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A Quantum safe future!

Quantum1Net ICO Rating, Reviews and Details

The idea of Quantum1Net has been initiated since a year ago. Quantum1Net is a platform dealing with computer data protection. The team of Quantum1Net see this as a prospective project to design and develop one-of-a-kind technology that can improve security in data storage and transfer considering that today’s biggest problem is the lack of security system.  

About the Company

Quantum1Net is pretty sure that an advanced system which has high functionality and accessibility is highly required at the moment as well as in the future. Because of that, the company generates its mission to create and develop a set of system that can be used to boosts the surety of data share and transfer. They have an intention to provide users with reliable security, flexibility of use, and safe feelings. Quantum1Net dedicates to keep developing the platform so in the future, more users can enjoy the services that the company offer. Because of that reason, the company plans to contribute 20 percent of their revenue for the improvement of the project.

The Timeline of Quantum1Net ICO Token Sale

In order to fund the idea, the company has opened an ICO token sale. You might have finished the first token sale as it was conducted in the early of February 2018. The purpose of this token sale is to collect fun to start the project. In addition, the result of token sale is also used for hiring some IT professionals that later on will tackle company’s project to develop the platform. In the middle of the year, the company is planning for releasing the platform but in limited version considering the amount of fund they get from the first ICO token sale.

Now you can get ready with the second round of token sale. While at the first round, silver tokens were introduced, the second round will use gold tokens. Meanwhile there will be one more round token sale that will be held in the beginning of next year. As the platform will have been launched by that time, the goal of token sale will focus on reaching wider customers through market expansion. The company is quite convinced that they will achieve the targeted revenue for this project through these three cycles of token sale. Do you want to be a part of that? If you really do, do it soon as there will be some discounts offered for those who buy either silver or gold tokes, or both.

 Is it Safe to Invest on the ICO Project?

As a potential investors, of course asking to find out about the potential risks of purchasing token is necessary because no one wants to lose money. But it should be understood that there are no token sales with zero risks for sure. Investors as well as the company itself is indeed facing some challenges and it should be considered long time prior purchasing token. The most common risk is due to technological issue. We know that ICO project and token sales cannot be separated with technology. Even the project relies much on the use of technology. Even when the nature of Quantum1Net is safe, there is still a risk of being attacked by third parties outside of the circumstance.

In addition the legal factor also takes place in the establishment of the project. Blockchain and crypto currency although have been widely used even globally in giant digital markets all over the world, still face the challenge of regulatory risks. Although this may become concern for anyone involved in the project including the investors, you don’t need to worry much about this matter as Quantum1Net has met all legal requirements in doing the business.

It should be also noted that in addition to the aforementioned risks, the current economy situation may give impact too, not to mention other factors like politic, war, etc. One example of economic problem is the presence of volatility that always becomes a problem in crypto currency trade.

In short, although there are risks and challenges faced by the company itself and the investors as well, those are common. You should also see from another point of view for example considering the prospect of this ICO project.

Website Whitepaper

Start in 02-02-2018
Ended in 09-03-2018
Symbol Q1S
Price 1 ETH = 1000 Q1S
For sale 28,200,000
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 3,500,000 EUR
Hard cap 15,000,000 EUR

  • Mattias Bergstrom - CEO, Patent holder
  • Stan Miasnikov - CTO, Patent Holder
  • Mats Jagmalm - Cryptocurrency Expert
  • Thomas Olofsson - Security Lead
  • Joseph Fernandez - Physics Guy
  • Andreas Tibblin - Creative Marketing
  • Michael Johnson - Strategic Marketing

  • February 2018
    - Silver Coin Release
    - Move in to New Office
  • March 2018
    - Setup Infrastructure
    - First Servers are Setup
    - Recruiting Additional Staff
    - Bitcoin is Forked
  • April 2018
    - Initial Quantum Key Generator has final Design
    - Gold Token Software foes in to Testing
  • May 2018
    - Gold Tokens are generated and pre-mined
    - Limited Quantum1Net Deployed
  • June 2018
    - Gold Token Wallet and transaction featured is deployed
  • July 2018
    - Gold Coin Limited Release
    - Come to the release part in Tenerife
    - Hardware base Quantum Key Generators final Design
  • August 2018
    - Manufacturing partner agreement signed
  • September 2018
    - File transmission platform in Alpha
    - First "Boxes" are received for testing
  • October 2018
    - "Boxes" deployed in calculated ASN network
    - Load balancing Between "Boxes" ready
  • November 2018
    - File transmission in Beta
  • December 2018
    - Global Quantum1Net Deployed
  • January 2019
    - Gold Coin Full Release


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