to enable transactions both independently, and at the preliminary request in the DS PLUS MarketPlace aggregator.

Start in 10-09-2017
Ended in 10-11-2017

  • Mikhail Mikhailov - CEO
  • Arkadiy Obolkin - CTO
  • Yuriy Mamonov - COO
  • Kristina Galkina - CMO
  • Leonid Chernigov - product manager
  • Nikita Arsentiev - UX/UI Designer
  • Denis Golub - PR manager
  • Vugar Pashadjanov - Finance consultant
  • Sergei Sergienko - ADVISOR
  • Simone Giacomelli - ADVISOR


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