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From the previous article, you have learned about the detail of the project including the roadmap that shows the milestones and progress of the project and the team behind the project. Understanding the roadmap and knowing who work behind it is important to decide whether the project is good or not. In our perspective, the roadmap makes sense and the members of the team also have good reputation seen on their LinkedIn profile.

Now it is up to you to decide to participate in the project or not. It should be noted that we cannot guarantee that your investment will flourish. But if you want to take part in the token sale, here is the information.

PROD ICO Attributes

The token name is PROD. Just like other tokens, it is also a kind of ERC-20 token standard which means the tokens are tradable and liquid. You can exchange it with other currencies. The exchange rate is 0.1€ for 1 PROD. There is a minimum purchase of the token. You have to buy at least 10 PROD or 10 €. There are 385,000,000 PRODs supplied but only 67% of it or 238 million tokens are put on sale. The hard cap is set to be 20 million €. Meanwhile, the soft cap is set to be 2 million €. The funds generated from the sale will be returned back to token buyers if less than that amount of funds have been received by the last day of the scheduled token sale. There are five payment methods accepted for the token sale. You can buy PROD with LTC, BTC, ETD, Doge, and Dash.

Productivist ICO Timeline

The token sale will fall into two stages. The first one is the pre-ICO which will start on 1 May 2018. It will run in two weeks until 15 May 2018. If you join the pre-ICO, you will get 28% bonus. The second stage is the ICO sale. Its period is from 16 May to 31 July 2018. This period is divided into five. Each sub-period has different bonus scheme. The first round will run from 16 – 31 May 2018 with 18% bonus. The second round will be from 1 – 15 June with 12% bonus, followed by the third round, 16-30 June with 8% bonus. The fourth round will starts on 1 July and on end 15 July 2018 with only 3% bonus. The last round, with no bonus, will be on 16-31 July.

PROD Token Distribution

Among the PROD tokens allocated for token sale, most of them (61.7%) are distributed to the token holders. 17.3% of the tokens are distributed for the foundation while the rest of them are for bounty and founders. The use of proceeds will be mostly for the development of the blockchain project including IT development, partnerships, marketing and sales, and operations.

From the timeline, it can be concluded that the company is really well-prepared. Although the pre-ICO will still start on a couple months later, the information is already complete and available in its website or you can follow and check on Telegram, Twitter, Faceebok or blogpost because, via these social media, the latest information.

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